Gender Reveal Party and Decor

I had to wait to post all these as I transferred them to the iMac at home. But it was a special time in our life and so I want these pics on the blog and to be able to share them. Mostly did not include a lot of people since you are never sure about who is ok with it and who is not. So I usually stick with family, the decor, and often I end up getting pics no one else did. So it works out. Most of the time.

They surprised us with shirts! So so cute.

I hope you enjoy! This will be mainly pics of the decor! We are not allowed to take pics of much on the ranch and was reminded of that periodically while there. So hopefully with these pics we will not reveal any secrets, whatever they are! lol.

I am sharing this one because these are Katy’s friends that she teaches with. They are awesome! They have been so good to Katy. They all look out for one another! So I appreciate these ladies so much! The let me take their pic so I am guessing it is ok to share on here.

I’ll be doing a separate Texas Sunset entry soon but I did want to put a couple on here because the sunset was a special part of the night that night. Also have to mention the WIND! The wind was blowing a lot that day and made the decorating very difficult. But all in all it turned out to be a great party. It was outside. It was 105 or so starting out the party. But not humid – still very hot. Maybe that is why sunsets are so special sometimes, lol!

The actual gender reveal section is on a video which has mainly only been shared on facebook in a more private matter. I’ve been asked not to include it on YouTube, and videos don’t do well here on the blog unless it’s been added to YouTube, so I can’t actually show the reveal part – not by my choice – but I will honor the request.

Bottom line – it’s a BOY! Due in January! And we are so excited. We just hate they are so far away. Fourteen hours away! What are we gonna do?

Notes from the Week:

Ahhhhh I should probably just not include this part but I will say that this work week has pretty much been____________ at work. Sometimes it’s best to just leave the blank there but “sucky” would do just fine if you really need a word to be there. Bless its heart! I think it’s a good week to put work in the corner – in time out. It’s not been good this week. It’s too bad we really cannot ‘punish’ work when it’s been bad. lol. But I can blog about it. Not about people but “it”.

So many things making it harder on you than it really needs to be. I’m behind but it’ll just have to be that way til I catch up. It’s one thing to stay over for work when its busy and to make sure everything and everyone taken care of the best of your ability. But it’s another to have to stay over to fix things others should have done. I’m trying to keep a good attitude. But right about now, I’m really very very tired and ready for the weekend.

I went to the dentist yesterday morning and so I was a couple of hours late coming in. So I didn’t take lunch and for the most part lately I have not all week- no time to) except for a quick drive thru one day. So I made up the time but I ordered Greek for lunch thru an app and it was so good. We didn’t have a lot for dinner last night so I was glad I did. This meal got me thru the day yesterday.

When I came home I folded the laundry and rebooted (started the next loads – tossed the washer clothes in the dryer and so forth). Then sat on the sofa in the sun room and watched the deer eat in the back yard. Very much needed down time there. And this morning I need to go reboot the laundry again, lol.

We are headed to the store tonight and think we are going to get Pho or some kind of Asian soup or dish before hand. Just ready to be done with the work week. I was going to go in early but decided I didn’t want to give up my blog entry just because others are creating a lot of extra work for me. Didn’t seem fair somehow! lol. So here I sit.

Ya’ll take care. Prayers for those impacted by Laura.

Tomorrow maybe I’ll do the Texas sunset post from the cam! I think this is my favorite though. I am still learning! This is on automatic settings most likely.

Shopping and Cleaning in Breckenridge

Ok so it’s Monday already! We are enjoying having the week off. We could get used to this real quick.

Katy and Cody took his parents to the airport and George and I hung around Breckenridge. We all had leftovers from the breakfast Breezy fixed- enough for both households to have again.

George and I ate lunch at Buckaroo Burger! We always eat there when we are here.

You know I like my burgahs but really usually try stay away from them on a normal basis! I’ve had two in three days time. lol

Then we went to the local Walmart which I love. Oddly enough I can find clothes I like here. Basics but good ones. At my Walmart or any Nashville Walmart I am always late after the truck arrives I guess as my size in the cuter and better fitting clothes are gone already.

But here I even found cute tops on sale for 4.00! What? Found a new one for $12.

So this town here is getting into mask wearing at places that are chains it seems. Otherwise most do not as the virus is not widespread- at least not yet.

We definitely wore ours into Walmart but did not into the burger place.

We bought a few groceries. My biggest scores were: Oscar Meyer beef bologna- we’ve not had that in my area since the pandemic stated in March/April. At least not when I’m at the store. And also some disinfecting wipes. We’ve not had those either.

We came back and I cleaned up. Washed dishes, used the cleaning and disinfecting wipes as there had been a lot of people coming in to use the restroom from the gender reveal.

George and I fixed dinner. He fixed poutine and I fixed a salad. It was a meatless dinner but we all had eaten pretty good all day.

Chef George’s Poutine

We ate as the sun lowered in the sky. It had been 101 or so. Very hot out. But not humid like Nashville.

Our Dinner Salad

After dinner I went outside. And grabbed a quick pic and some video footage.


George and I got into Lone Star Law about Texas Wildlife Officers. It was really good and some of the scenes were not far from here.

I love watching the day turn into night from the sofa! I love that big back window!

It wasn’t long before it was 9:30 and I was ready for bed.

I’m loving the breeze that blows 12-15 ish constantly especially since it’s so hot. It feels amazing in the mornings and evenings. I love a breeze blowing on my face when it’s warm!

We have slept so good here too. There are 2 double beds in the guest room!

WordPress in my phone is starting to act up by not showing all the words I type.

So I’m having to add extra blocks of about two sentences each.

It does not wrap but keeps on typing into infinity and off my screen.

So over and out! Not sure what we are doing today. Katy’s last day before school.

Arrived Safely to the Ranch in Texas!

I guess this is a Gecco? Can you find it? It was outside our hotel room yesterday.

In the car I worked on crosswords with my much needed erasable pen – you know – so you can try a word out! lol I knew a lot of words but sometimes George knew ones I didn’t.

We headed Southwest into Texarkana and finally Texas. Traffic was pretty hefty the entire route. And it was a bit harrowing in a few places with big trucks, construction and lanes with barriers.

We stopped at In/Out Burger and got one!

Then George went in Total Wines. This was in Arlington TX.

They are so good!

Then we were only 2 hours to the ranch! We really ran later than expected as we mosied all day and took our time. Only to realize or remember that we had 5:30 reservations. How had we been so slow as we had gotten up at 6:00? I guess we showered, ate leftovers for breakfast, and repacked car and checked out, got gas refill and headed out. The rest I’ve told you about. But we were almost late! I guess it was a 6 hour drive left with a few stops. We made our reservation obligation with 3 minutes behind. We dropped dogs, and changed and headed out.

We ate at Canyon Road. Enjoyed it! Got a Grand Canyon margarita! Most of the girls did!

Sometimes you take the traditional first night sunset however you can!

Got a better view later.

We came home and gave Katy her “haven’t seen you in a while” gifts and the guys went hunting. We also went next door to the guest house and toured it.

Then I crashed into bed around 10 for a much needed and excellent nights sleep. We each have our own reg size bed and it is so comfy.

I’m out on the front porch as I write. While it was 103 here when we arrived yesterday it’s in the 70’s at sunrise with a pleasant breeze of 10-15 mph this morning. That will be gone soon.

Today is the gender reveal and in just a few hours we will know if our grandchild is a boy or girl and a second reveal will show the name.

We are so happy to be here on the ranch!

I will get to use the new camera today! It’s easy to use the phone as it’s already here. Anything taken in the camera I can’t put on blog til I get home. I think. Still learning but I sync it to my iMac. Need to get extra batteries recharged in case.

Better go get more coffee and get a shower. We have a family breakfast this morning around 9:30.

Ahhh the breeze! Ahhhh vacay! And foxes were seen on the porch this morning- here’s one!