Maisy Going to the Vet, My Amazing Bedhead, and Vacation Day

Miss Maisy girl is going to the vet today. She has had an increase in her coughing spells. So I’m doing a “walk in” visit as I think it is time to put her on the heart meds – like Tugie had. They helped her out a lot and kept her with us longer. George said she had a tough time yesterday while I was at work. I had already on a whim scheduled myself for a vacay day and the bosses were ok with that. I normally plan them more in advance but it’s not been a good time to take any time but as quarter end is over, I just decided to take a day. I was dismayed to realize part of it would be sitting and waiting for who knows how long as I couldn’t get an appointment but I’m at least on the “call ahead” list which puts you before the true walk in’s without a call first. lol. I think I have to call and check in and wait in the car til they are ready for us. So no problem. I love my little Maisy girl so we will go get this done today. Better than on a Saturday where the wait has been as long as 2.5 hours.

George and I worked on the trees this week and got most of it to the road. The rest of it is heavier pieces that I cannot lift. He probably can.

My Asian lily is blooming. I love this hearty plant that never disappoints year after year. I should plant more of them. But they do not last for long.

Work went well this week. Things are picking up it sounds like, lots of employees are being hired, and people are starting to come back from furlough. I hung a command strip mask holder on my computer. Sometimes it is hard to remember the mask. I start to walk out of my office to go file something or or go do something totally immersed in thought with whatever I’m concentrating on and then realize “oops” and have to head back. I never get far, but it is a challenge to remember. So far we also have to take our temp as we arrive.

The quarter end is over and I’m so happy to have a vacay day Sad that our trips are cancelled for the real vacay but what can you do. I think George is still taking the time off. I’m not. I’d rather have a slew of Friday’s off than to take a whole week if we are not going anywhere. It has to be a good vacay to be worth all the extra hours of making it all up the next week when you are gone for a whole week. You definitely pay for it. But at least in this job of payroll I don’t have to work while I’m on vacation, like I did before in the other job. So I have waited a while to have this day as I really needed it here and there. But refused to take it during quarter end processing. I needed every minute of the month to get it all done.

One of my favorite web cams while hanging out sipping coffee while I wake up in the mornings, or wine during commercials in the evening. In the mornings in this “cafe” in Barcelona they have coffee going in the mornings and they have their bar going – late into the night apparently. They have been closed for weeks but I checked in and they are gearing up for an opening. The place looks like a mess. But they have been cleaning and prepping. Some of my other favorite webcams are no longer active. I miss checking on the family in the Vining Living Room. I always wondered if they all knew they were on camera. Or if one or the other spouse was taping the rest or the teen taping it. But they were there for anyone to see. And I would peek in to see them watching TV and loved to watch the 3 dogs they had and how the family loved them and cared for them. It was sweet. But they are no longer on line, lol. But here is the Barcelona Cafe cam. Anxious to see if the same waiters/waitresses come back.

I love the web cams! It’s so bizarre to me that you can be in your own living room and be watching the sunset on a beach across the world, or someone doing laundry or getting their hair cut, or shopping at the grocery store, lol lol. People watching can be fun. I also miss the Russian meat market. They must have got the COVID. No longer on line.

Look what awaited me yesterday when I got home. The door was open going to the basement and they were there at the top of the stairs with waggin’ tails. (Roger has no front teeth so if he is tired or just woken up from a nap his tongue hangs out. )

They are looking a little furry. I may have to see if I can trim them but…I think our groomer will be opening up soon if not already. We may wait until our June appointment as it’s hard to get a Saturday appointment.

We talked with Katy again this week and we’ll be getting to see them this next Wednesday night and again on the following Sunday night. We are so looking forward to seeing them.

We went to the store Wednesday night at Kroger. Again we spent well over $200 and normally a store run not that much. However, we normally go 2 to 3 times a week and do smaller runs. I’m doing less of my products from THAT SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT COMPANY I USE as I’m the type that really needs to have a wide variety of flavor. The mornings have been chilly still and so the shakes are few and far between. Still doing the drinks though and the vitamins. And I no longer do many of the snacks because after two years I’m just needing varying flavors and quite frankly the high protein bars are just like putting lead to my stomach these days. Some have the nut pieces in them. I do miss those some, and may try them again. I can’t even give them away as we can’t share food at work. lol But anyway, I’m buying more at the store.

I’m also having some cravings, which I’ve not had much of for a while. I’m allowing my indulgences because quite frankly I’m just so glad and blessed that I can eat and digest again! So I had been craving Chili Flavored Fritos for about two weeks. I got them. I have had them for snack and then also had them for breakfast with coffee this morning when I just needed “a little something”. It was fabulous. lol My craving was bologna sandwiches last week or maybe it was the week before. It wasn’t Oscar Meyer beef so it wasn’t my favorite. I keep looking for it at the store.

I’ve lost 5 lbs during my challenge but it’s because I ate broth, jello, mashed potatoes, crackers, and a lot of liquids for many of those days. Less calories. I’m not going to be able to finish my challenge to get the $200 as I’ve said before b/c I didn’t spend 500 BV. I just haven’t bought as much as I’ve been stocked up and haven’t used as much of it. Ironically though I have received a $100 commission from them this week, and I’m not really sure how. But I’ll take it because I put a lot of hours and effort into the company on the front end of my doing this business. So if I reap some reward back from all that time when the rewards weren’t coming at all – I will take it. I will always want to be a customer but I don’t want to actively sell it. However, if anyone is interested I won’t turn them down. I need to remember to transfer the money to our account this weekend from the Pay Card.

I hardly have any twinges of pain at all. None in the last few days at all except for a tiny bit of more pressure than pain as that spot in my colon heals and it’s usually after having a big meal. Big meals are not good for me. But sometimes it is hard if George fixes something wonderful and we go back and have leftovers. I have to remember to drink a lot of water after.

The new probiotics and supplements are working great. I feel good these days. There was one day I was tired and I remembered I had not taken the vitamin pack, just the supplements. I was just focusing on payroll and totally forgot to pull out the vitamin pack. If I DO NOT have a shake every two or three days and forget the vitamin pack too, I can really feel the down surge of energy. But a shake puts me back where I need to be. I may have one here in a few minutes as my Chili Fritos are wearing off. I guess that was my serving of corn for the day, lol. I can’t eat corn normally so that tasted pretty good.

Praise be to God for helping me to feel better and be able to eat. He is the Great Physician and leads me to what I need to heal myself. I love to eat. I don’t like worrying about the tummy issues. It scares me. So I am hoping for a long period of wellness as far as that goes.

We have really been getting into Ozark at night. In the final stretches of finishing that one off. We can hardly contain ourselves to see what is next. We are totally into the characters. Every show has a surprising twist. I keep saying that. But it’s good!

I must be crazy for showing this, but I have been known to be comic relief on occasion. George took care of doggies and the coffee and feeding them and taking them outside while I slept in on my vacay day. Maisy however, just wants her Momma to get up. So I got up and stumbled in and got my coffee and passed myself in the mirror and had to go get my phone. I think I’ve had the most unusual BedHead this morning that I have ever had.

My mascara all over the place on this and look so bad w/o makeup I made it black and white. But you HAVE to see my hair!!!!!

Haaaaaaaa! It’s too funny NOT to share. I’m bold yes. And happy to have slept OH SO WELL last night!

Even Maisy laughed!

Well, I think I will work on my videos some today. See if I can do this Tulsa Video. Then I’ll go back and work on Texas. Maybe even Christmas of 2019. Just really needing some practice before I set in to try to do some of our week. I have no idea what that would look like. But if I can BLOG, I can VLOG. I will be doing some practice runs at some point. I look forward to this. Are you up for it? It would be connecting the blog to YouTube I guess. I have lots of ideas in my head. I figure that I would do it as a Reality Vlog but honestly things are not that interesting around here. But as things pick up we’ll talk about things we get out and do, things I organize around the house, apps I use, the dogs. I look forward to learning more about making videos, doing the B rolls, telling a story with the camera, and giving you all some “feel good” stuff or some funny stuff in a world of crazy. But I’m a little bit nervous. All I can do it practice and try and practice and try. I can just see it evolving over time. A new hobby emerges, but it’s a time suck. So….they may be few and far between. Creating content and then putting it together. It’s a fun hobby til you get frustrated. But I’m trying to realize that it’ll be worth the frustration and I’ll have a new skill.

So yeah, that is what I’ll be working on some today. Working on videos is the only time in my life where I have actually forgotten to eat and not wanted to stop to eat. So I try to make sure I have plenty to drink. But that should tell you how much I love the video editing. And learning about it. And watching others videos and seeing how they do things. I’m eating it up.

I felt guilty about paying for the monthly fee for the free music downloads for the videos, but I’ve decided to save money by doing my own nails and by doing my own hair for a while to offset it. Plus we are not going on vacay and spending money – so I’m not going to worry about it. I am going to go get a pedicure though. The cost not bad where I go and it’s easier to let them do your feet and make the soft again. I can’t do all that. But I may just do it during the summer or every two months in the winter. I’m definitely cutting back on the hair and nails money. Already saving on no color. So I’m no longer feeling guilty about that. Because now I’ve cut out way more than I’m spending. Plus my money FROM THAT SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT COMPANY THAT I USE, that just shows up everynow and then as I’m still active as a consultant even though I’m not selling actively.

Well, leaving you today with a pic of Roger and George. A front is coming through. And it’s rainy and chilly today and will be having a rare freeze tonight. So glad I didn’t plant flowers. I’m sure I will eventually. I may need to put that on the list for the next week or so. It’ll be too hot later.

I’ll share my list of to do’s tomorrow. I need to redo it, rearrange it and add some things to it. I’m managing to keep busy during this Pandemic. I never get bored of my hobbies, my learning, and trying to figure life out.

Ya’ll have a good weekend. What are YOU doing this weekend?

8 responses to “Maisy Going to the Vet, My Amazing Bedhead, and Vacation Day”

  1. I hope you little Maisy feels better. Hopefully, the vet will fix her right up. It has turned cold again here and is very windy today.. Not much planned for our weekend. I want to go to farmers market and buy fresh produce. We spent $161.00 on our groceries this week. The prices have gone up on groceries I noticed. We also did a Sams order and it was around 55.00. We do not spend much on takeout. So guess it evens out somehow. Sams was out of chicken. We did find a couple of lbs of ground beef. I still have a turkey breast in the freezer So guess that will have to last until they get more in.
    I am glad to hear you get to see your daughter. That’s great. I sure miss mine and hope to see her soon.
    Have a good weekend.

  2. Good thought on the way to Miss Maisy. We took our Trueno to the canine cardiologist who put him on a bronchodilator. Our initial concern was his heart, but it turned out to be his breathing. Also, I wish we had a call ahead drop in system. Good for you! I wish you and Miss Maisy many happy years together.

  3. Hope Masy got on ok yesterday will hear today I expect ,,, I’m sorry it’s Saturday over here now and I didn’t get replying yesterday. Oh boy did we have a laugh at your “ new” hair style I look forward to looking at your VLOG when you master all the techniques which I know you will soon…it’s a lovely day here and I have just come in to rustle up a snack for lunch probably biscuits and cheese. Peter has gone shopping but not back yet so I’ve no bread left but I’ve got some oatcakes so I think I might need to get your George to give me a tip or two. That would make a great VLOG George cooking. Have a lovely day enjoy whatever you get up to. God Bless. Xxx

  4. The doggies at the top of the stairs. Precious.
    Your bed head hair is amazing. Lots of body there!
    Check out the time stamp on my comments. lol

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