Cravings, Masks, and a “Little Katy”

Good morning! It is I here just popping on for a few minutes. Here’s a shot of me in my other mask before jetting into to Aldi’s for chicken. With the announcement of the meat shortage, I wanted to make sure we had some chicken in the freezer. Seems like my main go to has been chicken and we have had very little of it in the freezer. So I bought a couple of packs of ground turkey and a couple of packs of chicken and then George also hit up Houston’s for a couple of packs, so we are about 2 to 3 weeks out again. That is easier for me to eat over beef.

That said, I have been craving bologna! I think it was $8 pack at Publix. But George bought an off brand yesterday. At least it was beef, b/c he knew I had such a craving. Now I’m craving BBQ Fritos. I don’t know why. But I will be having some at some point!

It is a secret pleasure to go to the store. I mean yeah, you never know if COVID is lurking around the corner at you, but it pretty much is our source of entertainment outside the home.

A lot of our businesses were “back in business” yesterday and so there was a LOT more traffic on the road. Not near normal but you could tell a difference. It’s weird b/c we have the most cases yet and it’s 10X what it was. And this is expected to come back in the fall? Geez. So no one can really plan anything ever. So we will just all be exposed more I guess. I just don’t know what to think, but at least the phases of reopening made sense if they are going to reopen. So they may roll it back if needed. So I think that everything is probably going to be based on whether hospitals can handle it or not. That is how the whole decisions about staying home began, to flatten the curve so they could handle the numbers that needed care. Well the curve is flat right now but once we start going about as normal they’ll have to send us back home about two weeks to a month later as the numbers will explode. Unless the heat kills it. I don’t know what to believe anymore.

The masks won’t protect you…..wear the mask for your protection. You need the 95. Oh any mask will do now.

It’ll be gone when the heat hits it….it won’t be gone when the heat hits it.

We are going to flatten the curve….oh the number ill has doubled in the last week but we are reopening the country.

It doesn’t affect kids…oh wait kids are getting it.

It doesn’t affect pets…oh wait the pets are getting it.

I know it’s a learning curve….but the mask thing really? How can the same piece of cloth protect those around me but not protect me from others? “It’s mainly for those that have it” they said in regards to wearing masks. They is “the media”. It’s a piece of cloth – if it protects others it’ll protect me from them. It’s the same piece of cloth and we are both human – lol. Do they think we are stupid? This is the one that got me most. It’s mainly b/c they did not want us to be the masks and use the supply so they told little fibs. And I can’t blame the media so much as that they were reporting what they were told by the experts – so that we wouldn’t go out and buy up the mask supply. I’d rather just be told the truth and I’m fine with the medical industry having the best supplies and we buy the home made ones. But don’t tell me the mask doesn’t work so I won’t buy it. Just tell me the truth.

OK I’m off my rant. I guess that one is still with me.

A little bit of fun yesterday afternoon in the kitchen.

We got a “Little Katy” in the mail yesterday. How cute is that? I put her right next to Jesus. She’s welcoming you to love Jesus! I saw the little Jesus card in a Boys Town packet – where they send cards and stationery and labels and calendars and ask for donations in return. So I stuck the picture of Jesus up against the plant. I mean why wouldn’t we have a picture of Jesus around especially of Him taking care of His sheep with staff in hand. Sweet pic of them both!

My diverticulitis scare lasted a day. I snuck out of it. I ate soft foods. The culprit is just not being able to digest things like raw vegetables in this instance. I read some things about this when I googled it and it said that sometimes your nerves can be damaged where your body/intestines just can’t digest anymore due to muscle damage. I’m figuring if that is my case it was probably the Metformin I took or antibiotics or flu shot chemicals or something from an autoimmune thing that has probably been going on for years undiagnosed. However, I am able to digest most everything else so I don’t know what to think. But anyway at least I’m not having pain and I will have to be careful when eating salads so as to chew really good.

When I went to Aldi, George had said that if I wanted scallops to get them. Their scallops are really good. They are also $9.99 so we get a meal of them for $5 each plus the sides we had were rice and canned carrots. By the way LeSeur’s canned carrots rock! You can’t tell that they are not fresh steamed carrots. Great flavor. So we will get Scallops ever visit now. We only get an Aldi in about once every 4 to 8 weeks. So that’s fine.

The key to a good cooked scallop is to dry them good on a paper towel before putting them in the skillet. That way they crisp up.

I might have had a little bit of a dessert.

Creamed cookies with whip cream squirted on it. My version of Cookies and Cream!

Well, it looks like we’ll be seeing family in May. Katy and Cody are coming for his brother’s wedding. And we will be going to see Mom.

I can’t believe it is Wednesday already. It’s “Work from Home Wednesday”. It’s a nice little break from having to drive in, put make up on, pack lunch and all that.

Also it is supposed to storm today. It doesn’t look like a widespread thing when I look at the radar.

Well, I need to get up and at it! And will pop in again probably Friday morning!

Not a lot to tell. I am just keeping myself busy though. I’m loving staying at home on the weekends but I do miss getting out and about too. Can’t wait to get nails done, get a pedicure, and go out to eat again and get the dogs trimmed. However, it’ll have to wait a while. Some things are opening up but just not sure I’m wanting to be involved with the masses yet. Really not even at work but sometimes work seems like a safe place – it’s a false sense of security though.

I don’t listen to the news now but about twice a week. It really helps the psyche. And when I get on Facebook it’s like reading the news and listening to people argue about it. So I pretty much stay away from that too. Seems like Instagram is more positive. People gripe on FB but put their good sides on Instagram, lol.

Well off to it. You all have a great day. You doing ok out there?

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  1. Trying again to write in comments rather than e mailing…first must say I love you and George’s photo in the kitchen, and the one of Kate standing by Jesus it just looks right….I kind of agree with your discussions with yourself about the rules and regulations about isolation, masks to wear or not to wear, for our benefit or others benefit ? We have the same dilemma over here. There is talk talk talk about whether the government should relax the isolation rules or not . I read that in a survey 65% asked said we should stay in lock down for another while, at present the next review is the 5th May ..I personally think another three weeks would surely prove if the death rate is really down We never hear about summer warmth making the virus less virulent. We have had exceptionally warm weather these last 5 weeks but never read about it making any evidence of a decrease in the continues to rise especially since they are now including all deaths in residential care homes….it’s all a mess Sonya, but we can only say that it will all end one day and pray that not many more have to die alone. Keep yourselves safe and take every precaution you can then leave the rest to God. Night night. Xxxx

  2. I know you will be so glad to have your daughter home again. Times like these make one realize what really matters. Family and those we love. I have heard the pickings of meats are getting slim. Good, you are stocked up.
    Guess we shall see when we go tomorrow to get what we need. I am sick and tired of this entire fiasco. I don’t believe much what I hear on the news. I sometimes think they tell us what we want to hear. Everyone is my family is fine and taking every precaution to stay that way.
    I mostly miss my haircuts and shopping in the stores. But it is just like a task to keep your distance and wear a mask. Clean and disinfect everything in the house or coming into the house. We have a system on our groceries. The husband brings them in and I use Lysol wipes to wipe everything down. But I am very thankful for all we do have. And that I have my husband to keep me company. I feel bad for those who live alone. Think of how they must feel.
    Stay safe.

  3. I often wonder all the veggies and apples I eat if that contributes to my pain in my gut. Now this is going to sound silly but everytime I go to eat healthy I get that pain that you get. Sometimes apples causes it and sometimes oatmeal. So maybe Gluten? IDK but it gets old with that pain!

    Love the cut out of your daughter! I good thing for all teachers to do for their students. My grand kids miss their teachers , their friends and they said even their homework! LOL So her idea is adorable and I’m sure the kids loved it!

    In Mass. Gov Baker just extended our stay home orders. And he will revisit on May 18! There is a part of me that is mad about it and a part of me that is glad because it was just reported that our cases and deaths have been nigher than what was reported , and that is scary! And they just found 100 people in moving vans from a nursing home that all died of Covid-19. People walking by smelled something awful and reported it. The nursing home had so many dead people they didn’t have any room to put them so they rented trucks. Now that is CRA – CRA!!!

    I know the southern states are doing somewhat better! And now you can have your hair done! I’m not going to lie, I’m a little jealous of that! LOL LOL

    Have a good weekend!

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