Beach time, Schooner’s, and Sunset Dolphin Cruise in Panama City

Mornings Cheerios
George fixing breakfast
Condo pics
Our bedroom
The big breakfast platter!
Patio Breakfast

Morning was leisure with coffee and patio and beach views. We saw a shark from our balcony, and then later a dolphin.

Katy and Cody found a beach blanket thing from Amazon that will hold water. They made Little Roo a little pool.

Beach time was really nice. We had time under the umbrellas.

I had an ice cold local beer with a lime!

After Little Roo’s nap we went to Schooner’s to eat, and then to a dolphin sunset cruise. We had dinner early to beat crowds so we could do the 6:00 pm cruise.

I loved going to Schooner’s because I’ve seen their webcams on line so much. They have a sunset cam. And so it was cool to actually be there. We saw ourselves on the webcam- barely!

Then off to the dolphin cruise!

We fed the sea gulls Cheetos, handed out by the crew. The seagulls followed this boat because they remember the ships horn sound and associate it with Cheetos. That was fun. I have video footage for upcoming video.

Little Roo is your captain!
The views were beautiful!

I loved the boat ride, the breeze in my face, taking photos and videos. And listening to the 70’s and 80’s music that was playing. Lots of video footage here coming soon!

River got to go in the wheelhouse to drive the boat and honk the horn.

Then we headed to Captain Anderson’s Market for a key lime pie to take back to the condo.

I found a purse. Will show you later!

There’s so many photos on this page- I hope you can open it! Just had to share our memories!

I’ll end it with the key lime pie. That’s how we ended our day. I think we will go shop today!

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  1. yum so much good food. Nothing like spending time with family. We are heading to the mountains with ours this weekend. A early Fathers Day gift for husband and sil.
    Little Roo is getting big. I know you are enjoying him. They are so cute at that age..

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