Lessons Needed to be Learned and Moving into the Weekend

I LOVE LOVE LOVE watching the clouds. Yesterday’s cumulous clouds were so pretty as they were building. I remember my father mentioning the clouds when I was growing up. He liked the pretty puffy clouds from summer and he said “they remind me of the ones you see in Florida”. So when I see the big puffy clouds, I too think of Florida and tropical settings.

We did get a few good rains yesterday. And one overnight. Mom got a tornado warning but it looked like it went north of her.

So I have recovered from all the misjudgments from earlier in the week. I am happy not to have been bullied or wieni’d out of my beliefs and intentions when I said “We all Matter”. Matter of fact those that oppose that have said “well yes we do but you can’t say that as it minimizes our efforts. Someone said it was like telling someone that had a death, “look we all have people that die”. That it is insensitive and it’s their time to speak. Well, if I had said it to be insensitive, then yeah, I’d be wrong. But I said it because WE DO ALL matter in God’s eyes. That was yesterday, today, and tomorrow. And NO one should have to suffer or be mistreated in any way. It was not a deep psychological thought with some long agenda behind it to steal anyone’s thunder or to go against what anyone else believes. It’s an all inclusive statement. So like I said, I’m glad I did not back down and I held God’s Word on solid ground for others to muddle through. I was just the person giving his words. He also said we are to love one another. Remember the children’s song and the words “we are all precious in His sight”. How could such words as that bring such horror? People just need to Chill out.

So on Facebook yesterday I posted the following after asking God what I could post, because I really felt like some still needed to learn a lesson. Especially the “KIA’s” – which is short in my book from “Know It All’s” as the family refers to them when we sit about and discuss facebook posts and comments. I’m sure you have them too – the ones that sit around waiting to pounce on you for their turn at correcting and opposing everything that everyone says, lol.

So there were no comments. And although I was not set out to argue with anyone as my message was a Godly one that We are ALL important to him, I did kind of feel like I’d won an argument. I felt battered and bruised and betrayed, but I came out of it with God at my side all along. He gets the credit. I knew what I meant and by God, literally, I was not going to back down b/c I did not mean it in any other spirit but a good one.

So there. And as my mother kept pointing out – they want you to shut up and not have any thoughts or opinions of your own and not have a voice or any free speech. So she posted the same as I did on her FB. I’m not sure if she had any arguments, but my post was as innocent as the fence post out there. There was no agenda behind it. And I was going to battle with anyone who was going to try to tell me how I felt. No as Carol Burnett and Carol Lawrence would say SAWWWWWWW RY. You don’t get to put words in my mouth, tell me to SHUSH, and get away with it. lol. Especially when I’m repeating words from the Big Man himself.

So yay. Alright. So I had posted that I was having some issue getting some time off I needed in the future. I think that has worked out. I was going to be taking the time anyway, but figured I would have to seek another job when I got back. Somehow it will work out and I appreciate people being flexible instead of just a flat no I’m sorry, like I got at first. More on that later. Right now though, we will be going to Texas in August. That will be here before we know it. We didn’t get our Amelia Island trip in. We’ve tried a number of times to work that in.

I am sooooo happy that it is Friday. I have a number of things built up to accomplish this weekend. I have some work to do for the shower. My microphone and my “advanced” selfie stick lol came in. And I have been trying to come up with my “value statements” that seems appropriate to add into the video. With “the times” I keep switching things about. But likely I may make a few of the points above. Not from any standpoint other than “how to get along with others” when you are confronted or how to be yourself and not be a part of a groupthink situation. It’ll come together. Not really sure how to word it or what to call it. But it’ll come together. Maybe it’ll get some views. I’m pondering what message could bring people value at this time in our daily lives.

I saw a post on Facebook that said “I’m just trying to figure out what chapter of Revelations we are living out today”. Made me laugh. Isn’t it the truth? At least we know how it ends. The devil should be shaking in his boots right about now. I suppose that is why he is trying so hard. Being that he knows God, he should know he’s not gonna win. I don’t know why he just doesn’t give up? The Prince of this world is showing out for sure, but he needs to stop and read Revelations too. Maybe if he repented things might be different? But I’m not sure that is possible. I’m having thoughts I’ve never had before. lol Could the fallen angel repent? lol Probably not b/c the one that sees it all sees that he won’t and has told us how it ends. So….

Yeah this is all deep stuff this morning before 6 a.m. and the first cup of coffee.

Let’s move on to something simple. I have cleared out my remnants of the last video, updated my apple software which is usually not recommended until about two months after the update so the programs (apps) catch up and update too on the imac with Catalina. But…b/c it did address some iMovie issues I decided to give it a go. My iTune files are still missing. So…I had to export my “intro” as I don’t want to lose it. I have to test and make sure I can bring it back into imovie for use in the current state before I delete the intro segments from my imovie timeline. Then once I know the intro will work, I will attempt to delete iMovie and then redownload it. I am nervous about that. But I want to get this fixed before I do anything else.

I do have a goal of learning Movavi as well, but..not at the moment.

And….our calendar is about to explode. We have so many things coming up. Live events – grad parties of friends and family and just all sorts of things. So it is as if the COVID has come and gone. However, that also makes me nervous. I do kinda think we have all had it in milder forms but I have no way of knowing that for sure. I swear I’ve had it in my throat and stomach and not as a respiratory issue. Is that even possible? I even broke out in a rash as they say. I have no idea. That temp back in Jan when I felt so bad. Anyway who knows. I’m still trying to be careful, but once we all go back into living the normal lives we led and interacting with people, if we haven’t had it, we will end up with it unless it just dies down somehow and thwarts itself out.

Oh and the microwave quit. George ordered another. It’s a bit smaller. I think it made him mad when I said it was smaller. It wasn’t anything on him. It just looked different. I was mainly worried that it wouldn’t hold the two snack baskets on top but it barely does. I’ll get used to the change. It was just a noticeable difference but if it does what it should – we’ll be ok.

Anyway, back to iMovie. I’m itching to do the next one and I’ve drug all the photos over to the next file – ready for importing! My thoughts are coming together on it. I guess I will have to get up and shower early on Saturdays/Sunday’s for filming. I have to figure out the lighting and do my make up and geez. The geeky detail person that I am is going to go crazy over the details. I will likely have to order another floor lamp, and I’ve been thinking about ordering a letter board to have messages behind me but that is sooooo copying others and what they do. lol. So I don’t know. It doesn’t have to be perfection as long as we are always just striving to improve right? So the car chats are nice but they don’t provide the lighting. Little clips are fine here and there for car chats but the A Roll needs to be some better shots. The go pro and the go pro mount work great for car shots. But I’m not ordering a go pro camera for that right now. lol. If we were more active and walking and traveling, I’d go for that cam next though.

Anyway, I’m off of here as it’s time to get this Friday going and then morph into the weekend! The girls and I are ordering Cracker Barrel.

Ya’ll have a good day. Do you have any plans this weekend?

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  1. Well Sonya, hope today goes past in a flash and you will be leaving the office soon. Wonder what the first thing you will be doing once your home? Maybe the laundry in the new washer. Pity the micro went off as well. You really have had one thing after the other go bang!! Good though that George got a new one, typical of you to not think first before saying to George you thought it was smaller ….he probably thinking..can’t get anything right LOL…I can only say that I got a new one a while ago and I thought it was bigger but when it came it was smaller on the outside but internal space was same so that was the main thing….I am thinking of going to make some lunch/ dinner. We had a nice chicken yesterday soMary and I are having the left overs today …I’m also making some potato bake thin sliced potato and onions throwing in some sweet corn …must go ..enjoy the weekend.

  2. Though all things be yourself. You cannot please all, say what they want and do what they want. But you always need to be happy with yourself. If a person does not agree with you and that affects you relationship then the connection was not a good one. My rule is I am me, like me or not it makes no difference to me. I am a good person and a happy person, good friend and supportive of people. If you don’t like it okay I don’t need you in my circle of people

  3. Have you ever noticed when things break it comes in threes? I remember one year at Christmas our car broke down. Then the washer broke and I accidentally rinsed my contacts down the drain, It is the way it goes. Well, at least you will have new everything before long.
    It has been a stressful time for all of us. Just one thing after another. I have had crazy dreams, worried more than I can say about everything and everybody.
    But all we can do is try to stay safe and try to avoid people or things that stress us out. I am only watching the news for a short amount of time. The husband watches fox news and makes my blood pressure go up. I like CNN better myself. But that’s the way it goes. Opposites attract I guess.
    I hope you have a good weekend. I am staying close to home. We are expecting heavy rain.
    I do have plenty to do here at home. But I plan on trying to relax and have some good food, watch a good movie and maybe read some.

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