Fast Food, Sick Dog, a Homemade Pizza, and Minimizing in 2021

I succumbed yesterday to fast food. Having not eaten a burger in a while, it sounded good. I’d been craving one for a while. I even had fries and a coke just to see how it was. When I eat McDonald’s fries though, I always remember the taste is not worth the calories. They are stiff and cardboard like. I like crinkle fries and home fries I guess. Much rather have a baked potato but those are hard to come by in fast food. McDonald’s is the only one near me but I can drive 15 to 20 minutes to get to others and usually don’t want to drive that far. The quarter pounder (double) was excellent though. And was exactly what I wanted.

Work was busy with me trying to catch up from working from home the day before. First there is rehooking up the computer and getting the one monitor to work with my laptop screen. Never was able to get that going where it would extend so gave up and used the one monitor solo. Unpacked my boxes. I cut a manual check and did my garnishment check run and then I couldn’t do anything else til I put up all the files from the box. But I had to print the tax receipts from what I’d paid in taxes the day before at home b/c I can’t print from home so I have to save it as a PDF and email myself. I printed all those off and matched it up to the tax info for each state I filed in. Then I had to run a mock payroll to get a net amount for a couple of checks we had to cut early. I had to load a PNC bank card with funds for that and will have to run all that less an advance through payroll for the w-2 and payroll records to balance out. Then finally I worked through all the stack from yesterday and paid the things I couldn’t pay from home as I didn’t have all the info yet – it was turned in the day I was home but had to wait til I got to work to get it. Anyway, what a mess. You get so behind even on one day trying to work from home.

My boss told me to just work in the office that we had too much to do in December/January to be working from home. We need to get ahead and not behind. So I sent a email to HR letting them know I’d be in the office. It truly was a waste of time. I think it’s about a 2.5 to 3 hour loss of productivity if not more for each day worked at home. Not on my end but just having to stage the packing, match the papers up and print everything the next day and so forth. The biggest single factor is the inability to print and scan. The other factor is having all the files you need. You either need to be set up in one place or the other.

So long story short when asked to be there today to sign checks, YES – YES I will be there. I probably would have been there anyway. As much as I’d treasure working from home. I really would, I’m responsible enough to realize it just won’t work if you don’t have what you need and the waggin back and forth of a filing system is not feasible.

So yeah there is THAT. I tried. It wasn’t working. So NIXED that real quick. I’m taking my monitor back to my office today. Also – I’m keeping the keyboard, mouse and ethernet cord and desk in place for a while because should I get COVID or someone around us get it – we may have no choice and at least I’ll be ready for hookups. It would be better to get some work done than none for sure.

Maisy Update

I wish I had good news. While we did seem to turn a corner and she will eat a bit a couple of times a day, her appetite is not normal. She eats about 3 to 10 bites. Very small small bites. She likes the chicken juice/broth. But she won’t eat much and even though she has eaten since Monday she has not pooped. I will be calling the vet today. And will be making our follow-up appointment. I want to George and I to be together for this. Because if the x-rays are not good and the prognosis is not good, we will have to make some tough decisions. She is no longer having a quality life and I’d say at this point suffering, and yes, she is not eating enough so I’d say starving herself. If she can’t get any better… will be time to let her go. My heart breaks. I knew this could be a roller coaster ride. I had hopes when she started eating. I thought God was going to heal her. But I also know He is in control. It’s not that I don’t believe He will heal her. It’s whether He wants to. I know that He is going to do whatever He thinks best for us. It might be that He thought we needed more time together so he has sustained her for a bit longer. But her appetite is still waning and it’s not getting stronger. She still wants to be near me. I’m thankful for that. We snuggled again last night. But I can’t stand to see her waste away. You can see how little her body is versus her head. She is just hanging on and hanging on. So unless God provides a miracle, things are just slowly going backward. If she would poop it’d give me a bit more hope. I’m just a complete soppin’ mess right now. I get it when people say they don’t want another one after losing one. Their lives are so short and it hurts so damn much. But I love her enough to let her go if she is going to suffer and waste away. She hates taking those pills too that we have to force down her. Yet she doesn’t get mad at us for it.

Our New Quick Pizza Go To

George has always fixed pizzettes – little pizza’s but he made the bread crust homemade the day before. This time he used Naan Bread. He bought pasta sauce and the fixin’s. Forgive my messy table below. It’s a catch all for George and sometimes me. But our personal pizza was better than any we could have had delivered.

Mine had pepperoni, bacon, cheddar cheese (that is what we had), parmesan cheese, hamburger (he had made some for Maisy). He drizzled balsamic glaze on it. It was soooooo good. I think we’ll have to fix this again sometime. He fixed two for me so I have the 2nd one for lunch today!

I began working on Christmas cards last night. Even though I did about 8 of them already with personal little messages in side, I am still on the C’s. Well, you know there are a lot of family members with C. lol I’m not sending out a whole lot but sending out a few to bring a bit of cheer and joy here and there.

So, I need to go finish getting ready. It’s a rainy day here today. But it’s jeans and sweatshirt day. I have a new pink sweatshirt. I think I got it in Texas. Or may have been a deal on line. I have had to wait for the right weather to wear it.

Minimizing as a Goal for 2021

I’ve not mentioned this before on the blog but it’s been weighing on my mind to minimize my wardrobe. And frankly to minimize a lot of things. It’s funny how we spend so much time gathering things but it’s time to minimize a bit. I don’t know why that has come over me to do so. It’s just something that has occurred to me. Like when I do laundry. There’s always the same pieces that come through. Why do we hold on to the rest? Someone else that likes that style could be wearing it, etc.

When I go through our basement I see such a mess of things not used. It’s fine to keep the things you use or even might use on occasion. But I want to tackle a few things down there as well. We really need a trip to the dump too! ha.

I have several goals for 2021. It’s just a good time to “rethink” things as they are, stretch for new things, and give up some old. Maybe a weird year for it, but the goals I have in mind are perfect for a Pandemic that goes into the next year. I may have rolled my eyes a bit when I typed that.