Toilet Paper, India, Little Bit, and Martini’s

Wow, yesterday flew by. First of all I got to sleep til 6:30. After several nights of waking up at 2:30 and tossing and turning. My normal wake up time is in the 4 a.m. hour. It IS edging closer to 5 through the pandemic and less traffic. But yesterday was a Sunday and Maisy held on until 6:30 and just had to get up.

My blog entry took a chunk of the morning. I had a nice little brunch yesterday of leftover steak from Long Horn.

And then we showered, took the dogs out, and then went to the store for a grocery run. I’ve taken a liking to the Slighty Mighty Lo-Cal IPA. This is a game changer for light beer. It doesn’t taste light. It’s just right. It’s kinda weird that I’m liking IPA’s anyway. I’m still a Kolsch girl.

One should note that there was plenty of toilet paper. I suppose Mount Juliet and the rest of society has now built walls of supplies and so it’s no longer in demand. I never really understood why there was such a shortage for so long. Were paper manufacturers not essential? But we are stocked as well and didn’t buy any. We were stocked as the only way we could get any was to buy like 4 of these you see right there. He got it on Amazon. It took nearly a month to get. He wanted to buy more but I wouldn’t let him. lol

I multi tasked worship with ironing yesterday. I must have ironed up a frizzy. No what I really did was iron up a dizzy. I was half way through ironing and had the slightest of a dizziness going on when I moved. Likely it was sinus related and with no other symptoms, I drank water, took vitamins, ate something, watched a video and sat down for a few minutes on the computer – or was it a couple of hours? lol I thought I should sit in case I passed out. Never figured out what it was. Might have been a blood sugar thing. I have no idea. But it went away. Then I finished the ironing eventually.

Much like Saturday, our Sunday was just beautiful. We had windows open and fresh breezes blowing through the house. I love the beauty of the curtains in the bedroom gently swaying back and forth.

Little Bit wanted to come in for a “little bit”. LOL. Something scratched his ear the night before and George put peroxide after he noticed something had gone on. It wasn’t bad.

Oh, we also discovered there is a skunk living under the brush piles next to the road so we are careful when taking dogs out.

Also looking at the blog data yesterday I see a lot of folks clicking in to the blog from India. Especially after mentioning the situations going on in Nashville. Very interesting indeed. Hello India. I’m sure you are not here for the Lifestyle Blog, but for information on the state of things in the US? This is only one page of info. But India goes on and on. Hey India – since there are so many of ya, will you subscribe to my YouTube Channel? I’m still at 7 and my goal is 100. I’d appreciate it. LOL LOL LOL Something here has definitely caught you interest over there. Maybe you wanting to build the latest washer? Or maybe you just wanted a pic of the launch? Or wanna bartend like the Hubby? Anyway, not a lot of political stuff here, so hope we don’t disappoint. But, you will learn how to vlog if you stick with me. 😉

I had a special project that took about two hours yesterday that was an impromptu project so – I really didn’t get much done on my blog yesterday. I will try to attack the list this week. I could have used another day. I always say we need 3 days of off time and only 4 days of work to balance life. I also did my LTD order. Only I waited too long. Some of the things were not there. But I enjoyed my shopping time on there.

But my bartender met my wishes yesterday afternoon of a “Monkeylada Martini” which I found somewhere on some website – well here it is

It has banana, coconut milk, crushed pineapple, and light rum – mint for garnish. I did not want the gold sanding sugar for garnish. It was like a pina colada George said. It was really good. Also should be blended with some ice I think or stored in the fridge for a while. We poured this over ice in a cup. Too much would ruin the flavor but I needed it to be a bit colder. It was good.

Before I knew it George was saying “dinner’s ready”. And he fixed chicken tenders – I love how he makes them. He made homemade ranch for dipping. We watched the Taylor Swift show that was on Netflix. That was interesting. And we are about three shows in on Sweet Magnolias. It’s ok but not as exciting as Ozark, lol.

Well, need to get off of here and head into work. And I’m itching for that 2nd cup of coffee. Best go! Will pop in mid week sometime. Have a great Monday and week ahead!

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  1. We have had pretty weather here as well. I still have some items at the grocery store substituted when I order. The husband commented there was no sugar or flour at our local Food Lion.
    I was sitting in the car yesterday and noticed a guy with a mask on but his nose was hanging out above the mask. We are still being cautious when we do go out anywhere. Glad to hear your kitty was ok. We had a wild raccoon on our deck the other night. Who knows what kind of wild creatures come out late at night. The husband spotted a bear once in our neighborhood.
    I hope you have a good week. Try a steamer for your clothes. Better than Ironing.

    • I’ve been noticing everyone’s nose hanging out too and 3/4 of people no longer wearing masks – I guess they are just over it! I still wear mine. We have to in common areas at work. George doesn’t wear his. So I just imagine we will all end up with it or have already had it. I’m trying to be careful but I suppose I’m over it too. I’m ready to get on with life!

  2. Morning Sonya, or whatever time of day you might be reading this. It is just on 7 am over here on a lovely sunny morning. The weather really has been a wonderful month of May. I’m so sorry that your country has slipped into such a state of internal war. I have no idea how the death of one young man could have started so much hatred. I’m not sure that your President is helping by sending in the troops…anyway I am praying that a solution will be found soon. I’m glad you had such a great weekend…I am looking forward to your next vlog have you only done two ? I wish I could go back to watch them again do you know if I can. Hope this comment will be accepted this morning it is a puzzle to me why one day it’s no trouble at all, next time no matter how often I try doing the same as usual it will not ..go….I add my name as instructed, add my e mail address. Click but it just sits there looking at me ! Anyway I’m off now darling. Keep smiling, keep safe from virus and any rioting that might be going on.. best love flying from me to you and George ❤️❤️

    • Only one video so far on the New YouTube channel. I posted it on a previous blog post here. If you are on a PC it’s in the sidebar. I think you are on an iPad which may not show my sidebar in your view. I’m beginning to review material and thoughts for the next one. Have a few things I must fix first like iMovie files that are lost. Making progress. Although slow as I get very little spare time on my own to work on it.

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