Panama City Beach FL Day 1

Breakfast at airport Puckett’s

We had a really nice sit down breakfast while we waited for our flight. This gave us some solid fuel til we could get to some seafood later.

The flight was ok. George and I sat each in an aisle seat beside each other which worked great. The plane seemed to stop its engine in mid air and scared the fire out me. I always read the flight attendant’s face and she seemed calm so I didn’t worry further. Then the engine noise came back on. Whew!

Knee Issue

So for a while now I’ve had weak knees and I knew I didn’t need to abuse them or overuse them to avoid surgery. However, in the last year they have become weaker in the muscles and the structure of my right knee is different from my left knee. There is bone or cartilage or something where it should not be. And it sometimes starts to bend too far in the wrong direction.

When I get back I’m going to have to make an appointment as it is being weird and causing pain and I’m afraid it’s going to just blow out on me like an old worn flip flop. It’s out of line and feels there is a knot or bone in a place it shouldn’t be.

Also there is a knot on my left ankle under the ankle bone. So I need to get that checked too. My left ankle is starting to hurt at times.

That said, we got in about 3-4 miles of walking yesterday total. Most of which was pain free and non worrisome- but there were those moments!

We arrived before 10:00 in Panama City and had time til 4:00 pm to kill, when our unit would be ready. So George wanted to see the Man in the Sea Museum about SEALAB I, II, and III. And it’s the home of SEALAB I in which we got to go in. We saw a movie and a guy talked on it. Very interesting.


I would share more pics but it’s taking forever to load these over my phone/cell service. We went to a grocery store and bought items that didn’t have to be kept cold. Because we just couldn’t wait! lol We had time to kill. It was beside a package store so we bought a couple things there for the condo.

Then the ocean was across the street so we went over there. My eyes could hardly believe that I was seeing such beauty. I love the ocean and being beside it.

Oh let me back up and show you our car. We went for the luxury SUV. A Cadillac. We are convinced we need one, LOL!

It has a sun roof almost the entire length of the car. It’s so nice. We had a nice leisurely lunch with a local brew. I had East Pass IPA from Destin.

George ate oysters and I ordered peel and eat shrimp. We split shrimp tacos.

It’s so good to eat fresh seafood! We found some shops! And walked around there a bit. Then it was time to check in our condo. We parked and had to pay $40 to park for the week. And we got our wrist or ankle bands for the pool area. We have to wear them for all the time we are here! A bit odd.

We only had time to dump our suit cases and head to the airport. We picked up Cody, Katy, and River and headed to dinner. We ate at a place called Mike’s.

The food was great. I got a fried grouper basket- well George and I split it and Oysters Rockefeller.

Little Roo did not get to nap due to the plane ride so he was melting down a bit. Then someone gave him corn. lol He finally ate.

We headed back to the condo and let Katy choose which room they wanted. It didn’t matter to us. She had to figure where the pac and play would fit. They chose the Oceanside room.

The guys went to Walmart to pick up Katy’s grocery order and George bought a few things from my list.

Katy put Little Roo to bed and he was not happy and had to cry it out. No nap and so tired. He fought it so hard.

We all had a glass of red Coppola and I headed to bed. Others not far behind. The bed is firm but comfy. The pillows were perfect.

So happy to be here. I want to stay here for a month sometime.

Here’s the morning view. So so happy!

Well, need to shower and get dressed. And help in the kitchen. Gonna have breakfast on the patio!

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  1. So glad everything went well on your flight and that your condo seems nice. Now to relax for the next few days….I’ve no doubt the beach will be calling you today. Take care. Looking forward to the next episode…

  2. I’ve just sent a comment don’t see it…but maybe it will come to you soon. Enjoy the rest of today. Xx

  3. The water looks beautiful. I wish I was there sitting under a umbrella sipping. on a cold drink.’ I bet Little Roo was excited to see you guys. He is cute with his corn.
    Enjoy every moment.

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