Weekend Turnround

Saturday night I soaked my foot in Epsom Salt. All day Saturday I had tried to either walk on my heel or the side of my foot which mainly resulting in me deciding just not to walk much at all. I had sat and watched my shows on YouTube most of the day.

Overnight, my right foot hit up against my left foot and it felt really sharp. I decided then to check more closely when I got up. George has a really good flash light. And when I took the flash light to it, I could see the glimmer and sparkle of a piece of that crystal glass. I knew my foot wouldn’t shine like that. So George brought me tweezers and asked for alcohol, cotton balls, and a towel and he brought me back Tito’s hand made vodka (to make me laugh, and it did, for a second). I cleaned the tweezers with the other alcohol and began trying to extract it. It hurt really bad. I was pulling at skin instead of the glass. George wanted to do it but I told him it was something I had to do myself. And I stopped trying as I said, “what am I doing? I need a cup of coffee first”.

I drank about a half of a cup to get my eyes open and George suggested I take acetaminophen to knock the edge off and try again in 30 min. This time I was able to focus and I just happened to get the tweezers in the exact spot, I had a good hold of the glass and pulled. Sorry for the graphic explanation. It was a hefty chunk left in there. I’m trying to figure out how to explain the size. It was not quite as big as a bacon bit, lol. But maybe a 1/3 of a bacon bit. This may be like a fish tale, it may grow every time the story is told? George bandaged me up proper with gauze and tape. Once that chunk of glass was out of my foot I could immediately apply my weight and walk normal. I was so excited. I had thought that I was going to be hobbling around all week. The morale boost that gave was enormous.

We sat in the sun room for a while and I finished my coffee and had some more. We have been noticing a red fox come through in the mornings. It’s pretty exciting to sit in the sun room and listen and watch nature. The birds new the fox was around, you could hear their warnings. Neighborhood dogs were also giving warning. And somewhere in a distance you can hear a rooster crow.

Oh – We took the dogs for their trim Saturday. And sad to find out our groomer has breast cancer. I know she is not going to want to keep up the Saturday schedule but knowing we work outside of Mount Juliet, she said she didn’t want to lose our business and kept us on a Saturday. But I fear we’ll end up having to find another eventually depending on how she feels. I’ll be praying for her and all goes well. She has been a good groomer for the doggies. But she really seems stressed a lot. Here are the doggies. I’m sure I’ll have better pics over the next week or so.

I was so happy to be walking, and began doing laundry yesterday. I picked out my clothes the week, and decided for some reason to come and work a bit on the iMovie. Well there went the day. ha. I was back in my bliss. A thousand things calling me and so many things I needed to be doing instead. But I kept saying to myself “let me just do this one thing.

And well, I kinda finished the whole thing up – this next iMovie. It’s ready to go! All done. I worked on what they call an “Outro” (opposite of an Intro), lol. I’m not sure I like the term but I’ll go with it. I did it all real quick and even my hair is a mess, but I was mainly doing a test and decided to go with it. So I’ll be uploading the video here in a day or so. It takes a while to upload into YouTube. I have to check the quality of it also and come up with my tags. And I will also post it here in a blog post as well as updating the side bar with the latest. I took a few moments to kind of outline the steps to making the imovie on my office board. This is my process anyway, and the process of clearing out and I include the deleting of photos on my phone, moving them out of the cloud, deleting the ones I don’t want and so forth. I also take a lot of pics to remind myself of things.

So it’s quite the list.

Did I get anything done I should have been working on? Not much. Before I knew it, it was time to go to Cracker Barrel.

We had a nice time just chatting and waiting and chatting and waiting. Many people were outside for pick up. The waitress kept apologizing. I noticed they also were seating people on the front porch. They really did have the business yesterday but could only serve half capacity of course.

They brought our bread first. I was starving as I forget to eat much when I’m working on these imovie things. I had quiche for breakfast – the kind you buy which was really good. But then only a bag of THAT SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT CO I USE chips for lunch. They have plant protein and they kept me well.

At Cracker Barrel I had the beef pot roast and it was excellent. It was so cold in there, that it was welcome. They finally had to turn the air down. I’m sure several complained.

So after that we went to Kroger for our Store run. And we got back it was probably about 7:30. By the time we unloaded and took dogs out it was quickly 8:00. I had about an hour to get a list of things done.

I had to get a check addressed and in the mail to cover the cost of the cake for the virtual shower next Saturday. The Momma to be is picking up her own cake as she is in another city from the rest of us. But I ordered it. I do have to check on it b/c they said they would send an email and I never got one. But I do have the confirmation. Anyway, got that addressed and George will mail or give me a stamp to mail.

I had to do my vitamins and BP meds for the week and get those loaded into their compartments for the week.

I needed to reboot the laundry. I needed to put the clean sheets on the bed. And I realized I’d not washed my masks out. So I got those set up for washing. I have a little bowl and Dawn that I soak them in usually overnight. I had to keep one out to wear today though as was not sure they would be dry.

And I never got to do my nails. I should have done that Saturday while I was wallowing in my pity party of not being able to walk. I just went on strike completely I think at that point, lol.

So this morning I have nails that need some attention but I’ll work on those tonight. I will be having to do a lot of my weekend list this week at night. Including making sure that everything is in order for the shower. That will be the first order of business.

Next weekend will be a busy one. We have a grad party, the virtual baby shower, and Sunday if the virus is not all blown up, George is doing his “Father’s Day Excursion”. I began talking about my Mother’s Day Excursion at Cracker Barrel. When am I getting my day? lol. We went to Mom’s on Mother’s Day but I didn’t get a day to go and do what I wanted to do which is eat at Slim Chickens and go shopping! 😉

I did enjoy looking thru the gift shop in Cracker Barrel.

And I must go as the time is dwindling. Sleep was really good last night. Pretty solid.

Oh I’ll leave you with this….a spaghetti sauce we saw in Kroger. We didn’t get it as we have a lot of sauce and pasta. I’m fixing some kind of pasta this week, but trying to eliminate having a lot of pasta as once I eat it I want more and more. But look at this sauce. This is hilarious.

I guess it starts crying when you put it in the pot?

Oh well, more tomorrow and hopefully a video as well. It may be Wednesday as you know Payroll is tomorrow, so we’ll see how things go!

Off for more coffee and hope you all have a good Monday. But you have no idea how glad I am the weekend turned around and I’m not hobbling hardly at all now that the glass is out. Over and Out.

Lessons Needed to be Learned and Moving into the Weekend

I LOVE LOVE LOVE watching the clouds. Yesterday’s cumulous clouds were so pretty as they were building. I remember my father mentioning the clouds when I was growing up. He liked the pretty puffy clouds from summer and he said “they remind me of the ones you see in Florida”. So when I see the big puffy clouds, I too think of Florida and tropical settings.

We did get a few good rains yesterday. And one overnight. Mom got a tornado warning but it looked like it went north of her.

So I have recovered from all the misjudgments from earlier in the week. I am happy not to have been bullied or wieni’d out of my beliefs and intentions when I said “We all Matter”. Matter of fact those that oppose that have said “well yes we do but you can’t say that as it minimizes our efforts. Someone said it was like telling someone that had a death, “look we all have people that die”. That it is insensitive and it’s their time to speak. Well, if I had said it to be insensitive, then yeah, I’d be wrong. But I said it because WE DO ALL matter in God’s eyes. That was yesterday, today, and tomorrow. And NO one should have to suffer or be mistreated in any way. It was not a deep psychological thought with some long agenda behind it to steal anyone’s thunder or to go against what anyone else believes. It’s an all inclusive statement. So like I said, I’m glad I did not back down and I held God’s Word on solid ground for others to muddle through. I was just the person giving his words. He also said we are to love one another. Remember the children’s song and the words “we are all precious in His sight”. How could such words as that bring such horror? People just need to Chill out.

So on Facebook yesterday I posted the following after asking God what I could post, because I really felt like some still needed to learn a lesson. Especially the “KIA’s” – which is short in my book from “Know It All’s” as the family refers to them when we sit about and discuss facebook posts and comments. I’m sure you have them too – the ones that sit around waiting to pounce on you for their turn at correcting and opposing everything that everyone says, lol.

So there were no comments. And although I was not set out to argue with anyone as my message was a Godly one that We are ALL important to him, I did kind of feel like I’d won an argument. I felt battered and bruised and betrayed, but I came out of it with God at my side all along. He gets the credit. I knew what I meant and by God, literally, I was not going to back down b/c I did not mean it in any other spirit but a good one.

So there. And as my mother kept pointing out – they want you to shut up and not have any thoughts or opinions of your own and not have a voice or any free speech. So she posted the same as I did on her FB. I’m not sure if she had any arguments, but my post was as innocent as the fence post out there. There was no agenda behind it. And I was going to battle with anyone who was going to try to tell me how I felt. No as Carol Burnett and Carol Lawrence would say SAWWWWWWW RY. You don’t get to put words in my mouth, tell me to SHUSH, and get away with it. lol. Especially when I’m repeating words from the Big Man himself.

So yay. Alright. So I had posted that I was having some issue getting some time off I needed in the future. I think that has worked out. I was going to be taking the time anyway, but figured I would have to seek another job when I got back. Somehow it will work out and I appreciate people being flexible instead of just a flat no I’m sorry, like I got at first. More on that later. Right now though, we will be going to Texas in August. That will be here before we know it. We didn’t get our Amelia Island trip in. We’ve tried a number of times to work that in.

I am sooooo happy that it is Friday. I have a number of things built up to accomplish this weekend. I have some work to do for the shower. My microphone and my “advanced” selfie stick lol came in. And I have been trying to come up with my “value statements” that seems appropriate to add into the video. With “the times” I keep switching things about. But likely I may make a few of the points above. Not from any standpoint other than “how to get along with others” when you are confronted or how to be yourself and not be a part of a groupthink situation. It’ll come together. Not really sure how to word it or what to call it. But it’ll come together. Maybe it’ll get some views. I’m pondering what message could bring people value at this time in our daily lives.

I saw a post on Facebook that said “I’m just trying to figure out what chapter of Revelations we are living out today”. Made me laugh. Isn’t it the truth? At least we know how it ends. The devil should be shaking in his boots right about now. I suppose that is why he is trying so hard. Being that he knows God, he should know he’s not gonna win. I don’t know why he just doesn’t give up? The Prince of this world is showing out for sure, but he needs to stop and read Revelations too. Maybe if he repented things might be different? But I’m not sure that is possible. I’m having thoughts I’ve never had before. lol Could the fallen angel repent? lol Probably not b/c the one that sees it all sees that he won’t and has told us how it ends. So….

Yeah this is all deep stuff this morning before 6 a.m. and the first cup of coffee.

Let’s move on to something simple. I have cleared out my remnants of the last video, updated my apple software which is usually not recommended until about two months after the update so the programs (apps) catch up and update too on the imac with Catalina. But…b/c it did address some iMovie issues I decided to give it a go. My iTune files are still missing. So…I had to export my “intro” as I don’t want to lose it. I have to test and make sure I can bring it back into imovie for use in the current state before I delete the intro segments from my imovie timeline. Then once I know the intro will work, I will attempt to delete iMovie and then redownload it. I am nervous about that. But I want to get this fixed before I do anything else.

I do have a goal of learning Movavi as well, but..not at the moment.

And….our calendar is about to explode. We have so many things coming up. Live events – grad parties of friends and family and just all sorts of things. So it is as if the COVID has come and gone. However, that also makes me nervous. I do kinda think we have all had it in milder forms but I have no way of knowing that for sure. I swear I’ve had it in my throat and stomach and not as a respiratory issue. Is that even possible? I even broke out in a rash as they say. I have no idea. That temp back in Jan when I felt so bad. Anyway who knows. I’m still trying to be careful, but once we all go back into living the normal lives we led and interacting with people, if we haven’t had it, we will end up with it unless it just dies down somehow and thwarts itself out.

Oh and the microwave quit. George ordered another. It’s a bit smaller. I think it made him mad when I said it was smaller. It wasn’t anything on him. It just looked different. I was mainly worried that it wouldn’t hold the two snack baskets on top but it barely does. I’ll get used to the change. It was just a noticeable difference but if it does what it should – we’ll be ok.

Anyway, back to iMovie. I’m itching to do the next one and I’ve drug all the photos over to the next file – ready for importing! My thoughts are coming together on it. I guess I will have to get up and shower early on Saturdays/Sunday’s for filming. I have to figure out the lighting and do my make up and geez. The geeky detail person that I am is going to go crazy over the details. I will likely have to order another floor lamp, and I’ve been thinking about ordering a letter board to have messages behind me but that is sooooo copying others and what they do. lol. So I don’t know. It doesn’t have to be perfection as long as we are always just striving to improve right? So the car chats are nice but they don’t provide the lighting. Little clips are fine here and there for car chats but the A Roll needs to be some better shots. The go pro and the go pro mount work great for car shots. But I’m not ordering a go pro camera for that right now. lol. If we were more active and walking and traveling, I’d go for that cam next though.

Anyway, I’m off of here as it’s time to get this Friday going and then morph into the weekend! The girls and I are ordering Cracker Barrel.

Ya’ll have a good day. Do you have any plans this weekend?

Taco Tuesday, Repairs Galore, and Could I Have Had Covid-19?

I can’t believe it is heading toward the midpoint of May already. A Pandemic sure does fly fast in my world. Mainly mine did not stop except for the weekends.

I am glad to be back on the premises for the most part. But being home for two days a week did have its perks and I miss that part.

I have been doing some video this week in preparation for VLOGGING. We will see how it goes. I told George you all wanted to see more of him and the cooking. He will always be photo bombing. You can count on that one. I have some ideas for the VLOG. I have a tendency to want to make something perfect before I start this as there is a lot to consider. YouTube has a lot of legal requirements and if for some reason my followership increased, I’d want to make sure the blog and vlog are in order. And I want a intro to the Vlog that will go in each video and and ending. But you know what? I have learned that sometimes to keep forward momentum you just “start where you are”. That is what I did when I began blogging. I didn’t have the blog all decorated. I just started typing. So this week – I just started videoing. lol. I’ll improve as I go. It will be quite a bit different from the trips videos. I will have to develop new habits and be of the mindset to capture more by video, but still get photos for the blog. I’m hoping these won’t take as long to do. And that I’ll be able to pump one out every week. But they will be behind the blog a week or two. But often I think that people either become VLOG followers or BLOG followers and very few will be both. But we will see. I’m exciting to give it a whirl.

I can see that on the weeknights, it will be fun to pick the music for each one. I enjoy listening to the tunes on Epidemic Sound. It takes a few samplings (kinda like iTunes as you can sample the song) to find one that is just right. Like for example this week has been harry and busy so I’m trying to find some “busy” music to match.

Wow, what a busy week though. I thought last night was going to be a hard one but George saved the day. He went ahead and baked the potatoes for our “potato skins” – which really still have most of the potato in them. I am fixing them like a restaurant that used to be in Nashville called “Darryl’s”. They had THE BEST potato skins. Only a little of the tater was scooped out and they put in sharp cheddar, REAL bacon crumbles, and chives and they would bring sour cream and BBQ sauce to dip them in. So we are having those tonight when Katy and Cody come in.

So I scooped out a bit of each of the potatoes after slicing them. And made some creamed potatoes with those. I’m taking that for lunch. 😉

I baked the meatballs last night and we’ll be crock potting those with BBQ Sauce and grape jelly. And then George has some little Corn Dog poppers he is fixing in the air fryer.

I told Katy that we were having appetizers and they were on the heavy side as opposed to the lighter side – not chips and salsa. So they will be filling. But they will be hungry after a days drive. We will have happy hour ready and waiting.

So we had Taco Tuesday last night. They were so good.

The avocado was a nice touch. It was so good. The shells were from Aldi and were not as fresh as I would have hoped but the insides made up for it.

George fixed the onion and red peppers – like fajita fillings. I had requested red pepper since the tomato seeds might bother me. I imagine one day I’ll eat tomatoes again soon. I’m kinda thinking that my situation might have been a little more than diverticulitis. I have weighed back and forth on this.

We finished off watching Frankie and Grace last night. And we have finished off Ozark this week so we are looking at other options. The Crown is done too. We have Dead to Me to watch and Outer Banks to finish and we will be picking up another show here or there. So last night was not as busy as I thought it would be.

I did vacuum before going to bed and set a 10 minute timer to just “pick up” the house. Well, quite frankly only the living room was picked up. That is about all I had time for. lol

So the washing machine died this week and George is calling another repair person as the one we use is not starting back until next week and he has a long line of folks waiting. So we have another place he is calling today.

Ok, so I’ve been seeing some articles on the COVID-19 and stomach distress. So I go back and read some of my blog posts since the first of the year. I began not feeling well- random aches, pains, tiredness. I remember having some headaches here and there that I usually didn’t have, I began having to clear my throat constantly and severely at times (gradually going away but nearly drove me crazy), I had blisters in my mouth, I have had random little chest pains here and there around Feb- nothing severe or pervasive but little pin pricks – almost nothing. Not even worth mentioning. I had a fever one weekend and then had the stomach issues. At first it was loose stools and then I had an infection in my stomach which I told my doc it was diverticulitis b/c my stomach was backed up like that. Only it was in infection making it happen. I remember thinking it was different than the last times I’d had it, as there had been warning but this just flared suddenly.

Then after I had the antibiotics – they helped but it wasn’t strong enough and it came back and I had a rash that broke out around on my skin right where the infection was. I’m really kinda wondering if it’s possible that I had a mild case of the COVID? They say some don’t even have many symptoms. And this time period of ailments this year has been so weird so it makes me wonder.

I remembering being really tired all around that time and dragging the weeks before the infection. I can’t remember having a sore throat but I may have as some time in the last few months I remember saying I had the makings of a cold but it felt better with coffee.

George also had a fever around that time and didn’t feel good. And had aches and pains a bit in his feet. I was complaining of aches and pains as well in my ankle and parts of my body here and there. One of my entries was called something like “Pains Here, Pains There”.

Anyway, I’m wondering. Is it possible I had the COVID and didn’t know it? I’m still struggling with my throat trying to get it cleared – it’s so annoying but getting better.

I wouldn’t have thought this though b/c so many have severe reactions. But is this possible???? I wish we could have that antibody test so we could know.

Found the doggies laying close together yesterday.

I love how they get along and will do this sometimes.

Maisy has been having some issues the last week with just peeing in the middle of the den floor. George said it started happening before we gave her the meds. He said he thought it was a behavioral thing.

The only thing I can figure is that I’m not home as much. She loved to be with me on Wed and Friday and I moved out the desk and took things back to work and I’m gone most of the day. I wondered if she was upset at the change. As I was home 4 days a week. However she often has done it even when I’ve been here, so I don’t think that is it. Sometimes you take her out to pee and she comes right in and pees immediately on the floor. It’s almost like she is marking territory. George has been here and there have not been any issues between her and Roger. But it’s driving us crazy. She did not do this yesterday though. She was a good girl. We’ve been getting on to her and having some serious talks about it. I even tried Tugie’s old diapers but they are too small and it’s hard to get her tail in them, lol. I wish I had video’d that! But it took two of us to try to get it on her. FAIL and it left her scurrying behind the sofa to get away from our “cruelty”. lol. She didn’t come back out until she smelled food. Since then though she has been a tad better.

So Katy and Cody arrive today. I’ve not had a text or anything to see if they are on the road yet. So please pray for their safe travels. I need to get to work. I plan on leaving at 4 today as that will put me there about the same time as they get there. Thank goodness George is here today to prep and heat up between emails since he is working from home.

Oh yeah and the people came and laid the new water pipes from the street to our house. They do the rest today and the rest of the week. There is hay over the area now, but it looked like this earlier.

They will be installing the white toilet today. And hopefully we will have news on the washer repair man. If I can get an appointment time it’ll be great. That is half the battle. Til then we will begin to wear the old underwear – or buy more.

Also I had lost 5 lbs but I think I found them and maybe a few more with all we have eaten since I’ve been better. I think I’m going to have to go buy some big girl britches. I had sold them all or sent them away. I need to go up half a size as mine are getting uncomfortable this week all of a sudden.

I could try to lose it I guess and go back to cleansing. I’ve just not felt I could do it as I’ve not felt good this year. So not sure. I haven’t been up to the task of eating healthy the last month – it was more about what could I digest without pain. And I’ve been testing out various things and so far so good. The last couple of weeks have been good. Thank the Lord.

Anyway, got to run to work and get the day going. Ya’ll take care.