Making the Best of Saturday Home Time!

Starting off the blog post, showing you our Iris bed. It has a lot more blooms this year.

Well we have had a splendid Saturday. I got up around 5:30 – still an hour past the week days. I hit the ground running. I was in the mood to. But let’s back up. Yesterday after work, I packed up my office and loaded computer, files, keyboard, mouse, calculator, monitor, and that blue internet cord into the car. We have a garage so it’s locked up and protected. But that way I don’t have to pack all this up on Monday morning when I’m rushed.

I tried to do a Live video on Instagram and it stuck (and stunk). The lighting was bad, the signal to the internet is not good and neither is AT&T I guess. It’s aggravating. I’m considering looking into a boost of some sort. As much as we pay for these services you’d think they would give enough signal to work. Also had some issues connecting zoom up with family at happy hour last night. We Zoom’d with Susan and Kevin (George’s sister and her husband). Finally got Zoom to connect on the iMac but only 10 min into the call on my phone.

Then we ate leftover chicken and dumlins with a fresh batch of corn bread YUM! And watched Elvis. A DVD George had. But it was back in the days where he wore black instead of white, lol. I guess I grew disinterested and began to look at social media and was reading in my diverticulitis group about teas you could drink and then the video was over.

I realized it was quiet all of a sudden and that George was not listening to anything else and was not reading but just sitting there with mouth twisted and looking down. I asked him if he was ok. He looked mad. I asked what was wrong and he said “nothing” and continued to look and act miffed. I kept pressing and he said he was disappointed that I was not liking the Friday night concerts as much as my phone. lol. I said “I’m so sorry, I guess I don’t like them as much as a movie or show as it’s just music”. He was REALLY bummed. I have no problem with us being in the room and him watching and me half watching but he didn’t find that acceptable and says we won’t be watching concerts anymore. I thought I was being flexible. I just used the opportunity to catch up with other things at the same time since there was no “plot” to keep up with. I hated he was THAT disappointed and I was very surprised. So I just said “sure whatever, I don’t mind doing concert night but if it bothers you that much that I might get on my phone during them, then I guess you are right, we shouldn’t watch them.” He said he couldn’t help the way he felt and I said “well me neither”. And I went to bed. So I guess there is no more concert night.

So up this morning and I jumped up and began working in the house. I guess it just excited me this weekend to get that crowded office “set up” out of my guest bedroom. So I was in the mood to clean. I started with laundry, and gave my recommendation of dinner plans for part of the week to George while looking thru the pantry in the laundry room. I have asked for pineapple chicken, and salisbury hamburger helper on another night, lol.

I cooked us eggs and fried bologna for breakfast along side two little slices of “Jack” cheese and applesauce for me. I might have scrambled the eggs in the baloney and olive oil (don’t laugh) grease.

I swept the kitchen floor, vacuumed, changed sheets, cleaned the kitchen, started the dishwasher, dusted the living room and my office area. And cleaned the foyer.

I changed my purse to a more springy bag, and changed Apple Watch band to white, and changed my iPhone case.

I gave George a hair cut, trimmed my own bangs and did a little trim up on my hair.

I did the Target order. I also ordered a shower curtain which will be kindof a fake thing that I’m putting in front of my shower stall. I can’t get the soap scum off of those Plexiglas doors that are in there. Or whatever it’s made of. I don’t want to have to rip the doors off and the frame and retile. Don’t want a complete remodel. I’d have to divorce first b/c George doesn’t do remodels without a fight, lol. Anyway, I ordered this curtain below. It matches the colors perfectly in the bathroom. I think it looks elegant. I may tie half of it back like a side swept curtain. I haven’t decided yet.

I ordered a bronze tension rod and bronze buttoned ring holders.

I had to decide between two. I texted Katy so she could pick. Here was my other choice. I really liked this one too. But I agree with Katy, I think the other (the brown one) is much better.

I spent a lot of time in here in the office. I had to put by own files back in the little filing cabinet that I had used for work.

I have my laptop in here now. I can use it for graphics and such. Haven’t yet, but it’s back here with me now. I did move some things around and enjoyed having the diffuser going. I put a hat on the mouse and hung him to the side of the basket. lol

“One of these days I’m gonna work that there crossword puzzle with my eraser pens attached!”

I put my vitamins back here in the office because I can’t stand to keep it on the kitchen counter. But it has to be out where I can see it! And I keep my 5 lb of fat visible so that I remember that even if I only lose 5 more lbs, just how MUCH fat that is.

I’m totally loving the vitamin set up. However, Friday afternoon it was quite humorous. I told George I had lost a few days. I was going around saying “Where’s Monday?” lol I found it. I had Sunday and Monday siting in with the vitamins b/c I got this set up from Amazon on Tuesday and didn’t need Sunday and Monday yet. I put Tues and Thurs on my work table and Wed and Friday in my work bag and Saturday and Sunday on the counter for the weekend. I was trying to round ’em all up so I could do the refill. lol lol This week will be easier because I’ll be at work all week and will just keep Saturday and Sunday on the kitchen counter and Monday and Friday will be all kept together.

I had to make myself a cheat sheet of what everything was. The sunshine part of the pack is morning of course, but the moon I take a lunch time. I take a digestive enzyme with dinner but that is by the recliner and I have magnesium/IsaFlush that I take at bedtime along with my sleep spray which has a bit of melatonin and a few other things – three squirts under the tongue.

So I set up my background image on the iMac to be some of my favorite photos. It’s set to play whatever I have set as “favorites” in my iPhone feed which auto sets to the cloud immediately and shows on the iMac. There you can see Tugie. ;-). I discovered that today and thought that was the coolest thing. Tears stung my eyes as I selected my favorites to be in the folder. I realized at that moment, once again, just how lucky I am and how much fun we have had – before this Pandemic thing took place. I will enjoy the family and friends and places as they pop up. They change every 15 minutes. Currently it’s showing the ranch! I love this so much. I was thinking nothing could top the sleek little iMac setting of the mountain that changes the sun to match what time of day it was. That scene got old after a while though. So I’m happy with this pleasant change.

I opened the windows in the sun room but have yet to find time to sit in there when it is warm. It looks quite inviting in there to read at night. It caught my attention last night as I passed by. I longed to sit in there for a few, and probably should have since Elvis night didn’t go so well, lol. I do need to windex those glass covered tables though to rid of the pollen.

It’s been chilly in the early morn and evenings. But I’ll find time eventually.

George has had fun with our Little Katy. He texts her every day with something else her Little Katy has done.

I might have had a bit of fun on my own…..

Oh I also ordered 3 more masks today from Etsy. That will give me 5 to wear to work. One for each day. I will rinse them out and reuse them the following week. They are cotton and were $7 each plus $4 shipping so $25.

I have to somehow remember to go in at work at take my temp every day and wear my mask. Just a matter of habit but takes 14 days to remember a habit. lol. I should remember. I’ll be reprimanded if I don’t. lol. I probably won’t forget though because I don’t want the COVID.

I just looked at my list of things to do – most of which is a personal project list. All that is still yet to be done. I should have put the housework on the list so I’d have more to mark off. lol. lol

Going to leave you with a pic of Roger I took and posted as a 3D on Facebook today.

Hope you all are having a good weekend. What you all doing this weekend? Same old same old? Or you all getting out?

Our neighbors had baseball practice with the team. There were about 10 of them but they did hang out and practice. They were social distancing, sort of still. Pitching back and forth. I think it’s a travel team with no fans.

Anyway better go and see if I can knock something off my list. At least tomorrow should be all fun since all the cleaning and chores were today.

Take care.

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  1. Your Iris are beautiful. I like the purple and pink. Sounds like you had a productive day. We went out and about and got calabash chicken from Fatz. They have the best chicken and salad. They have curbside pickup. I noticed lots of people wearing a mask. Lots of traffic out. enjoyed the day. It was a pretty day sunny and warm.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. I had to laugh when you said your hubby got upset about the concert and your phone. I understand what you’re saying about not being interested because its music. My husband will put on Axe TV and watch show after show and think I should too . Umm. NO! I will listen but don’t ask me to sit there and watch it? So I go to my happy place, which is my laptop or my phone or to the bedroom with phone in hand. Sometimes he pouts too. lol

    We had a very productive day here. Yard work and then the cellar. All clean and tomorrow will be free!

    Enjoy your weekend!

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