Let’s Chat, Reset Mode, Every Thing Keeps Happening!

Good morning. Here’s my “Let’s Chat” video. I’m in a reset mode kinda mood. I spend a Saturday catching up from our vacation, trying to reset JULY and get back on track for my goals and initiatives, but everything keeps happening!

You can watch the video HERE.

I hope you enjoy it and if you haven’t already go ahead and subscribe on YouTube and hit the “bell” so you don’t miss an upload.

Today, we are home. It’s raining and I’m not upset about it. I love a rainy day! I have plans for my day to finally get some things done. I’m hopeful. George is going to the store for us. I didn’t need much. That gives me some time to get the housework and laundry done and try to sneak in some extra things on my “To Do” list.

What all are you doing this weekend? I love hearing about your lives too, so much!

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  1. If you want to see something funny go to Instagram Reignstormpit. I have never seen a dog love a bath like he does. I like the tools she uses though. And he does have a beautiful shiny coat. I would never thought of coconut oil. Have you bathed Miss Maddie yet? I remember you said Dexter got a bath..

    • Yes she’s had several. She’s good with them and enjoys the blow dry after. I’ve trimmed her once and did pretty good. I’m going to order some eye wipes for the year stains. I will check out the person you said. There’s a poodle I follow- that works in the office. It’s so cute. I’ll have to come back and share the channel. The poodle’s name is Noodles.

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