Unexpected Urgent Care Experience Traumatizes the Day

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Yesterday was traumatizing. I thought I was going back for a check up to make sure that the healing of the place on my back was truly healing with no infection. I was told that it was a cyst that had a sac and that all must be removed or it would come back. I was given 6 shots to deaden it so they could lance it and try to get it out. The shots hurt like hades. Then the pressure of trying to get it out as they pushed, squeezed, and pinched. It was still very painful even though it was deadened. It seemed to go on forever. Tears came, and I actually prayed out loud for it to end with the nurse behind the doctor saying “prayer works, sister”. They were unable to get the entire sac. It was deep and big and had been there a while.

I’ve had these things on my head and had those removed in the past. I didn’t realize this was the same thing. My Dad had these and so did his Mom. Anyway, I suppose it is NOT over yet. I have to go back Monday. I have no idea what will happen THEN. So I am left with my traumatized memory. I say just let the thing heal and if it becomes an issue again we’ll let the dermatologist handle it.

This on top of everything else in life is about to send me over the edge. I absolutely DO NOT have time to deal with this.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Pexels.com

After this afternoon in hell, I got in the car and remembered I needed gas. It was closer to “E” than it needed to be. So I went to SHELL and all the open pumps had bags over them. GRrreeeAT! I was, however, in great pain and on edge and couldn’t lean back at all in the seat. So I went on to Publix as they wanted me to take Ibuprofen and I only had acetaminophen. GRrreeeAT again! I called George quickly to explain my delays as I had told him it should be a quick visit to urgent care and home. He said “please get an onion at the store”. OK onion and ibuprofen. Yum. I also grabbed two Yogurts since I’m taking antibiotics, to offset their side effects.

So there was a gas station easy to get to once I was leaving Publix and I filled up – AFTER I swallowed two Ibuprofen. I was always take less than the doc recommended as I rarely take anything like that for pain so it doesn’t take much. Plus I knew I was going to have a glass of wine.

While on the way to Publix Mom called and told me several things. Lord help me if I remember it all. No pen and paper and I was in such pain as the numbing was wearing off.

I got home and had fully intended on starting on laundry and on the house, but I was in no shape for housework. I needed to get my mind off the pain and the traumatization of pretty much this entire week! So I did something fun, I picked out music for the next video and began plugging it in. Then dinner was ready. We ate an Indian Chicken dish and watched another Lilyhammer show.

Then I changed into jammies and went to bed. While changing I noticed the bandages were all bloody. It wasn’t seeping through but I wasn’t supposed to remove them until today. She packed the wound and George has to pull a string to remove it quickly so it doesn’t hurt. You know I’m looking forward to that.

Sleep was good to take me out of the misery, although I awoke several times. I sleep on my left side and that is the side on my back where the sore is. So I was afraid I was hurting it. I woke up twice to make sure I didn’t have blood on the sheets or my pjs. Good there.

At 4:30 I got up and made coffee. Feeling good and have had no need for any more pain meds. I plan to take some though an hour before George removes the bandage.

I have to look up the flight information for Katy and Cody – they will be here today. I’m also trying to clean up the house and George has bought our zoo tickets for the day we go to the zoo.

The laundry is going and there is a lot of it too. My house is horrible with not much attention given to it in weeks. It is what it is. One can only do so much.

I know that THIS TOO WILL PASS. And I have a lot to do today. I’m a bit uncomfortable but not much pain. So things could be worse. They ARE sending the culture off to be tested to make sure it’s not a really bad bacteria of some type. She did not think so but said stronger antibiotics would be needed if it was. So I don’t think it would be too big of a deal. Anyway, words cannot describe all this.

I keep thinking “what did I do to deserve having a week like this?”. Then I remember how much worse it could be and then it’s not so bad. Well, it was bad, but…yeah could have been a much worse scenario.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Pexels.com

So we’ll do what God suggests we do. Focus on all things beautiful. And I get to see my little River Roo today! That will make everything brighter!

Ramen Noodle Chicken, Camera Delivery, and Hope for the Future

Doesn’t look like much but it was really good. George fixed a ramen noodle chicken dish. We have had a Ramen Noodle Cook Book for years we have thumbed through. We vowed to try some one day. And we picked out a chicken recipe that looked good. I love to eat with chop sticks so any time he fixes something like this – I grab some chop sticks.

I was given the left overs for the following day for lunch and added little green peas to get some greens in for the day.

Usually I eat Raman with the chili flavor. Once a college dorm room staple, especially on evenings where I needed to study for tests, I had given this up as I ate so much of it. It was cooked in a little “hot pot” – about the only electrical thing allowed in our dorm room besides a hair dryer and curling iron. So for many years Ramen was off the table. During the Pandemic, I thought it might be ok to keep a few on standby for side dishes and such. More than anything it’s been sortof an afternoon fuel pick me up to get me to dinner. I do not use all of the seasoning packet. I’m not exactly what all is in it, but it likely has a lot of salt. I only use a portion of the pack and that makes it taste wonderful. But will admit my favorite weekend lunch meal during Pandemic is a tiny Totino’s pizza layered with grated parmesan cheese. :-O. The waist shows it a bit, so I have been adding a few exercises in. But I need some cardio!

It’s Here….

Well, guess what arrived yesterday? I was nearly hyperventilating from work seeing the delivery on the porch.

I texted George because I didn’t want my camera to be sitting on the front porch. He works from home again these days most of the time since the Pandemic blew up again.

He was messing with me.

So I came home and did a video of me opening the camera.

I will enjoy this so much.

I will say that my Aunt and Uncle (Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken) bought me a nice camera at graduation. It was a 35 mm and I can’t remember what brand. They knew that I would have an eye for photography as I was “artsy” a bit. However, college, dating, working and basically not going and doing much – it just wasn’t the time to learn or to use the camera. Family members used it. I always felt bad you guys (Auntie M is reading) that I never took time to learn that camera. Life got in the way. I never got to use it much. And it got really busy, took a lot of turns, then Katy came along and I had smaller cameras that I could stuff into diaper bags, book bags, and whatever. Then came the iphone. Then came my love for blogging and graphics – but I used my phone or the small camera George bought me that took great pics and videos and was easy to carry. But I never had the camera with me when needed. I enjoyed that little camera (sorry I do not have the brands of those cameras to share) but I did take that camera to Tybee Island and also to the ranch in TX and it was great.

But now my needs have changed since I’ve started doing videos. And my passion is ignited to see what all this new camera will do. I have a feeling it will see a lot of places. πŸ˜‰ At least that is my hope. The time has finally come to learn how to use a good camera.

So I’ve charged the batteries and even ordered the extra battery and charger. And I need to watch some videos and read the manual and learn how to operate it. It seems like a good camera – fairly simple to operate and hold. So hopefully I will take some pics around the yard in the next couple of days. We’ll see how it does compared to the iphone 8 plus – which is what I have right now. I know a lot of folks are buying cameras into the thousands of dollars, but for this gal learning – this seemed to be just what I needed.

So I’m a happy girl. And I’m thinking I might be able to work on the next video soon. There is just not a lot of interesting things going on around here so I have to wait until I can gather up some footage half way worth watching and try to provide some type of value to it to compete with others videos. It’s going to be a long while before the videos can grow. More than anything though I just want to share fun stuff we do around here til we can get out and go some places. We do have two trips planned. We get to see Mom soon and get to go to the Ranch in TX and see our pregnant daughter and SIL.

Anyway, I need to get up and go in to work. It is a work day. Just needed to come babble a bit.


Oh, there is some good news. I think. In looking at other places across the world that have had surges in the virus – like Italy. It seems their cases are waaaay down and things are looking better. Same trends in many other places. So I’m hoping that things will look up before too horribly long and it becomes in control. The last thing we need to hear is that antibodies don’t build up from it. But you know what. I think God created a body that learns to do what it needs to do to survive. So I have faith that things will improve and get back to normal at some point. It’s gonna be alright!

Til then wearing a mask and giving up make up! ha!

So let me know how you are? Are you hanging in there these days? Keeping busy? Learning a new hobby? Now’s a good time. I’ll share some pics here in a day or two! So excited!

Friday Morning Thoughts on COVID-19 through Coffee and Music!

So it’s Friday and that brings a source of glee that the other days do not. Right now Friday’s and sleep are “where it’s at“. Oh, Friday’s and Sleep and Weekends, can’t forget those.

And the coffee sure is good this morning.

So Day 2 of the Social Media experiment. I didn’t miss it at all and really didn’t even think about it. The only time I thought about it was when I saw the red numbers on my phone building. I have 152 notifications and 3 Instant Messages all unread and unlooked at. No bother. Nothing I’m itching to get back to.

My mind is a little blank right now as I type this. My thoughts are on the next video which I have worked on this week filming some. I don’t want to really tell you what all I’m working on. I’m getting some B Roll shots, which as I was telling someone – the B Roll shots are actually my favorite parts. I guess that makes them A rollers huh?

My mind is also on the COVID-19 which we can’t get away from it seems. It was nice that people were starting to get out and economy back open. We all kinda new it would surge back up again, but being the hopeful spirits we try to have, we DID get our hopes up thinking that we would go back to somewhat of a normal even though inching there. With the numbers surging, it has a lot of us thinking we are all just going to get it and then most of society will have the antibodies and then we can go on. But no, just when your thoughts are turning positive again, a study comes out about how the antibodies only help for a little while. So what? You could get COVID-19 over and over again? That study was from China so not sure I buy in. And what? So all the ones who are anti vaccine will change their mind and get the vaccine and then we will have who knows what in our bodies and then there are those rumors about putting things in our bodies that make you obedient and all that. Whaaaaattttt? Can we just go dig a hole already?

I watched a YouTube sailing couple’s show yesterday. It showed up in my YouTube suggestions. And the lady had just lost her spouse to COVID and was trying to figure out where to go from here. She didn’t want to sail by herself and was not sure she could. But she didn’t want to sail her boat. So she is hoping for a crew to sail with. It’s just so sad. I felt so bad for her.

So I go from thinking the loss of life is a small percentage and we all have a good chance of survival and then you hear of something like that – that just makes it more real. If they could just figure out how to cure/fix it for sure. Once on ventilator they say the survival rate is low.

So these are unfortunately where my thoughts are today. Just discouraged that the COVID-19 will be here forever – or at least longer than we want – we have already surpassed that point. I DO however, KNOW that people are smart and will figure all this out. It’s just hard to know what to believe.

I was thinking yesterday – do I know anyone that has even had this? No I don’t. Just random things like yesterday’s videos here and there where people have talked about it. All these people getting sick and you hear more of the numbers than you do any data from those who are ill. Do you all personally know of anyone that has had it? I suppose soon we will as the numbers grow.

I’m struggling a bit still. And yesterday was VERY Long despite being busy at work. I watched the clock all day. I think about COVID-19 a chunk of the day while I’m working. I try to listen to music and it brings consolation.

I made a note to share this song with you all as this song meant a lot to me. It’s beautiful. It’s a video/song by Bruno Merz. I love the part where it says “Everything will be Alright”. I needed that! I feel sometimes as if God himself picks my music line up. I truly DO believe He has the power to do that.

I enjoy food and it brings consolation. Talking with friends brings joy. Working in my office at home brings complete happiness. πŸ˜‰

I know that Everything Will Be Alright. I’ve never been one of patience. God is certainly teaching that. We just have to keep finding the positive sides to everything. Find the good parts of the day. And today the joy comes from the fact that it’s Friday and two whole days to bless our homes and work on things we love to work on.

God is in Control. We that love Him and Know Him are in His hands. So go on and enjoy the coffee, your meals today (yum), your music line up, and give each other a cheer and a prayer with your coffee cup held high!

We will get through all of this eventually! Under HIS wing!

Oh and….we have a Dust Plume coming! :-O. But the murder hornets have held off for now!