Vacation Ready and Setting up my Notion

Well, I went to clean out my purse so it would only have what I needed for vacation. While it was empty on the bed, look who decided to get in it! We’ve got to get a pet bag purse! She loves it. So I finally got her out of it so I could get my stuff back in it for the trip.

Sunday, our Life Group met anyway. The folks that were having it had bought the food already and when they asked if we were still available, we said “yes”. The rest of the group met at night at the regular service, but the four of us available at lunch time ate at lunch. We were so grateful. And the host is an excellent cook too so we were in for a treat and some good conversation.

While we waited for the time, we went to a nearby golf course and looked at the view. It’s so pretty. The pictures don’t do it justice.

The work week has been short. Today was my toughest day. With only two days to try and get in 3 days of work was hard. Next Monday I’ll be trying to do two days of work as well and the rest is spread throughout the week for a week of catch up. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

I went in early this morning and stayed a little over and managed to get payrolls done and check stubs ready. Got the overnight packs out. That way no one has to do anything for me. No one to have to pay back later. 🙂 Because the pay back always comes at an inconvenient time or cost. Plus life’s too expensive to buy people’s lunches anymore. You have to take a loan out to take someone to lunch anymore. And I end up having to do both (pay back with work and lunch). I figured nahhh let’s just do it and not have to owe anyone anything. I had to rush through the day though. I was a speed demon! Really I just came in earlier and that is what made it seem like I got through earlier.

Taking a Notion!

Well, I decided to create my personal space on NOTION. I saw someone on YouTube showing theirs and how they did it. They also did a tutorial in another video. So that was great. I had downloaded this before but it didn’t speak to me until I saw how it could be used. Now I love it. I’m doing the free version.

I have needed a space where I can park things. I have used Ever Note but it’s more like a series of notebooks to me more than anything. But on Notion you can create it and make it a daily website (for yourself). Well I mean teams can use it too, but I’ll just be using it for me. I tried to list things that I might use it for.

  • Keeping track of goals monthly/annually
  • Keeping track of various lists
  • Tracking weight loss/measurements
  • Tracking social media growth
  • Tracking symptoms
  • Personal Journaling for self development purposes
  • Mood Journaling
  • Content Creation Ideas for the Blog and Vlog
  • A place to jot Daily reminders
  • Ideas for the next bucket list
  • Ideas for the next year’s goals
  • Christmas lists
  • Wish List
  • Specific Goals related to the Blog and Vlog

You can make it what you want it to be and change it often. I want to look at some more ideas on Pinterest while we are on vacation. You can put widgets in there too.

So here is what I threw together last night. Pics above. I had to mark one thing out as it contained a password I needed to remember til I could get it in my PW account.

Vacation Ready

So Dexter is already at boarding. We had to get him there this morning. Maddie goes to a neighbor’s tonight. And another neighbor is feeding the cat. We’ll get both dogs back on Sunday when we return.

We are all checked in with flights. We get up early tomorrow. George and I get there pretty early. We will get the luxury rental car. We are all excited about that! And then eat lunch and then do whatever we want. Check in time is not til 4 p.m. Then we’ll get Katy, Cody, and River from the airport. We’ll then get their stuff in the condo and then eat dinner and get groceries.

I’m looking forward to seeing my family, eating seafood, seeing the ocean and feeling my feet in the sand and reading on the balcony. This is where my soul unwinds, my mind clears, and my creativity and thoughts come alive. I’ve missed this place where my soul feels at home.

beach under blue and white sky
Photo by Daniel Jurin on

Vacation Updates. So if you want to follow me on Instagram it’s @lesshustlemorecoffee and those will be pretty much real time.

I will also vlog some but that will all come at a later date on YouTube.

I will blog here as I can. Probably daily if there is time. Maybe just pictures if we are really busy.

Anyway, different things are shared on different sites exclusively usually.

Prayers please for safe travels for us all. Love you guys.

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  1. As I write this it’s 6.30am here in the lovely village of BOX The sun is trying to break through the clouds so unlike yesterday it’s going to be a nice warm day my favourite I will be sitting out reading a book and thinking about you arriving after a wonderful flight at these seaside maybe even walking along the beach, just wish I were there beside you….Have a great few days. Please try to relax and forget all about things going on back home. Please give Kate my love and above all. HAVE A GREAT HOLIDAY.

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