Chicken & Dumplin’s, Blog Scare, and Making Plans

George had the best chicken and dumplings last night. It hit the spot after a really challenging couple of days.

The race had been on as I only had two days to get unemployment returns and payments filed for 29 states by end of day yesterday. Some were easy and some were not, but at least it’s done for another quarter. I learn more and more each quarter.

The Lord and I had a talk about a few things. I am so glad to have a Counselor and Consultant that is with me and sees everything and knows everything. How cool is that? You don’t even have to explain anything. He already knows. He comforts and He definitely handles everything by giving lessons where they are needed, comfort when needed, knowledge when needed, and just generally taking control of “whatever” while you “peace out” on His goodness. What a deal! He knows how to handle everything.

I had a scare this morning. I went to get on my blog to do this morning’s post as I always do, and instead when I click on the link to Less Hustle More Coffee my other blog from a long time ago came up – it was the CoffeeontheBeach blog. WTHeck? I typed in my blog domain and was happy to see that my real blog came up. It made me so mad though I deleted the other blog. I don’t use it anymore. Those days are over. It wasn’t anything I really wanted to keep. So I was hoping by deleting it – it would no longer be a thorn in my side. Both of the WordPress sites are using my emails that have been integrated with Google. Every time I try to comment on someone elses blog it tries to associate with the wrong blog and so this morning it had changed my WordPress home to the home of the wrong blog. Freak out!

Well deleting it did no good b/c it’s the profile that is still there and now it just says “you don’t have a blog, do you want to create one?” LOL. GEEZ. Anyway I got the right one back. I have to log in under the gmail account and somehow it worked. I thought I was going to have to contact WordPress. I still might if this gives me any more trouble. I think this happened after I tried to comment on someone’s WordPress blog which makes you log in and when I do it pulls the wrong blog account every time and pulls up CoffeeontheBeach. I think I’ve tried for the last time b/c I can’t be having this happen to me every morning. I guess I have two blogs under the same email but yet different accounts since google has merged my emails under aol and email. Arghhhh. This similar confusion also happened with blogspot numerous times when google took over.

But I guess all is well if I can blog and get in and the main blog is still here! I just can’t comment on everyone’s blogs. I can comment on most WordPress blogs but that ONE it will not let me no matter what I do. It makes me log in and it brings up the wrong one.

So there is not much to tell. It’s mainly just been work and home and work and home. But I can say that I do have a bit of news. Some of it is not really new news. But dates are firming up.

  1. Work starts back for me next week ON SITE, no longer working from home at all. George’s company has decided to play it safe and continue the work from home through the month of May.
  2. Katy is coming to visit and we have the dates! It is a quick trip mainly filled with wedding details, but we get a night with them to eat dinner and Findlay will get to stay with us! I am glad as I want to see my grand dog!
  3. We are going to see Mom for Mother’s Day! This is at her request! And we’ll get KFC! Also her request. I’ve ordered her Mom’s day gifts and they arrive all through the week up to the last day. So I hope there are no delays. Mom said the delivery companies may go on strike. If so they will have the sadness on their hands of many Mother’s across the country who won’t get gifts on time!

I will admit that I am putting things on the to do list like make appointments for things. I’m not quite comfortable yet to do it. But I’m getting more and more to the point of being tired of hiding from this thing that only has a .03 chance of killing me.

The dogs need trims and we all need grooming. I miss my mani/pedis in a big way. I miss shopping a bit but I didn’t much of that done anyway. I usually ordered on line, but I did like an occasional trip out. I miss eating out. Of course I miss seeing family and friends. I need to have some medical appointments. Maisy needs to see the vet for her coughing spells. And I could go on.

Anyway, I guess this will all either go away one day or we will just have to wear masks forever. But we can’t hide forever. Can we? And no I don’t want the virus, but I’m just getting tired of this whole thing already, even though I am glad to have the much needed weekends at home and less competition over our precious time.

One thing I am glad of though, is that I’ll be dismantling the office in the bedroom this weekend. Unless of course something changes after our call this morning. The mayor extended the stay at home order another week. I knew the numbers were not looking good of the increase in cases as they made the announcement to open. So I don’t know for sure. We were supposed to get an email yesterday about the guidelines on all being in the office but I didn’t see one so maybe something changed since the Mayor’s order. So I won’t dismantle until I know for sure. I certainly don’t want to load up the car, move the desk out of the bedroom, and then have to set everything back up again. So we’ll see what is going on today hopefully.

If I dismantle everything, it’s unlikely I will be setting it back up again, lol. But I’m looking forward to having that guest bedroom back to normal.

And that is all I have for today. Not too much to write about during these COVID days. I’m going to go fix some breakfast and then set up for work. I have to do all the things I normally would have done the last two days. Everything is behind now but I’ll make some good progress today, Lord willing.

So how are you all doing? I love hearing what is going on with you in your comments. It truly makes my day when I get a little “ding” and have a message from you.

I’ll end with saying that I’m so excited that it is the weekend. MEEEEE TIME! Geeky time. I’ll post on the “To Do” situation tomorrow.

Ya’ll take care! I’m leaving you with a devo Katy sent me. Love this!

I love taking pics of things with sayings in stores. This was taken in Tulsa. A good one to end the blog with. How many times does it take for me to end a blog post? lol

5 responses to “Chicken & Dumplin’s, Blog Scare, and Making Plans”

  1. Have you tried an online chat with WordPress regarding your issues? I have had good luck with questions/problems that I have had. I like the devotion; it is comforting. Enjoy the day, and Happy Friday!

  2. Good morning, Sonya! Those Chicken and Dumplings are making my mouth water this morning. Looks so good!

    I feel the same way you do about being tired of the Covid thing and wanting to resume normal life a little more. I made some appointments yesterday that had previously been canceled because of the coronavirus. I’m a little scared to do too much yet but I find myself going out a little more lately. I know we can’t live in a bubble forever. I especially wish I could travel! I miss it so much! I recently made a compilation video of all my travels from the last 5 years and it really gave me the itch to plan an adventure. I want to go somewhere! Too soon to plan anything now. It was fun to make the video though.

    Speaking of which, I can’t wait for you to start making and sharing your travel videos. Sorry for the bad luck you had trying to make your video last weekend and having all the problems with it, but I know what a fun hobby it is and I know you’ll love doing it! You and I are a lot alike, Sonya. I don’t know if I ever told you I have a secret desire like you to travel fulltime in an RV. I also watch a lot of the same travel vlogs on Youtube that you do.

    I’m glad you get to see Katy soon and will get to keep Finley. You’ll enjoy that!

    Have a great day and enjoy your meeeee time this weekend!!! I know you will!

    • I love the travel adventures- I need to add those I follow in my side bar. Most are still making videos even during the Pandemic. Maybe one day we will have twin travel vans and can go explore lol! I’m hoping to work on Tulsa video. I’m spending money to do them so I plan to do a lot of videos on travel, new things I find, new software etc. Just a reality lifestyle blog of sorts. It’s slow though as there is not much time. But I’d really like to build up the channel and have fun with it!

  3. Oh my, those chicken & dumplings look delish!!
    I’m so ready for this all to be over, but that’s not going to happen exactly. There’s going to be a lot of changes & exemptions. I think the mask will be around for quite a while. Hopefully people have learned to wash their hands.
    There’s so much we have to just wait & see.
    I need some sunshine, that’s for sure!
    I’ve always had issues trying to comment on WP blogs. It can really be frustrating.

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