Cold Noodle Dish, Dog Troubles, and Quarter End Crunch

George fixed cold noodle with fresh veggies. It was good. “Cold Noodle” is a favorite of mine and a great summer dish. I couldn’t tell you for sure what all is in it, but I imagine he put sesame oil, a bit of hot chili oil and some kind of vinegar and other asian sauces. It was so pretty I had to take a pic.

Little Roo had a swim day at daycare. It was a blow up slide with a pool at the bottom. He is just really getting big. Only 2.5 but looking to be about 3.5, huh?

Mom called yesterday while I was working on a California tax return saying that Fancy is not doing well. She is coughing so bad and unable to rest and just miserable. Her breathing is off too Mom said. Meds no longer working I guess. She is 17 and Mom has asked that I make a vet appointment to “likely be put to rest”. I have payroll today but checked to see if they had any late afternoon appts and the earliest appt they have is Wednesday at 11:30 right in the smack middle of the day. So I will go in early and work a lot of hours on the front in and then take work home (I can stuff check stubs w/o having my computer) and at least get in another hour and a half or so.

And for the California return? I never got to finish. I had my own errands to run and had to leave by 4 to get that done. A Publix run for my BP meds and a few things I needed from the store for me and for the soup George fixed last night.

It’s sad but she has dramatically declined over the last year or two. This year she cannot hear and not seeing as well either. It’s sad but when the quality of life is over and they begin to suffer, you cannot stand to watch it.

Mom called George yesterday after she talked with me saying she thought Fancy was dying. I think she wanted him to come by. But he was already home. No further calls so I’m not sure as of this morning what the status is.

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It is the last two weeks of quarter end. I also have ANOTHER day this week where I take mom to get her eye injection. And then next week ANOTHER day where I take her to get her eyes checked and a new glasses prescription. Then we’ll have to go back another day a week later and pick up her glasses, if she gets them there.

She said something about ordering them over the internet, but I can only imagine how that is going to go as no one can fit you and that spells disaster and returns (if you can even return them) therefore another waste of money. With the luck we have with most any purchase, there is always a return or she just keeps it and has to buy another. I’ve never seen such bad luck with purchases. I think we’ve seen three recliners, three or four toaster ovens, two dishwashers, and so I’m anxious to see how this glasses purchase online is going to go. Yes she will have her prescription but there will be no one to fit. I’m not a fitter for glasses either. I don’t want to be the one at fault! lol

But I am worried about quarter end as all my “free time” that I have during the week which is not much will be filled with Mom’s doc appointments instead of filing tax returns. But if the data would come to me earlier in the month, I could get it done on time. Most of it comes the last two weeks and I get very little time to work on things. I have already learned to go ahead and file returns and then file an adjustment later if needed to avoid penalties b/c I’m not given enough time to work on it before the month ends with the corrected data. So when things happen with Mom the last two weeks of the month, it really makes it hard. Mainly me worrying. But I’ve also learned to just try to let it go. You can only do what you can do and if we don’t want penalties, we have to file things earlier and get the data to me on time so I have an opportunity to finish on time. I can control me but I can’t control everyone else. And I’m not working into the evening because I don’t feel safe as everyone has gone home and my body won’t let me do that anymore. I also can’t work weekends because those are when I have time to get our stuff done and Mom’s stuff done and church.

Our night started out like this last night.

It ended up like this….

Mattie got sick about 11:30. She jumped up out of bed at least. But got sick on the carpet. I cleaned that up. Then she got sick in the hallway. I cleaned that up. George put her in her cage so the situation would be controlled at least and confined. She whined because she wanted to be in bed with me.

Instead, Dexter got in bed with me and snuggled and slept in her spot. He never did that before as far as sleeping that far up on the bed. He was a good snuggler but Mattie was upset. It broke my heart. But I knew it was best so she didn’t get sick on anything else but a blanket. So we are not sure what does that but she does it about once a month. Weird. I think she just has a weird tummy. I found a cyst on her side also which I will ask them about when we go to the vet in August.

I’ve almost got this week’s video done. I have to add in another couple of pics, videos and the do the upload and the thumbnail. I knew I’d be gone Thurs and Fri nights with Mom. Her birthday is Thurs and we’ll eat after her doc appt Friday. Life is full this week and next. And I suppose George will be burying Fancy soon. So probably tomorrow night will be busy.

So keep us in your prayers. It gets overwhelming for me when quarter end goes on and you throw anything on top of that it just gets overwhelming trying to focus on so much at once. People (a certain person I’m thinking of right here) thinks I’m being selfish or complaining based on her Facebook posts about me. I’m just expressing my concerns and trying to get all my commitments done. I don’t think said person worked FT and had as much on her plate when she was my age. I think it’s hard for people to understand that I am just overwhelmed at times. I think and focus in detail and I think differently from the average person. But even the people that should realize that are just selfish enough that they don’t.

Bottom line, I just do what I need to do and give the rest to God. Most of it is out of my control and what others think about me is honestly just on them! I will leave them to their thoughts. I certainly have a few of my own!

So off to close payroll and get about 300 ish employees paid! Lord Willing! We’ll see what the day brings. Hope the blog’s auto correct didn’t change any words again or I didn’t misspell anything. I rarely have time to check and do good just getting an entry in. Forget Yoast – it takes me a whole day to do an entry if I go by their guidelines. Forget SEO at this point. If someone finds the blog, fine. IF not that is great too. I don’t have time for SEO!

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  1. Oh Sonya, what a week you are having. It’s really impossible to keep going at this pace. I’m so glad that you feel able to stand back and send all these worries to God. If the others don’t get their returns in early enough the company can’t blame you for not getting things done/ recorded etc etc….I really get so worried about you. I’m sad that Mum has had to make the decision that it’s time up for Fancy….it’s an awful feeling and so hard to make that final decision. My best friend is having the same problem. She has an old Collie dog called Mei ( she comes to me to stay overnight sometimes ) she is 14 and deaf now a couple of days ago we think she had a stroke the vet said she could live for a while yet ? But could equally go tomorrow. Helen is heartbroken. Mum is going to be the same. Please give her my thoughts. Take care love. Try to relax any spare minute you can find. ❤️❤️

    • Yes. She suffered a bit according to Mom with coughing and breathing difficulties yesterday. It is best to go on their own. I think it’s easier on the person. It’s so traumatic. It’s bad either way. She was a good pet for Mom.

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