Design Studio, Cinco De Mayo, Mom’s Day, and a Wedding Shower

Good morning! So Tuesday night I spent the night in Columbia with Mom, just beating the rain. I ordered us Uber Eats from O Charlies. We ended up getting it free due to a mix up on their end. The next morning we took off early for Nashville. Traffic was not as bad as we thought it would be. The red bird greeted us at the Goodall entrance on Wednesday for Mom’s Design Studio appointment. If you have followed my blog for long, you know that red birds to me are a sign “that everything will be alright”. It’s just a thing b/w me and God I guess. These are not ordinary red birds. I had two redbirds fly between me and Mom’s back door on the patio the day we arrived to pack. I was four or five feet from the door. It was a very close “fly by”. lol. And there that little bird was in an area of concrete with few trees around. “There’s your sign!”

The Design Studio was very organized and a nice lady was assigned to us and did a great job and was very helpful and cheerful. Here’s Mom’s colors:

The neat thing about the colors is that it is toned kindof in between beige and grey groups so her decor should be able to sway either way. We laughed at how Mom liked the beiges and I liked the grays. She eventually quit asking what I thought, b/c we were usually polar opposite in color choice. But usually in the end she decided on “the middle” color as the girl helping us would also offer her opinion, show pics and examples, and if Mom was making a mistake into a busy pattern she would say “you know this looks different on the floor – it’s very busy” and would show a pic and Mom would pic a different one. So it all worked and went very well. The pricing was not horrible for the upgrades and Mom left a happy woman! She got everything she wanted and then some. She was able to get the craftsman upgrades to her window and doors making them look extra special!

Afterwards we went to a tea room Mom was excited to go to in Brentwood called The Puffy Muffin.

I got a plate with tuna salad, chicken salad, and pimento salad, the cranberry salad, and poppy cake.

Mom got a creamy chicken casserole of some sort along with the cranberry salad and a roll.

I then took her back to Columbia, packed my stuff up and got out some cleaning supplies and began cleaning a bit on the house. It was not perfect but it was good enough I guess. Just a few more things needed dusting, cobweb removal, crumb removal and a few bathroom tinges, and swipes around toilet bases. All the usual things we miss when we clean the first time. But the biggest thing was making her sink sparkle white in the kitchen!

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Then I headed back to Nashville and Tractor Supply to pick up a couple of picture frames I ordered. I got a sign for the front porch. I wanted one to lean against the house but this one was cheaper and not exactly what I wanted and will have to be hung. I will show a pic when it is ready. I’m on a mission to “up the game” on the front porch. Since Mom likes it out there and we’ll probably be hanging out there more, I decided to spruce it up. It’s been on the back of my mind to do anyway. But it’s not been as important but now it is!

Then headed home and was ready to be back. George made us a wonderful cinco de mayo meal of tacos, refried beans, and tamales. This was NOT our meal, we devoured ours and I didn’t even think about a picture so I’m having to use the Pexels pic. lol

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He fixed us some Palomas for our cocktail. It was great. We overate. I will tell ya that right now!

Then yesterday back at work, I went in early so I could do a check run with no issues and finish folding checks for our TN plant. Turns out I’d not have had to come in early after all as the person taking the checks went later in the day, lol. But that is ok. It was done on time and I had given myself plenty of time to get it done by the normal time.

I hit a big wall about 3 since I’d come in earlier. I was so tired and ready to be home but we had a wedding shower after work at 4:45 for a coworker. I think everyone was “done” with work and just sitting around waiting for shower time and a storm was coming so someone suggested we start early.

It was a short and sweet shower. They did a great job putting it together. Work won’t let us “gather” yet unless it’s outside even though restaurants and venues are pretty much back in business all over. So the elements were braved, and we flirted with the storm. It wrapped up just before the storm hit. I made it east to my house with the storm following me. But when I left work in the Opryland area, there was a confused duck in the middle of the road.

When I got in the house Roger had “lost” his diaper and I had carpet spots to clean in two rooms. ::sigh:: But then I fed him and called Mom. She had 9 people tour the house yesterday and has several today. She spent the day with her friend Pauleen so she’d be away from the house. It’s going to be a few hard days of having to stay away and keep the house clean. They expect multiple offers. Someone said to Mom that Monday was the deadline for offers, but I don’t know how that works. That’s different from how it used to be. I imagine she will have offers before then. But we wait and see what happens. Prayers that she gets robust offers in this market.

I sat out on the front porch with Little Bit for a minute to get some video of the storm clouds rolling in. Wait for Little Bit on here. You can hear the neighbors yelling back at one another about what side of the road to leave the trash can on. We have a new neighbor. The low hanging clouds came through and some rain and then it was over quickly. The bark was worse than the bite. At least for my area but I think there were some folks without power in the county I came from that I work in.

Sleep was pretty good last night and now I need to get off of here to go to work! Today is Friday. A fast week. I get my nails done today and then we have a nice weekend planned. We have a LOT we want to do this weekend. And it’s Mom’s day weekend. My own Mom said she did not want to do anything this weekend with the house stuff going on and she was tired out. The Puffy Muffin was Mom’s meal as I bought her lunch and gave her a card and then her gift is getting her toes done again when she gets up here. That way no gift to have to pack! lol.

So we have our “lists” going of things to do this weekend. And George made a Mom’s Day reservation for me – a brunch event put on by some of our favorite caterers. And we are going to run some errands and get things done here. Just a busy but yet probably laid back weekend at home. One can only hope! For now, we get a slow and steady weekend until we have to rush! We need to collect some boxes and stuff to wrap glassware in! Yikes.

More later! Ya’ll have a wonderful weekend!

House Building Process: Eating an Elephant One Bite at a Time

Well it’s signed! It’s not quite sealed and delivered yet, but it’s signed. We were told it was a good thing we put the deposit down early in the week because two people wanted that upgraded lot. I feel good knowing the contract is signed. But there is a lot to do and a long way to go.

In today’s meeting, she only had to make structural decisions for the most part, paying the earnest money and so forth. We did not get to pick out all of the details inside yet. This is a big drawn out process, but I will say it is very structured and very thorough. Anything worth doing certainly is!

I think I will be taking a lot of vacation days and can see that a trip to Texas may not be in the works this year for us. When you consider going to all these meetings, closing, moving (probably twice as her house will sell early we think). I’ll likely not have any days left. But at least I get to see my grandson in June as they are coming here. I will need to reserve some time to move her here and then also move her again in the new place after it’s built. Also it does not include doc appointments. But those I might can just take a half day as she’ll be up here before long. I also was planning to take some time off for flooring to be put in our house here. That WILL happen at some point. I’m not willing to budge on that one!

But we’ll work it out. Maybe we can take a long weekend to TX, but when you consider flight, hotel, and rental car for just a few days it’s just really expensive and then all over in a heartbeat. So I don’t know. Anyway, it’s important we get Mom up here. I’m so excited about the whole darn thing and to have her close to us. And God has answered our prayers so we will make it happen and gladly donate the time. But I was truly surprised at all the meetings. And she said it would have to be done during the week and not on weekends.

Here’s Mom’s house plans.

So the next step is Mom has to provide proof of funding once the GoodAll president has signed off on it. She has to provide notes from bank the $ is there, proof of value of her home that she is selling, proof of investment values, etc. And then we will get a meeting to pick her particulars, her upgrades, flooring, appliances, everything down to the knobs and the fixtures.

Afterwards we went to the Lost Cajun. The place I wanted us to eat Local Joe’s is not open on Saturday. I mean what is up with that? lol. OH well. The 2nd place we wanted to go closed at 3. I mean come on Mount Juliet, people need to eat on Saturday! So we went to one of George’s favorite places, the Lost Cajun. I knew Mom would like the catfish and I also knew George would be thrilled. I tried to eat healthy and got the shrimp dish below. I did not eat the bread. And when I was through I felt like I’d not eaten much. lol. Mom gave me a piece of her catfish and some fries. Oh well, so much for trying to be good. But honestly it was like I had a shrimp cocktail appetizer and I was starved. We didn’t get lunch!

Fancy was looking at me like she wanted to ask me a question. Like she’s saying “What’s happening Sonya?” She smiled at me and laid her head back down when I told her how pretty she was.

Our meeting today took about 4.5 hours. We were all worn out. I thought I’d get something done this afternoon on my to do list but just cannot hardly move. Anyway, we are fixing breakfast burritos here at home in the morning. And then I’ll take Mom back to Columbia and then I have a list of things to do to get ready for the work week. Geez. It’ll be a very short weekend for us. At least I started doing laundry on Thursday night knowing the weekend would be so busy. Hopefully we will have next weekend free.

I was going to start my cleanse day Monday but we have plans to eat with friends that will soon be moving out of town. So I will start the cleanse Tuesday I guess and hope all goes well while I close payroll.

Ok over and out. It’s almost bedtime again. I think I’m sleeping on the couch. It’s not working to sleep with George. I tried it last week and had to move out again. Between Roger needing to get up and George getting up, my own getting up and then add in his snoring – just nooooo. Our sofa is really comfy. So it is not an issue at all. Some of my best sleep has been there. When I had a cold I would often go sleep there back when Katy was home. I never wanted to mess up the other beds, lol. But anyway, all is well.

We are all happy, tired, and a bit overwhelmed with all we will do but we will take it one step at a time.

Photo by Anthony on

It’ll be like eating an elephant one bite at a time. We will figure it all out. My job right now is to check on storage facility costs, locations, and sizes, and costs. And I have to check on power of attorney, as Mom asked me to check on that. George will be speaking with Mom’s realtor the first part of the week to get her house going and up for sale.

We are keeping our eyes on the end target though, and I’m looking forward to cooking a celebratory meal for us all in Mom’s new kitchen. Mom said she wouldn’t charge much! lol


OK, You asked for it, so I’m giving it. Some of you wanted to see the GoodAll model home that Mom viewed and the model she is having built. I *think* this is called the Arlington, but Mom’s would NOT have the upstairs. It is a beautiful place. Plenty of room and open space, large windows, walk in closet. I believe it had a walk in pantry but I’m trying to picture where it was. Maybe I didn’t video it. The master bedroom was huge. The garage/storage area was huge. It had a place for an office. And the prize was the nice patio space. In it you can see Mom and Cody’s Mom, our realtor, and the gentleman that was hosting the model home that day. I’m sure they probably didn’t mean for this video to go anywhere, but there are only about a hundred of you that actively see the blog – even though there are 500 followers. Who knows, maybe more of you will seek out some GoodAll homes. Enjoy!

The downside was that the 2nd bedroom was a bit small to be able to hold a bed, dresser and chest of drawers. It might would hold a queen size bed, but Mom’s bed she wants to bring is a double bed. So guests have to be skinny folk. If we spend the night one of us will have to sleep on the sofa, lol. So that is the down side is that the guests won’t be very comfy unless they are alone or underweight. Mom can upgrade to a queen bed though if she chooses. She just doesn’t want to give up that bedroom suit and it happens to be double. It’s a nice looking one. May not be practical, but it will look nice when people come through. lol

Mom had called a realtor to list her house. They were calling her back yesterday as I was talking to her. I’m hoping Mom signs the papers Saturday for several reasons: 1) It’ll save a trip 2) It’ll lock in the price – I’m afraid the prices will go up before she signs based on the price of lumber and supplies that keep going up 3) It’ll be one more hurdle crossed to the finish line.


I have so much going on in my head right now. A lot of things I need and want to get done here. I need to go to the store tonight, and wrap a baby gift for a family shower that I won’t get to go to this weekend, get ahead on some laundry, and so forth.

And of course my list of to do’s grows daily as does my idea list and my want to list. Not to mention reading, shopping (I need new pants!). When I get off work I go to my office and just stare at my to do list! I try to regroup and figure out what is the most important thing to get done today. “They say” focus on your top three: Right now it’s STORE, and WRAPPING BABY GIFT, and DOING A LOAD of DARKS so I have jeans for the weekend!


I had to make some decisions (again) on the weight loss deal. I am doing my cleanse day, but not going to do the challenge. I was hoping to get some $ free product back from my wellness plan purchases. But I have to spend more to get the free product and I don’t really think I will be wanting to do that. I want to order what I need and no more. You have to spend so much per month and it is more than I want to do. But I am going to do cleanse day Monday’s again and see if I can’t get some of the weight back off. I think the cleanse day will have to be a way of life – intermittent fasting day. It’s the only thing that has ever worked for me and the only thing that has ever been able to cut to the visceral fat – fat that comes deep within your cells. The nutrition within the cleansing drinks are incredible with the deep berry ingredients it has. Only I’m doing peach this time b/c summer is coming on! So I have it ordered. I will start on Monday as long as I have enough to cleanse with on hand. If not it’ll be when my next shipment comes in. I will also start using the weight loss tracker I posted on here last week! I will share my efforts and let you know my numbers as they improve. I won’t put my weight on here but I’ll share my lbs lost, lol!