Weekend Vibes: Eating Pizza and Working on Goals and Why’s

Weekend Vibes

Great weekend vibes. We’ve been eating pizza and work on our goals and why’s. I’m sipping coffee here and have taken this Sunday as a day of rest. No worries. I’ve done my Bible study and I’ve worked even harder on my World Bible School reaching out to others and helping them with their own studies.

George is taking care of Mom today. We have a lot of Sunday’s where we both do Mom’s things after church, but then sometimes we switch up and alternate. Last Sunday I did all the things that Mom wanted/needed. And George is taking it this week. Mom texted me last night and said “who ever is taking me, just know I have to go to the store”. It’s as if she has placed a “bug” in the house. She must have heard us talking about it being George’s turn. There was no need to text. We do groceries every Sunday unless we are out of town, so I’m not sure why she felt like she wasn’t going to get them today.

Out for Pizza

Friday night we took Mom out for pizza. We’d all been craving pizza and George and I have been wanting to go to Calabria, here in Mount Juliet. Mom said she would pay for it. So we told her we’d go again next time and we’d pay. We all went home with seconds.

We love the pepperoni and also their Hawaiian Pizza is excellent. The flavors of their pizza is so good and the crust is so fresh. It doesn’t make me feel all bloated and stuffed after like some pizza crusts do. This was great pizza to fold over and eat like a sandwich. We loved every bite. I had pizza for breakfast and a snack yesterday.

Before going to eat pizza, George picked up Mom on the way home from work and brought her to the house. She got to see the dogs. They were all over her! Dexter did his trick and wanted Mom’s attention and didn’t want Maddie to get any.

Weekend Vibes in Texas

Katy and Cody and Little Roo have been to a conference with their ranch team in San Antonio. It’s something they look forward to every year. They have a nice hotel, swim time, great meals, a banquet, and music. Little Roo enjoyed some dance time. I think at this point he was tired out.

He got to go down the kiddie water slide. I guess one would send him and the other would catch him. Looks like he enjoyed it.

Little Roo must think it was his birthday. He got to do a lot of fun things.

Keep them in your prayers as they travel back home today. It’s about 3-4 hours travel time.

Weekend Vibes at Home

I stayed home this weekend and got a lot of things done. The usual laundry and cleaning and weekend blessing of the home. Felt lucky to get to read in the afternoon. I was able to get dusting done and get the mirrors “windexed”. My “get up and do” doesn’t go as far as it used to so it’s a challenge. I just stop and take breaks.

It was a rainy day. I was able to write in my Grandmother’s book and made lots of progress there. As well, was able to get Mom’s birthday gift wrapped. There is one more item to pick up this week though and put in with it. Our Amazon orders are done. I’m working on George’s birthday next. It’s in August but I plan early so not to panic at the last minute. He is hard to buy for. We usually just go get what we want when we need it. Everything else we have to pick out ourselves. Books, clothes – each one of us has our own vision in mind and it’s hard for another to pick out things like that. Sauces and stuff – he has so much. We are trying to use up stuff and kinda get rid of stuff. Downsizing for old age is starting to happen here. Don’t ask me yet how well that is going.

Thankfully, George went to run errands for us yesterday morning. Bank (for us and Mom), store for a few things, Walmart for dog’s food, Farmer’s Market for fresh veggies (for us and Mom).

Weekend Vibes: Good Coffee is Important

While shopping, George found us some good Bunkhouse Yellowstone coffee. It’s pretty good. We’ve certainly enjoyed our coffee today so it’s not bad. I’m going to have to switch to water this morning.

I also had time to work on videos yesterday. I know this week is going to be very busy so I’m trying to get ahead. We’ll be taking Mom out for her birthday one night and then I believe we have an eye appointment Thursday. We have another one next week. The last two weeks of quarter end and that is usually when my bosses give me the info I need. So it’s a bit of a grunt to get quarter end closed. And having several hours away each of these weeks is not good, but it is what it is. If I didn’t have to wait for data it wouldn’t be such a problem. But it’s a process. And it can’t be helped. So I may work weird hours on the other days. It’s hard for me to work more than an hour over though. My mind and body gives out after a time.

Working on Goals and Why’s

With the onset of July it has made me look at my annual goals and future goals. I’ve just been all over the place. It’s really incredible all I’m trying to do. I’ve done ok considering what all we have on our plates. I have become somewhat used to being spread thin. I’ve accepted “ain’t got time for that”. I think I have been more accepting of that at work and at home and with goals. I think I have been better at prioritizing and trying to be there for everyone instead of just me. For a while there I really didn’t realize how selfish I can be by isolating myself into my goals and geeky world. It’s never intended. I just get sucked in.

See, I was an only child til I was 10. I’m used to focusing and blocking things out. Even when I did have a little sister, our ages were so far apart we still did our own thing. I’m used to just being my own entertainer, being my own resource, for the most part. I want my assigned roles and I want to do them well.

So I’ve kinda got a lot of things I want to do still and these things float from weekend to weekend. I started assigning them further out into the future. That way I’m not having to forward so much out every week.

George also worked on his goals!

the word why made with cubes with letters
Photo by Ann H on Pexels.com


Everyone has to ask themselves WHY. Why do we do anything? Why do we have the goals we do? Are they the right ones? We get going down the path and often stop and ponder. Why am I doing this? Why does it matter?

In the business world, we have a thing we do. We keep drilling down asking “why” when we have a problem. To keep asking “why” will lead us to the root cause.

So I ask why do I have the goals I do. I ‘m about three why’s down as that is all the time I had. I’m pretty sure I began this conversation with myself in the girls room at work. Why? lol Because nothing else is taking up our brain time in there. lol lol

Well, I got far enough down in my Why’s to know that I’m on the right path for me for now. As long as it is bathed in prayer and God leads me differently, my goals keep me occupied, happy, and give me something to look forward to, and can coexist with God’s plan until He tells me it doesn’t.

OK over and out. I am going to enjoy this day and get done things I want to do. Some cleaning, some ironing, washing bedding and blankets, taking care of doggies, working on goals, repriortizing them. And a new term for me “right timing them”. Maybe no right sizing but right timing!

It’s all good and I think the Lord for this day. Thank you for the extra time Lord.

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  1. Little Roo is getting big. I loved seeing the pictures of him having fun.
    I love a good pizza and yours sure looks good. We had a cookout yesterday so we will be having leftovers today.
    Dexter is such a big baby. Look at him loving on your mama. lol. He is a spoiled thing not wanting little Maddie to get any attention.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    • Yes he Dexter, has only child syndrome. We have been loving on him more and more. He’s having a hard time. Maddie fusses /growls at him at times. I think a lot of it is her fault. She keeps the pot stirred. I love her though!!!!

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