How Not to Be a Miserable Cow, Instant Pot Red Beans and Rice, and Good Girls

In the striving to get things done yesterday, I had someone to be EXTREMELY rude to me. But I’ve been reading the Bible every morning and I can say that it makes a difference in being in the daily WORD instead of the occasional WORD. The WORD is truly very active and living. The OLD Sonya would have given this person a piece of their mind. I was trained to “not let anyone run over you or take advantage of you”, and I’ve watched plenty of examples of how to “show their tail” to people as it was called. And while God doesn’t intend on us being door mats or stepped on like trash in the floor, there IS something to say about being kind, showing love, and responding with a gentle spirit when someone is rude. I could totally see the difference in the reactions with my response. When someone is mean or nasty to you, it doesn’t give you a license to be ugly back. But responding with gentleness and turning the other cheek actually SAYS a lot. And for those that know better and know they have acted out of line it “heaps the coals” as the Bible says, on their forehead.

My first tendency is to experience “hurt feelings”, sometimes even cry when I’m mistreated. It’s different if I’ve done something wrong. I teared up a bit because I knew I’d been mistreated when I was trying to “give of myself” and “help” a situation instead of expecting someone to be left to it on their own. And someone being angry with you because you are trying to help them, is just not a reason for someone to be angry with you or nasty with you. It did hurt my feelings in a big way. But I knew God saw it and I kinda felt He wanted me not to focus on it a lot. So I didn’t let it take control of my day, but it IS a little hard to forget, I’ll say. I always remember George saying “don’t let someone control your day”. So I replaced the thoughts anytime I thought of it with better thoughts. I did, however, have to refrain from saying much to the person most all day. It was not in a huff or shun or pout type of thing, but mainly in a way so that I could control my tongue and response with yes, no, and maybe so’s. Because when I talk my true feelings come out. lol. I didn’t want to start a wildfire or tell the person what I thought, lol! And what I was thinking about was this photo and how miserable the person must be today over something:

Can you imagine the wild fire started if I had said “You’d have a better day if you weren’t being a miserable cow”? LOL LOL. I would never ever say that to anyone. However, I have hung on to this photo b/c I use it inside my head to make me laugh whenever someone is rude or unkind, or “being a miserable cow”. I kept my thoughts to myself and I laughed, and then I laughed that I had laughed. And then I remembered that God wanted us to forgive. I immediately said to myself “but the person hadn’t apologized”. And the Spirit shouted “that doesn’t matter, you are called to love”. Here is where I get all confused about forgiveness. Trying to love the person and forget the sin, though is what helps me stay on track.

In your dealings with people across your life – if they were to give you a “chip” for every interaction – a white chip for good interaction and a black chip for bad interaction, would you end up with a lot of white chips or black chips? Sometimes we have no choice but to be in situations where can’t block negativity from your life. And we are all negative at times. But overall, do you give white or black chips, of goodness and love, or ugliness and meanness? There are just some we cannot avoid, but you can do the best you can to be an example, show love, and maybe it will make a difference in their own life and they will see how they are being. To respond nastily just ignites the flame. So I thought I would share this with you and you can ponder it too. Maybe this will help you too.

News from Little Roo

Findlay and Little Roo are getting to know each other better. There were some cute Instagram stories yesterday. And Findlay’s face! lol

My “Healthy but Not So Healthy” Lunch Getaway

I retreated for a little break to Logan’s for a salmon Caesar salad, proud of myself for being healthy. The salad must have been delivered from Italy itself, as it took forever to arrive but no worries, my hunger was satiated by the two HOT rolls and butter placed in front of me. And as I ate the creamy Caesar dressing along with the mountains of wonderful Parmesan cheese and the fried buttery croutons, I realized I was probably having all the calories of one day that I should have. There must have been a half block of cheese on that salad! ha. It was wonderful though. But next time I’ll have to get a different salad and no rolls. I did get unsweet tea but it was a little too late to be thinking about calories at that point. Oh well.

Red Beans and Rice with Smoked Sausage in the Instant Pot

Oh my gosh. I think I have just found my favorite meal – replacing spaghetti and prime rib forever – well let’s not get too carried away! But oh my gosh, this was heavenly. I enjoyed my first experience with the Instant Pot, but I was sooooo glad George was there. I asked him before I began if there was anything quirky I should know. And yes there was. Just learning how the Instant Pot “did things” lol, when it goes from segment to segment. There are some things the instructions doesn’t show you. You’d probably figure it out on your own but it would stump you if someone didn’t explain things first. Learning what a “natural release is” and when to release the steam for real.

The recipe had three strips of uncooked bacon, chopped that you sautéed in the Instant Pot. Then you took the bacon aside and sautéed onion for 2 min and green pepper for 2 min, added the garlic and sautéed for a min, some hot pepper flakes of some kind, and then added the cup of “long grain white rice” and added the bacon back in and two cups of chicken broth. Put the seal on and I think it cooked for 5 minutes and then the natural release for 10 and then let the steam out. I cooked the smoked sausage in the air fryer to rid of fat and grease.

This was the “creamiest” and “best” red beans and rice I’ve ever had. I also used the Carolina rice we had. I think it was the Aromatic Rice I used last night.

This is the cookbook I’m using and it has some awesome recipes in it, very simple, and very good. I cannot wait to fix more things in the Instant Pot. Yes I”m late to get on the bandwagon!

“Good Girls” on Netflix

So we have been watching Good Girls on Netflix the last couple of nights. Oh my gosh it’s good. It’s kinda like Breaking Bad in some ways. It’s pretty humorous. Definitely entertaining. Some of these shows you have to go into the 2nd and 3rd show. Like Brigerton. I was in after the 3rd show. I’m glad I gave it a chance.

Leaving you with Mr. Roger. He gets a little more into “doggie Alzheimers” every day. He stands and stares at the wall sometimes, he thinks we are gone when we are there at barks at the stairs until we go and show him we are actually home and he wags his tail and starts to follow us, but sees his water bowl and goes to it. He is obsessed with his water bowl. He sleeps and wanders. His eye sight is going. Yet he still wags his tail a lot, and when disgusted will grunt just like a human would. George leaned him over to kiss me and allow me to kiss him and he didn’t want that and gave a big grunt like a human. LOL. I laughed at being rejected in such a way. I forgave him too. He just didn’t want to be leaned over that way.

Well, I miss having a dog that loves me and wants to be with me every moment. Life is kinda lonely right now but it’s ok. For a season it is definitely going to be the time to wait. So much I want to do first before getting another dog. It will happen in time and “when it is supposed to”. Now is not the time.

Ok off to work. I awoke after a pleasant 8 hour sleep, still very tired. Coffee is waking me up. It’s my 6th day of work this week. I’m honestly over it and need a change of pace, but I’ll go in and give it my best. I’m trying to finish up something that needs to be finished today and I’ve asked God for help. It’ll be a crunch day. I’m NOT working tomorrow.

Anyway, take care. Gonna rain A LOT here this weekend – like SEVERAL inches and with flood warnings predicted.

How I Do My Morning Journal Session

I forgot to show how the little side table works beside my chair. Is this not perfect? Holds the books/notebooks I’m using currently. That way the top is just for drinks and a pen to write with! So I finished Jude this morning in the Bible. I did not realize that Archangel Michael had a fallen out with the devil. He did. He finally just told him “May the Lord Rebuke You”. Mostly Jude discusses the warning of false teachers among us who are really just after their own cause. That is kinda scary as we are ALL after our own cause it seems. I guess we need to be careful to plan that our lives conjoins with God’s will. My thoughts are to bathe all we do in prayer and in His Will. That is what this journaling session in the chair is all about and starting my day with a written prayer.

Journal Session goes like this:

  1. I address God in a powerful way such as “Great Father”, “Dear Father” and praise Him as to whatever is on my soul.
  2. I thank him for the blessings of yesterday and I can feel gratitude while doing that to realize that all we have really comes from Him. If I saw wildlife or a sunrise/sunset or good things happened, I try to mention it.
  3. I made requests for the needs of those around me, and for myself. I ask for His help in the day. I park whatever concerns I have here. I ask for wisdom and protection for family and myself, etc.
  4. I always end it with “Jesus Name, Amen”.

It’s a quickly written 1 page, dated, with 2 or 3 paragraphs. It really doesn’t take a lot of extra time. I’ve not noticed a difference even. It’s quick, I read a chapter or two (usually two) in the Bible and then I digest that all day and try to remember the points.

And sometimes I blog about it, here like I am today.

I did wonder if we get to Heaven if the Archangel Michael will look like John Travolta! LOL. I loved that movie, Michael, I guess it was called? Somehow I doubt it. Being that we put so much into God and His power which NO other God has, I often forget about angels. I think that God minimizes information about them in the BIble so we don’t worship them. But I am curious about them. I’ve often wondered if there weren’t some angels around me at times.

Studying the Bible does not have to be boring. I find it pretty entertaining to sit and ponder things after reading. Letting it soak in and asking more questions. Sometimes trying to find the answers.

Choose Happy

I found a place to put my Choose Happy sign. I found this in Breckenridge, TX. I tried to find “something” I liked in each of the stores there to support their cause. There was very little traffic. I loved this. When I got home I couldn’t find a place where it worked. Or if it did, there was no wall space left. So I stuck it in the laundry room. I really like it there. I spend a lot of time in there.

I made beef stew for dinner last night. And it was really good. I used a lot of Thyme and Garlic and of course salt and pepper. It had the norm of stew meat, potatoes, celery, tomato paste, carrots, and onions. I have enough for lunch. George is taking the Tagine leftovers.

Tonight is grocery night.

It is snowing outside and I understand it’s coming down pretty good. I will probably leave later for work then, and let the other cars trample it out and I will let the sun come up because folks I DO NOT DRIVE in the snow. If conditions are at all slippery I’ll be coming back home til the temps go up or the roads clear.

OK, I better get off of here and get ready. I was late getting up this morning as Roger kept us up a lot last night. He wanted up and down about 5 times last night – maybe more. He slept all day yesterday – I mean almost all day long. I knew we were in for a tough nite. Geeeez my eyes are crossed this morning. Just not a restful sleep at all. I’m tempted to sleep in the other bed tonight but that is not fair to George, then he has to deal with it all.

OK off we go! Ya’ll have a splendid day. Anybody ready for Spring? I started feeling the urge to move on to the next season yesterday. Mainly while looking at clothes in my closet. lol. I try to enjoy the seasons but I do have a strong desire by this time, for warmer weather and a brighter outlook and more sun! Up with the Vitamin D til then!

Eating, Cleaning, Prepping, and Using Talents

One might say it was a good eating weekend! George made Fried chicken with rosemary. And I made Mac N Cheese.

I love having the panko crumb mix baked in on the top!

One dog is trimmed and the other is not. I will have to work on him this weekend. I DID however give George a hair cut and also gave myself one. Someone had asked if I would include cutting my hair on a video and I have it filmed so I think it’ll be about the 3rd video out from now.

Using the Talents

I was able to get in a little bit of a Bible reading time yesterday. I’ve been working on “what God wants me to do”. Our life is so busy and I guess I keep thinking that we need to be doing these Grandiose things – writing books, doing a church ministry, serving in some big capacity, hosting Bible studies, etc. We never get around to doing these big “someday” things and especially in a COVID world.

So God and I had a little chat as we do sometimes accompanied by a few audio books and prayers. I was beckoned to make a list of talents that I’m good at. And then brainstorm ideas off from that. Just off the top of my head I came up with these:

  • Prayer
  • Writing
  • Organizing
  • Problem Solving
  • Analytical Skills
  • Planning
  • Talking one on one
  • Passion for Older People
  • Office Skills
  • Social Media

I’ve not gotten very far into breaking these things down into actual tasks as far as brainstorming. That is the next level. I’ll be working on that! I guess the important thing was the message is that all those skills can be used to do things for people out of love and for His purpose and glory and that it doesn’t have to be BIG GRAND things. It can be small personal ones.

How hard is it to stop and pray for someone, or to get a card in the mail (sometimes that one is hard – has to get on a list so it’s not forgotten). Helping people solve issues or being there for a friend in need, and a big one soon will be taking care of Momma.

COVID is Moving In On the Circles

Mom called last night and the friend that is to take her to the doctor this week has been exposed to COVID and has gone for a test. She won’t know til Tuesday. Mom has two doc appointments back to back on different days that she was to have this week. One is the shot in her eye to keep the vision in the one eye that is not blind. So I’m “on call” for this Thursday doc appointment if her friend tests positive. Mom said she could cancel the heart doc appointment and could do it later so I’d not miss two days of work. If I do take her I’m hoping to get in at least part of a work day and work my hours on other days. I have one vacation day in December (Dec 11) that I really need to be able to pull Christmas together to get my wrapping done and house together, so I’ll do what I can to keep it. If I use it Thursday I won’t have it for the 12th. But I’m not going to fret over it.

I get stressed worrying about the future and trying to plan and to guess and it all can be just hogwash by end of day. So I’m throwing all plans out the window and just living day by day. It takes a lot of stress away. I still plan but have to have the spirit that it’s just all hog wash until the moment comes and whatever is going to happen is going to happen. I’ve lived my entire life trying to organize my world and coordinate it to the nth degree and it’s really all for naught! All it does is frustrate us all. lol Well not really. I shouldn’t say that. Things wouldn’t happen if you didn’t plan it. I guess it’s the flexibility part of planning that I’m not very good at. So I’m happy to report to you that I’m trying to be flexible. Even to the point of losing my cherished vacation day. We spend all of our PTO time in Texas and then I don’t have any or many to use back home. So I am having to learn how not to have my little catch up days. I mean what’s it gonna matter and to whom if I’m behind at the house? No one. But me. And George maybe but he’s flexible. So I’ll gladly give up my time to Mom and her needs. And may have to give up salary too if I’m out of PTO time. No work. No pay.

Yesterday I made myself a nice little breakfast. George had double the chicken the night before and was not hungry. I enjoyed my little breakfast.

My office has become Santa’s Workshop I think by default. It’s a mess in there. It kinda messes with my mind too. I like a nice neat office with no stuff piled around. But alas there it all is, piled around. It’s for a good cause though. There again, trying to be flexible! I had to cover up gifts to get the shot. lol

Little Bit got to come in for a few. Sorry the lighting was not good. But just capturing the moment on the fly.

Lots of things tossed about on my desk too.

All that said, I did get to clean quite a bit yesterday. More ironing, cleaned the kitchen, dusted the house all but my office, mopped the foyer floor which has been on my list for weeks, and tidied up the den and living areas.

I guess I did not realize how dingy/dirty it was. It looks much better now!

I guess this is where George has been getting some of his recipes lately!

And of course I’ll leave you with Mr. Roger who loves that bed in the office. He was hanging out with his Daddy while he played Mr. Claus.

And I need to get into work I guess. Need to get more coffee and figure out what’s for lunch! But oh! I forgot to say that I also got a walk in with my neighbor, and I was able to work on the iMovie for a couple of hours which made me happy. It’s amazing what we did this weekend!

Now we have to “regroup” on Christmas and to what is left. And need to get that wrapped up and done.

And life moves on. We do the best we can with what we have in the time we have.