A Good Eating Day, Weekend Plans, and a Small Rant or Two

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Fall is arriving in little tiny waves. Flocks of birds migrating here and there. Ducks and geese being heard overhead and stopping by. Early mornings have a touch of cool. But today’s high – 74, roughly about 10 degrees cooler than yesterday.

Good news! The muscles worked better yesterday. Not as much of an effort of exertion to move my body. The tingling in my left fingers gradually went away. Have avoided the doc this time. These spells, I guess you can call it – come around when I’ve been stressed, overly busy, not enough sleep, too much on my mind, not getting enough nutrients. I haven’t been overly stressed, but I have had a lot of things on my mind I guess. We have managed to keep ourselves busy and I don’t think that will ever change as long as we can move. We are just list makers and go after what we want to get done. But sleep has been better, not perfect but at least better quality. I’ve doubled up the nutrients on the vitamins and so I think I’m getting back in the game of life now. There were two days this week that I really thought I’d have to go home. I had a couple of those days last week. So much better, but still the right arm that has been a pain, continues to be. It will come and go. Sugar and starches and bad oils in salad dressings etc, will cause it to inflame. I’ve had a lot of bread and rices and tortillas – and I’ll probably not be cutting out all of it either. But I do notice a trend. I know, a body should not be so sensitive to each day’s meal. But I’ve kinda paid attention to this vitamin/nutrient thing versus the muscle and pain thing and there’s definitely something to it. That said here was yesterday’s eating!

For lunch I went out with a coworker/boss for lunch. Great conversation and just a relaxed and fun and good tasting meal. There was so much flavor packed into these enchiladas. I think we may go back next week. My heavens how wonderful. The irony – I felt like I could run a marathon after eating it until the sedation kicked in of having a huge lunch. We laughed about 2:00 or so – how sleepy we were. Of course I had to have coffee to get through the rest of the day.

One can only laugh during the day trying to get their job done. If you need to upload, download, run a report, or do a multitude of things, we all lock each other out of the system. Do you know how many times a day I get this message? I don’t either but it’s more than not. It’s hard to get your work done. And others have the same issue when I’m in the system. We always have to call around the US and see who is in or just wait and try later to get your task done. It’s a wonder my eyeballs are not stuck in the back of my head like Momma suggested as a child. I roll my eyes all day long! lol. I’m sure I make all kinds of faces like these. LOL

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I just like to do what I want to do when I want to do it. Got that from Momma. It’s called determination.

Back to the Eating Day….

The rice wraps…has imitation crab meat, carrots, and a soft type of lettuce, like butter lettuce. With peanut sauce for dipping.

They are so pretty! We enjoy these so much! I think he put rice salad in one and chicken salad in some too. It’s all good! You can experiment.

But wait, that’s not all. That could have been dinner but look what else he brought out. Homemade chicken salad on whole grain along with a brown rice salad.

I usually only eat one piece of bread when I make a sandwich these days but this was so good I ate the whole thing. I mean woooooofed it!

So….today I am taking a half day of PTO. I don’t know why I should need to take PTO but I was afraid to just take off w/o asking for it. I’m thinking of all the extra hours worked here and there over the course of last year and this year, being salaried – but I’m asking off for the 4 hours as today we meet with our financial advisor. Everything bounced back from the Corona Virus dip – for the most part I think. But we’ll see today. We meet annually to go over the numbers, adjust, and plan. Retirement is getting closer. I think at my birthday in January it’ll be only 4 years away! I can hardly believe it. A year goes by so fast.

So it’s Friday! This is what a weekend kinda looks like at our house. Drinking coffee, computers, and musical instruments – acoustic that is – I hear a bit of ukelele and guitar as George passes by one and picks it up and plays.

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But I’m really looking forward to having the two days off to get things done. I’ve got a few things planned.

First of all TODAY is our anniversary. But we are celebrating tomorrow, even though we are eating out Mexican today after our meeting and doing another trip to Sam’s. But tomorrow the doggies get trimmed and get their spa day. Then we have a quick brewery run mid afternoon where we are going to do our Christmas planning/budgeting. And then we are going to our steak dinner reservations. Sunday is a free day one can hope anyway.

I will work on the house some, and likely being working on the next video. I do want to learn a couple of things before I get started. I’m looking at revising the “intro” and need to work on the “outro” and want to include the “subscribe” floater button on the video itself to make it easier to subscribe. Anyway, I am going to get moving here and pack up a little veggie roll wrap and peanut sauce. My hunger will arrive before my getting off time so I’ll probably sit and munch at my desk while I wrap up the day. It will go buy fast.

Going to try the Ensure for breakfast this morning. Haven’t had it in a while. But always liked them before. Just needed something different besides “that nutrition company” I use. I’m just needing variety. Sorry I don’t mention their name anymore – they don’t get free advertising anymore since I lost my freedom of speech on my blog to be able to use their name and Covid in the same sentence. I was going to be “cast out” as a member if I didn’t remove it. I didn’t say anything about the shakes curing anything. All I said was I had my shakes to drink if we couldn’t get food otherwise if restaurants shut down.

I can’t believe the things that have shaken down this year (no pun intended, lol) and how we are told to shut up or we are shut up by post removals – so I shut up alright. I deleted anywhere in all my blog entries that mentioned their name. No more free advertisement here.

Oh that nutrition company…… If you want to tell me how to write my blog, then we’ll go all the way and remove any mention of you completely. Have it your way! Your loss. Not mine. And not only did you lose free advertisement but you pissed me off, a customer that has/had bought a LOT! Notice there’s a lot less sales now? Was it worth it? Hmmmm! Oh that nutrition company that starts with an I and has an X at the end. I think the CDC or some other agency was coming down hard on them. I’ve no doubt it was political. There has been too much of an effort to curb what people are saying about this virus. But we can talk freely about cancer and any other disease? Only money $$ can afford to pay so much attention to such a campaign so strongly that it guards anything and everything on every form of media across the globe where anyone says there is a cure for it or even suggests that shakes are available if the restaurants are closed?

Wow…..Let’s give some other things some attention too then. Why are we not worried about so many other things that people die from or are harmed from? Crime, hunger, wars, heart disease, cancers? Why doesn’t anyone curb speech and posts on those things? If I said that drinking water cured cancer – no one would tell me to take that down off my blog would they? Everything is so odd and weird around this whole virus thing.

Oh I’ve gotten myself started. And before anyone misunderstands. Yes I think the virus is real. I think it can kill those with immune systems that cannot ward it off. I think colds and flu and cancer and heart disease and diabetes are real too. But yes I think there has been way too much hype and political structure and hoopla going so far as to tell us what we can post and can’t. Yes I am glad we are taking precautions. I think we should do more of that during the flu season. A lot of people whose immune systems are compromised have pneumonia then too. We have given who knows what to our elderly in the past. We should wear masks every flu season?

I have too many questions and not enough answers and usually where there is smoke there is fire and we live in a money hungry corrupt globe where the big players want money and power and can’t ever get enough. And so odd all of this is going on as our nation ponders political change. Power and money. Money and power. And this time an election – it’s impacting the entire planet. I just don’t trust anyone anymore. I don’t believe anyone anymore. I just trust in God and believe Him. And He takes care of me.

Ok I’m calming down. Ya’ll have a good day. Yes the virus is real….yada yada. But I’m still gonna question everything because I’ve not heard any good answers yet.

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  1. Glad your rant is over, when I’m reading it to Mary I read faster and faster till she can hardly make out what I’m saying LOL…short thank you today for the blog, I have a visitor just arriving for tea…and hopefully to help me plant a clematis, I’d like them planted ASAP but I don’t think I can do it myself so fingers crossed she helps….it’s a nice day here just warm enough to sit out with Masy…
    Hope you get away early today and that your financial man gives you some good news…drive safely and enjoy your meal tonight…God Bless

  2. Whew! I started reading this post about 6 hours ago. After I was interrupted, I returned to finish.
    I’m glad you got some sleep.
    Happy Anniversary # 💐!
    I hope you have a good dinner & all around weekend celebrating. I know you will.
    How about a time out from FB? I believe it triggers your stress. Am I wrong?
    Our days are in the 50’s & nights in the 30’s!!! I LOVE the Fall🤗

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