Bad Storms in Tennessee

I could see it was coming. And come it did.

It blew the furniture off the porch and then blew a tree down in our side yard. Maybe I’ll get pics of the tree later today. It was raining, we ate dinner, then it got dark so no pics other than video and WordPress won’t let me show a clip here unless it’s all fancied up through another source like YouTube.

Anyway, I do have a video for you for our Hot Springs time last fall. After I set some things up with my files, somehow all my videos were restored. I have no idea why or what happened. But I did a few simple tutorials on YouTube and was taught how to use The Finder and how to set a few things up that would make the iMac easier. I only tweeked a few things. Somehow my video clips were no longer black or greyed out. Not sure if I changed something or iMovie just corrected itself after I downloaded Movavi (another program).

The video is kinda dark in the true sense of the coloring. This is simply just taking the videos and the photos I took and putting them together. I didn’t intend to film anything and didn’t intend on “telling a story” so there is none of that there. We just shopped, ate, and explored, but it does give you a flavor of what it was like there and what we did. And of course George is always the comic relief in any situation. So enjoy!

So many learning curves and most of what I did yesterday was get around learning curves, from learning how to do things on iMac and iMovie and Movavi, and everything in between.

I was in my office all day getting to be geekified and I loved every minute.

I DID get ALL the invitations “addressed” for the shower. Not sure if it will be here or be a virtual one only but I will making that decision along with others next Friday. Not this Friday but next.

So I don’t know what the invite will say yet but at least the outside is addressed!

I think I got just about everything on my immediate list done this weekend.

And it’s 6:16 and I need to be getting ready for work. We all go back today – well, all of the managers and a few hourly will be back. Not sure if everyone is back yet. I guess it depends on how business is as it relates to their job. But anyway we’ll be wearing masks in the common areas. And no more working from home. I think I am glad of that though. It was a pain moving things back and forth and not always having what you needed.

I have a huge load to take back today.

I’m kinda blue that I can’t just hang out here and do iMovie creations and watch YouTubes and continue my learning. lol But I guess all fun must come to an end.

I’ll do an update later! And will take a pic of the downed tree!

Take care.

6 responses to “Bad Storms in Tennessee”

  1. Glad you are okay after the bad weather! The National Park looked like a great place to hike. Have a good week.

  2. Nice to see your movie always good to learn new things we need to keep learning and growing

    • Sorry, I’m way behind on commenting. Your yard looks healthy, before the storm anyway. Glad you survived the storm. We are supposed to get snow flurries this week. Isn’t May!?!
      No restrictions have been lifted in our state but people are getting restless.
      Your video is really good.
      Don’t look now, but there’s a full moon on the rise😮

  3. We had lightning last night. Nothing like what you guys had. Glad you are okay. Your video turned out pretty good. What a great way to keep your memories.

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