Downed Trees, Masks, and Making Plans!

Back to work Monday and we are wearing our masks. I drape mine over the edge of my computer monitor when I’m not wearing it for a quick grab out the office door.

Monday morning we also saw the extent of trees down in our yard, and also in the neighborhood. Massive amounts of trees down and there were 40,000+ folks w/o power in the greater Nashville area. Sadly as of today there were still 30,000+ without it as it snapped entire poles and everything. Many saying it was tornado but everyone sticking to guns that it was just straight line winds of 70+. Ironically just passed us a tornado warning was issued, so…..I did see the funnel like finger clouds coming down from the sky. They were low hanging and with them came wind. But our house is fine and that is what matters. We do have a roofer coming to fix a couple of things on our roof though that needed some “help” as we have an area by the chimney and sun room that needs to be fixed and another spot or two.

And more down in the wooded area behind us. George cut everything up with a chain saw the last two days after work. And the neighbor boys helped take to the road the first day and George gave him a good tip. I helped him yesterday to haul the rest and asked “where’s my tip?” lol I got a good cold beer. I took it.

Afterwards, I took a shower and put on PJ’s and headed to the sun room, opened the screens, and sat with my little beer glass and talked to Katy. I saw she had called while we were outside.

Looking out, you can see the rhododendrons are blooming. Very pretty.

You can see back there that there is still more debree across the yard to pick up. And that angel statue always falls over. None of my angels would every stay in place. George really gave a trim to this bush here. It grows and gets out of hand quickly every year. Once it gets really tall it’s hard to trim. I’m laughing at just how low he did trim it. It says “I’m through with you bush for the entire season”. lol

We have eaten well this week. Well – meaning – calorie wise. George fix Poutine one night which is a northern and most likely originally a Canadian dish. You find the real good stuff up there anyway I hear. But it’s french fries with some kind of gravy on it and then cheese and scallions and peppers. At least that is how he made this recipe. The gravy was not sopping like you may think. It was lighter but the cheese on it was excellent. This is not pictured. I think my phone was not in the room at the time but it was a pretty dish. And it tasted good too.

We got the fried coconut shrimp from Aldi and had that with my request (and love) for Allen’s green beans and twiced baked potatoes.

Last night we had Hamburger Helper Strogonoff, which was often a dish we had many moons ago after work when we were in Gallatin with horrible commutes and hardly any time to cook.

We have finished with the Crown, several nights ago. Last night we watched Below Deck Sailing. It’s not anything incredible to watch but it’s interesting to see the boat and the boat crew and all the “below deck” drama. lol. They all get tired as the season goes on and then they all get mad at one another and things fall apart. Sometimes the customers (paying charter boat guests) are interesting in themselves. Also you get to see what the Chef is cooking up. The Chefs are usually quite cocky and entertaining and they are all moody at times. It’s just a low key break from something with intense drama like Ozark where you want to sit and ponder what happened and what is going to happen next. It’s quite unpredictable though. So many times we say “well I never saw that coming”.

At the end of each day, I’m having to soak my mask and let it dry for the next wearing. I have two right now so that works well. As it’s dry for sure within a day. My other three from Etsy will be here probably next week sometime. Maybe even by end of week. They are NOT Amazon so no 2 day service. I try to pick individuals that have good ratings, a lot of customers already and good comments on quick delivery. I feel sorry for the Newbies out there but…you just have to do what you have to do.

I just keep this little bowl in my bathroom and a little thing of dawn. I am always needing it to wash out the little cloths that I clean my glasses with. They say not to dry them in the dryer, plus they get lost. Dawn is so good to get make up off of anything. It draws it right out. They eye glasses place said I could even soak my glasses overnight to get the make up off the nose pieces and the crevices b/w lens and glasses. I’ve not really done that yet, but I guess I could one day.

So let’s see…..we actually have PLANS!!!!!

We are going to the store tonight for a restock of fresh items and some special items for special dishes.

We are going to see Mom this weekend. At her request!

We get to see Katy on Wednesday and get to keep Findlay, our granddog.

Our time with them will be Sunday afternoon/evening as we will have dinner here before they set out the next day home.

Here’s the numbers! Lots of it increasing as society is ramping back up.

There’s just some odd things about this virus. Lots of suspicions. It’s almost like things have been targeted.

Anyway, readership is down by nearly half on my blog in the last couple of weeks. But I mean my gosh – what has there been to say? We slept, we worked, we ate, and here is what I cleaned this weekend and what I looked up on the internet or geeked out on. lol I get it. It’s not very interesting. I mainly blog for myself and a few of those who have stuck around that I appreciate very much. At least there is 80 of you out there that pop in every day. That is still a lot. There were 160 but I suspect some of them were “trolls” as they always called it on AOL journals. “Spying” is what I call it. lol. And some of that does go on. I’m happy if I don’t have that. But you always do have those reading for the wrong reasons. And when you reality blog about your life, it goes with the territory. I don’t have any thing to hide and no secrets to share. And if I do they won’t be here but the private blog which is unreachable to the trolls, unless they are really good at hacking. lol I do have a tracker on my blog and can see the location, the computer, the IP address, and more. It’s amazing what these things can do. It says if it’s an iphone or computer and what software, what browser. It doesn’t say if you are a troll or not though. lol. The software not that good yet.

I always thought the word troll was funny used in this instance. I keep picturing little people with big ears and noses and funny pointed hats sitting under bridges and peeking behind trees to see what they can see and hear what they can hear. Sometimes those trolls get bitten by snakes too when they do that. lol.

But troll or not, thanks for visiting or spying or whatever. I hope you are reading for pleasure and enjoying the read during these days when nothing much is happening. I’ll do the best I can to have an interesting time at home but what is interesting to me is not always what everyone wants to see. Like me geeking out over video software, lol.

Better get off and get to work.

10 responses to “Downed Trees, Masks, and Making Plans!”

  1. Poutine is definitely a French Canadian (really Quebec!) dish. Fries, cheese curds and gravy. There are lots of variations though. I teach French as a subject to elementary students (I’m in Ontario) and one of my assignments each year is to study the menu of a famous poutine restaurant in Montreal and then have them come up with their own “ideal poutine”. Always a fun day.

  2. You have a pretty place where you live. I am glad you did not have damage to your house when the storm hit. Cutting those trees and carrying limbs is a job for sure. We had to do that a couple of times at our first house.
    I too am wearing a mask. Ordered two more for husband and me.. The cases are going up here over 12,000 cases and over 400 deaths, I am so worried for my family. Some work in the medical field or retail. I feel so helpless. I just wish I could keep them all safe.
    I read a lot to help take my mind off things. It does help. I pray for everyone as well.
    It breaks my heart that my little grandson is missing his teacher and friends at school. He loves school and playing sports. One good thing my daughter works from home. The teacher does zoom calls with her students. Thank God for good teachers.
    He is doing good on his Schoolwork from computer. We are all proud of him.
    Stay safe, it sounds like you are like me, and doing all you can to stay healthy.
    Have a good week.

  3. I am reading but not always able comment it tells me I’ve already said that !

  4. I am reading but not always able comment it tells me I’ve already said that !

  5. normally I comment from my phone. today I’m on my pc. does your tracker show that?
    a lot of tree damage in your yard. yikes! too close for comfort.
    I watch the below deck idiots. I like Capt. Glenn on the sail boat. he’s on the cool side.
    I haven’t yet received any of the masks that I have ordered. I went on etsy but they had
    too many choices. lol confused my little brain.
    so, what’s for dinner? chili here:)

  6. Here I am again. You don’t loose me very easily do you. I don’t get these comments to go quite often I’ve no idea why ? Anyway I keep trying. We are amazed at the damage that was done to all the trees around you. Thank goodness you and George were safe. Keep safe especially at work love. Hope you will be ok to go to Mums at the weekend. Give Kate my love keeping some for yourself xxxx

  7. a shame about your trees. good thing george was able to tackle the mess right away. like your mask. can you give us a heads up where to purchase them. so many choices, hard to know what to pick. exciting you’ll get to see katy and your mother shortly. stay safe. take care.

    • Yes the mask came from Etsy. Find a seller selling for no more than 10 each and with lots of good reviews and lots of sales! I scrolled past the expensive ones. Takes a few pages to find the perfect seller but they are there.

      • thanks. i appreciate the imput about the masks. going to buy a couple to have on hand. been using surgical ones, but those will run out soon.

  8. I love reading your blog, don’t comment, but I relate to so much of your life. Stay safe and positive.

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