Weakening Muscles, The Plan

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Ahhhhhhh, the power of coffee! So, yesterday was pretty miserable. My finger quit tingling for the most part. At least once I kinda figured out what was going on. However, there is still something going on with my muscles being weak. And I think that is why I was leaning on my arm to begin with. It’s not tingling as much but my entire body’s muscles are just weak. And my right arm that has been funky all along is in full blown pain mode, hurting to reach it up. I did force myself to do some exercises last night to try and expand my muscle power and I probably over did it with that right arm being as I showed it no mercy, lol. I even sat on the side of the bed and lifted myself up with my hands on the mattress. Surprised I could do it. That right arm is sore and left isn’t. Of course I try to self care first. I really don’t want to go to the doc and go through testing for dreaded immune diseases and high insurance costs, much probably out of pocket. So the plan is to:

  1. Double up back to normal on the vitamins. Had been taking only the one pack of day instead of two.
  2. Bought some Ensure for the vitamins. Only it has 14 g of sugar but I’ll just try to watch the sugar content the rest of the day if I have one.
  3. Will do my muscle strength training at night before bed.
  4. Will work on the insomnia and sleep issue.
  5. Continuing doubling up on the Vitamin D.
  6. Continuing my push for greens, veggies, and fruits.
  7. Drink more water infused with lemon or lime.
  8. Stand more at my desk. (Yesterday after an hour I had to sit.)
  9. Keep a journal of the issues and ailments
  10. Last but certainly not least, pray about it more

So last night I woke up at 1:30 and was uncomfortable a bit and wanting to stretch my arm and couldn’t since Roger was snuggled up against me. I put a pillow in my place so he hopefully would not roll off and then grabbed Maisy and we slept in the guest bed. I was able to stretch my arm out, say a great prayer, and then go back to sleep. Someone had stolen all my pillows in the bed I came from too, so I missed those. I think they were on George’s side. Anyway from now on if I can’t sleep I’m automatically going to the other bed. It seemed to work fine on all fronts. No snoring, could stretch my arm out and the only thing bothering me were the lights flashing on the comcast box, the router thing.

George found something unusual in our yard this week, a mushroom growing in the tree.

While there, the deer were out and I grabbed a few photos and took a video which was really shaky. I always have the iphone camera ready to go and need to keep my other camera out of the bag and ready. Will be better about that.

There is an old graveyard in the trees behind us.

While shopping at the store yesterday my list expanded suddenly. George was telling Alexa to order some “weird things”, LOL. Funny.

Hitler’s mustache? Cream of chitterling soup? The wrappers were a real item, of which I could not find. They were rice wrappers for the veggie rolls that George makes with the peanut sauce. And Alexa got confused on the Press and Seal wrap – she entered Press and Seal separately. Can you believe Kroger did not have Parmesan I use? They were out. They did not have Press and Seal wrap, nor the rice wraps. Publix had the Parmesan and at least an off brand of the Press and Seal. Nothing is easy. But I laughed at his additions which literally popped up on the screen in front of my eyes at the store and made me giggle.

While I blogged in the private blog last night, Roger snoozed in the room with me. Bless him.

Here’s Maisy at bedtime waiting for me to get in bed with her head on my side pillow.

How cute is that face?

It’s Thursday, and I guess I’ll go on in. What I really want to do is go back to bed and get more sleep. I just need rest and sleep. By the time the work week is done I’m exhausted. I really need about two more hours of sleep at night during the work week like I get on the weekends, but geez. I don’t get home til 5:30 or so – I can’t go to bed at 7 or 7:30, lol. There’s chores each evening and dinner and squeezing in some 30 to 45 min show. Then crashing after that.

Anyway, something has to change. Meanwhile I will keep pushing through as best as I can. But I will say that last week and this week, work has been hard just getting through the day.

So I will appreciate your prayers til I get this sorted out. Meanwhile the coffee is a life line! I hope this passes. I’ve always had tiredness, pain, and muscle weakness, and some brain fog issues but this time it’s on steroids and overdrive! It’s totally out of control right now and impacting my life in a big way. If I can’t get it back under control, I’ll have to go to the doc.

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  1. Hi Sonya, I’m really very sad that your muscle strength is not improving I had hope with taking the extra vitamins they would slowly get stronger. I, only pray that the actions you are taking will help. It isn’t right that you need so much Sleep, I think after another week you will have to go to doctor to have him investigate the reason why your not responding to your Increase vitamins
    I’m afraid I’ve not got any idea what to do with your lack of sleep. You seem to be doing all you can….with the dogs interrupting your sleep, that is not good… love your photo of the mushroom in the tree and also the deer….although we live in the country I rarely see deer, although I know they must be around. Unfortunately I saw one dead by the main road this morning…..We have had nice weather this week, tomorrow is to stay fine so we are hoping it’s going to be the same next week when we are away…
    Well love enjoy the rest of today try not to do to much….drive home safely…

    • I can’t give you any advice on sleeping. I’m terrible. A good night for me is 4 hours broken up.
      The muscles & pain…you need to get some rest. I know it’s not easy to come home & turn off your ‘to do list’ for the evening, but you need to do that. If you let this go your issues will continue to flare.
      Take care!

  2. I had to go get lab work done at my Doctors. The nurse came out to my car when I got there and took my temp. She then led me to the lab. Only two other people were working in the office. Then Dr. called me at home to go over my results and called in my med. This is the second time I have seen him via computer. I don’t think he is hardly seeing any patients in person.
    Is your Dr. seeing people in person? I would definitely talk to him if you continue to have problems.
    Macy is so cute. You can see by her bright eyes she adores you and looks forward to bedtime.
    I love the mushroom picture. How neat it growing out of the tree.

  3. so sorry to hear about your health issues. It’s alot to handle, i know. saying my prayers that a solution will surface and you’ll be able to tackle this head on,. stay safe. take care,.

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