We ALL MATTER in God’s Plan! His Words, Not Mine!

Good morning! I have not slept very well last night and struggling a bit. I need to follow my own advice and let God handle things I suppose. There were a couple of things that made me sad, then mad and then something else made me mad later on top of that. So not exactly a happy Sonya this morning.

There is a conflict with some time off I’m going to need. There is so many times I’ve put other things before my family, like work, while trying to meet the needs of everyone there. Much like the rest of today’s world, no one really cares about my needs or my family’s needs. And I get it. In today’s world it is not anyone else’s job to. I was kinda hoping for a compromise or a work together or a let’s see. But those are often hard to come by. We have to do what we have to do when the rubber meets the road. So either things will work out, or they won’t. And how that comes to play will yet to be seen. But my decision is made anyway, that is the easy part for me. I will be where I need to be when I need to be when the time comes for me to be there. The rest will have to play it out. Being how that I like for things to be perfect and settled, this is just another hole to be buttoned up – or in this case left unbuttoned for the time being. Life is not perfect. And it makes me very sad knowing that there could be some very serious changes upcoming.

Whenever something good happens there is always some negative thing to try and pounce and spoil it. It’s up to me not to let it, but I can’t help being sad knowing there will be this big “thing” looming. It my mind it’s settled. No decisions to be made on my end. I just have to deal with the aftermath. But family has encouraged me that it will all be ok. I’m talented and have much to offer if it can’t be resolved.

Then, after seeing Black Lives Matter all day long – for how many days now, and after spending some time in the word, being heart broken over our nation and these groups that try to manipulate people, I simply posted “We ALL Matter” based on my belief that God loves us all and we are ALL included in His plan for salvation. Of course, someone (the same someone who has a reputation among friends/family for correcting people on Facebook and letting them know they are wrong – lol), posted a link to it saying that I should watch the link and learn why I should not say that. Another friend texted George and asked him to tell me to take it down so I would not get in trouble that it was “not proper form”.

My response? You talk to God about that. It’s His Master plan and He didn’t leave any race out of it. We are called to love one another and WE DO ALL Matter! Period. How is this wrong? Don’t answer to me on this one. Answer to God on it. It’s His plan. I’m just sharing the WORD. And WE DO ALL MATTER.

Also for the person sending my husband the text, has no right to tell me how to handle a facebook post. My husband did not show me the text but I was at the table when it came in on his phone and saw my name on the screen so I picked it up and read it.

So then by the time 7:00 p.m. came, I was pretty steamed. First of all I do not like to be told what to say or how to say it. And do NOT EVER tell me to SHUSH of my opinion. OH. NO.

So people are mad that I’m all about love and equality? Am I hearing that right? Sounds like mounds of others are just misjudging me or are being swayed by media and others to sway their thinking into sectors and establishing good phrases as being bad ones. It’s like the rainbow. They took that symbol for being gay. Now if I use that symbol someone thinks I’m gay. But it’s a beautiful rainbow. Beautiful colors. Just because I share a rainbow or have colorful this or that, doesn’t mean I’m gay. You don’t get to assign meaning to my words. Oh no. My words are mine. My opinion is mine. My right to speech is mine. And if hearing God’s word or God’s plan or God’s love is offensive, then go dig somewhere else. Because my words, plan and opinion is not going to change. And you’ll just be aggravating yourself by sticking around. I’m not budging. WE ALL MATTER. Yes we do. God loves all of us. There is no room for bickering and putting people in corners or sectors. If you assign me to one – that is on you my friend. Not me. If you take something beautiful like equality and tell me that saying We ALL Matter is wrong, then you might need to do some refiguring and not letting these groups change your moral thinking. They have you twisted around in your mentality. We all matter to God. We should all matter to each other. We should all treat each other with love. And that does not mean setting fire or stealing in order to do that. God’s plan has no room for hate or dissension. And if I’m being misunderstood here then that is on you.

In light of the present world and opinions that are just going twisted, let’s go back to Kindergarten class? And I can assure you I have no hidden mean racial agenda by saying this. I mean really.

And I hope we all have a better day today. I intend not to let the world or others who try to control my life in any fashion get me down b/c I know who is REALLY in control and as long I’m trying to do the right things, then I’m not worried about it. I’m not racist and therefore nothing I need to worry on. And I will be serving my family when the times come and those decisions have been made as well. It gets interesting trying to do the right things but then God said it would. It will.

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  1. So sad that so many people believe that their opinion is the only right way and that they can tell everyone how to think and what to say. Just keep your faith and believe in yourself. It is so hard to try and tip toe around certain people. God is in charge /

    • Amen! One thing is for sure. I won’t be told what I can say and not say. And nothing ignites the fire within me like when that happens. I also won’t be told that my words mean something other than what I clearly just said!

  2. Oh Sonya,
    This is exactly why I don’t have a FB account.
    Yes, All Lives Matter!
    But, we (you & I) don’t have to worry about our (white) husbands going to the store & not coming home, like George Floyd.
    I have 2 nephews that are police officers & I am worried sick about their safety & the fact every day they go to work could be their last.
    I can see both sides of this fight very clearly.

  3. We are an unique and precious creation of God and equal in His sight. I agree all lives matter

  4. We are an unique and precious creation of God and equal in His sight. I agree all lives matter

  5. We are all entitled to our own opinion. It is called Freedom of Speech. I am outspoken and stand up for what I believe in.I agree with all lives matter. I was so proud of our town that we had a peaceful march yesterday. It has been very upsetting with us all worried about COVID 19 not knowing if we get sick and we go to the hospital if we will ever see our family again. Not being able to go see your loved one in the Hospital.
    Then seeing all the violence and looting all over the country. I am good to everyone. I don’t care what race, religion they are. I am worried for our country. It seems like it has just been one thing after the other. Tornados, pandemic, killer hornets, shootings, killings, the list goes on.
    I am not as trusting or outgoing as I use to be. But I am kind and considerate of all.
    I hope this all ends soon.
    I am sorry about the conflict in your schedule. I hope it can be resolved. You have been through a lot. They should work with you.
    Life goes on. Let’s hope things calm down some and we can enjoy this summer.
    I need a beach trip bad. Just to lay on the beach under an umbrella with a cold drink and listening to the ocean waves.

    • We at least get to go to TX in August. I should be happy with that for now and worry about the other later. Facebook is getting intense today. So upset at lunch over texts/comments and misjudgment saying I was insensitive and not listening that I forgot and walked out without my mask on. Now I’m afraid I’ll get in trouble. I have tissue paper to cover up my mouth til I get to my desk. I swear if we get through this year alive, and sane, we should all get golden crowns! Thanks for your comments- you all are so nice to me. And you get me. I thank you for that. On FB if you aren’t on some ones agenda you are nothing.

      • I went with husband to get his watch band replaced. I sat in the car and couldn’t help but notice no one had a mask on. People were even standing around together eating cantaloupe. It was a market that had fruit and vegetables and garden stuff.. I thought to myself am I the only one worrying about what has been happening. This was in the middle of our town. There were people everywhere. I felt like I was in the Twilight zone.
        Now they are saying the man who died had covid in April.

  6. Sonya, I read your comments almost every day and mostly I agree with what you write but I have to say that this is the very BEST blog of yours that I have read. I would say exactly everything the same way. Thank you for standing up for yourself knowing that all who believe what you write it’s behind you.
    Thank you there is one other phrase I would add and it is this
    this is why I try never to judge other people ultimately God will be the Judge..

  7. I agree with you that ALL lives matter. I saw your post about that on FB, then when I saw that guys comment to you I thought “Uh-oh, he’s just stepped over the line and Sonya won’t be happy with that AT ALL!” Why do people think they have to go on someone’s post and bash them for their opinion?! Not right at all!
    I hope whatever else is weighing on your mind will work itself out and be okay. Thinking positive thoughts and saying prayers for you.

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