Flying Home Amid Corona Virus Fears

There have been too many gray days! Even on our trip. We packed up yesterday. There was a dismal feeling in the air – our trip was ending, we would be going our separate ways, the Corona Virus and it’s doomdem was still hanging in the air, and we had a day of travel ahead of us- in the face of many germs and possibly the virus itself.

We had planned out our schedule the day before. We are Nashvillians by heart so planning to do the things we needed to do we gave ourselves plenty of time (eat breakfast, check out, get gas in the rental car, return rental car, get through security, buy water, restroom one more time – and then board). However – there was little traffic, there were no lines at rental, no lines at security. We found ourselves at the airport waaaaaay too early.

While more people came later, the airport was minimal with people. I was a bit tense that flights would be cancelled. I calmed myself and said I’d get a rental car and if they were all taken (you know lots have probably switched to driving to destinations now) then George would have to come get me. Somehow I’d make it home. We always have to have a plan B, and a C. So I tried not to worry. I also figured the flights would be a bit bumpy. They were not that bad though. But until we both got home safely, my mind could just not be at ease. Not to mention these old planes – and the news that just yesterday a flight from Dallas to Nashville took 8 hours b/c of someone saying he had Corona virus, being unruly. Was I too going to be on a plane where something like this going wrong? Where planes and people are being shuffled. Were the good pilots still going to be flying or we getting a young newby? My mind thinks too much.

Katy and I listened to her church’s online worship service. It was calming. I know to be calm but have to be reminded every day. lol. Surprisingly our flight boarded on time and it was a quick flight from Tulsa to Dallas, with only 40 minutes in the air. Our stewards were a bit young and seemed a little green (new) and immediately announced it would be bumpy and no service. (Often on those small flights, they tell you that. Then it’s not hardly bumpy at all.) The pilots made them do service though. I was shocked. So since it was lunch time, I had a glass of white wine to take the edge off my nerves. The white wine they are serving now is really good too – it’s a wine from South Africa. I wish I’d taken a photo of it so I could try to find it. They also keep it REALLY cold. It did the trick, only no sooner than it was served they announced we had to hurry and drink up as they needed to take up what they passed out. The last 1/4 of my drink I had to knock back which made Katy and laugh. Neither of us knew I had it in me! Even the steward must have chuckled. The wine was free by the way. But still, I needed to have the edge taken off – and not just 3/4 of the edge, lol.

And just like that, the plane landed. We were close to the front and my girl got her bag and said “Love you Mom” and was gone in a flash. The tears stung. I treasured this trip together. I scooted over into her window seat and looked out the window as they put her colorful checked bag on the cart. I texted her the pic and said “your bag is on the way”.

She later texted back, “got it” and then again “made it to the car”.

I had time to get off the plane for rest room break and back on again since there was a crew change. I was on the same plane and normally you don’t have time to get off but they let us.

Then on to Dallas. It seemed like it would take forever to get home, but the flight home was an hour and 15 minutes.

I read my book “We are the Russo’s” and then also played Candy Crush. Soon we would be landing. I had a coke on this service which was really good as it was served over ice and was just tasty. I rarely ever drink coke, but I needed the caffeine and didn’t want coffee. I’d save that for home.

Nashville, BNA, was fairly busy but not near what it normally is. Got my luggage, figured out where ground transportation for Economy lot C was. Was glad I took a photo of where I parked.

Then I was off to home. It felt weird to drive. Katy shuffled me around all weekend when we were not in planes. And that is usually when I finished my blog entries each day. I would start it in the room, finish it on the road or during a quiet time (like the tea house and yesterday, or the airport).

So I got home, gave George his souvenir from Katy and myself. It’s a Hurts Donut Shop t-shirt and coffee from Tulsa and also I bought some coffee for him at the Pioneer woman’s shop. George is always saying “wanna hurts donut?” and someone says “yes” or “what’s that” and you give him a pinch or a nudge and then go “hurts donut (don’t it?)” lol. I had never heard it, but Katy said George asked her that all the time. So when she saw the Hurts Donut shop, she had to stop and we got him a t shirt (and we got ourselves a donut).

I was glad to be home. It was a relief because of all the madness with this Corona virus now. Things went from bad to worse while we were gone. Many schools have cancelled, sports events cancelled, now churches cancelled, and people began hoarding things, and there is a toilet paper shortage, and then it went into round two with there being shortages on just about anything left in the stores. My own mother texting she went to beat the crowds only to find a line around the building to get into the store at opening. She finally went back and got the things she needed. I asked if she wanted to stay with us for a while til things calmed so we could do the fighting for her to get what was needed. But she says she is fine.

Then we began hearing that companies were asking their employees to work from home. Jokingly I told my family – that won’t be happening at our work. At least not for my position with payroll. I would have to have printing capability and a dock set up with a mouse. It would take a lot of scrambling and set up to be able to do things from home.

Anyway, while we were gone, every day just got a little more sideways with the news and what all happening in our world. Back home, everyone seemed happy to see me. Dogs and even George. He fixed us an amazing dinner – jalapeño burgers, a lima bean dish that was out of this world cooked in the air fryer, and rice.

I was able to get a load of clothes done, unpacked, and I was glad he had washed up his shirts for the weekend. I changed sheets and also the sleep was awesome last night. Everyone slept well and so did I.

Now back to work, which I am looking forward to. I can’t say that has always been the case. So this is a good thing.

Ya’ll have a great day! And a great week. I will try to pop in a bit each day but it might be every other day. I have some extra pics to share from vacay. And I think it’s important to blog our feelings during all this Corona mess. Or COVID-19.

How is all this impacting you guys? Work? Stocking up? Are you handling it ok? Love you guys! We’ll support each other through all this! Here’s some funny’s for ya and a message below.

See ya in the next day or two.

Living on Tulsa Time

The plane ride to Dallas was smooth. I sat next to a talker. We had an empty middle seat between us. But midway we ran out of interesting things to talk about and broke off into our own worlds.

On the plane, during boarding, a big group who was settling in to their seats got up and grabbed their bags and left. They had to get luggage off for them underneath the plane and our flight was late to Dallas.

We arrived I was excited to get to see my girl! She had a table at a restaurant waiting!

We split a salad as it was pretty expensive.

It was perfect to get us through the next few hours!

Our ride to Tulsa was only 45 min in the air. No service. They claimed it was too bumpy but it really wasn’t. Often on short rides they claim that.

We arrived in Tulsa and got the rental car. And drove to our hotel. Tulsa is dryer and less Green than Oklahoma City. The roads are in need of paving in some areas. But seems like a nice place so far.

We wiped down our hotel room as we had our plane seat area.

And changed clothes to get out of any germs. I will say that as close as you are at the airport and in planes- it would really be hard NOT to get something contagious. Especially while in a huddle trying to load when lining up. We took inside seats on the plane.

American Solera Brewing, Tulsa

We found a cute brewery- but we didn’t like their beer so much. We spent 48 dollars on two flights and an appetizer and tip. (Insert your favorite rolling eye emoji here.)

Katy said next time she would choose a brewery with normal brews instead of decor. lol Don’t get me wrong. We had a great time and good conversation and the beer – well – it’s great for those that like sours and the new flairs of brews. I’m still trying to like IPA lol – but it was fun regardless. We each have our own tastes.

So it was t our favorite but it might be yours! The place was adorable!

The evening was warm. 70’s!

We then went on to our dinner at the Irish restaurant. We were so excited to go in. A true Irish experience- not that we really know what that is! lol

Kilkenny’s, Tulsa, OK

I picked a nice Italian wine for dinner. and ordered this wonderful dish.

It was the Jenkinstown Cottage Pie. Not many peas and carrots I noticed but the dish tasted great!

After dinner we wanted to get Gelato at the place we saw down the street. We went in and I went to the restroom first. When I came out Katy Said “we have to leave”. I said “why?”

As we walked out Katy said that they were closing early because the employee had been exposed to someone being tested for the Corona virus. And yikes I just used their restroom.

So we went back to the hotel from there. Slept pretty good. Woke up a couple of times. I’ll stop there! We are on the way to Pioneer Woman!