Sometimes a Day Brings Huge Surprises

We have something brewing. And it’s a good thing. Our neighbor’s daughter found this one and rescued her. Not chipped, and no one is claiming a lost dog and area vets have not received notice. Our neighbor had not decided yet if she could keep her when we met her. I wanted to carry the dog home immediately because it was love at first sight for me. The dog took to me and was happy. And of course look at MY face. You see that smile? But we had to leave her with my neighbors and they would be in touch. They had invited us to meet the dog at the dog park and let Dexter meet the dog because they felt like they might not be keeping her, but were not sure yet.

I went home from the dog park depressed because I knew I’d be disappointed if she wasn’t going to be mine. But tried to realize that the dog just needed to be happy and to let go of my disappointment. And now I had to wait for the answer. I’m not very good at waiting. I never learned that skill as a child, lol. But I went home and prayed. And I called my Mom and asked her to pray.

The dog clings without you holding her!

Within a few minutes of our prayers, our neighbor was knocking on the door and said that the decision was made that they would not be keeping the dog because their dog played too rough and the dog was just too little. Dexter has been around Fancy and been fine. And yesterday Dexter was not phased at all by my holding this dog. No jealousy. He’s just used to Little Bit and Fancy I guess. So today they are bringing us the dog, the cage, and the stuff and we will trial the dog with Dexter. And then go from there. We’ll have to go to Pet Smart and get food and supplies I guess.

There is of course, the possibility an owner could show up with proof that it was their dog and was lost. And in which case, we would give it back to them, and follow the rules or laws of our society in these types of cases and/or do whatever is best for the dog. After we spay and get chipped and vaxed, that would be a different story I think. I think there is a numbered amount of days that have to pass before you can claim as your own. George has looked into it some. We will have to get the dog spayed and chipped and teeth cleaned and shots and get more pet beds and all that.

I’m beyond excited but trying to hold back because I will be so hurt if something happens. So pray for us in this new adventure. This dog will have a good home and I’ll finally have my lap dog.

Dexter is becoming more and more George’s dog. I know the dog would probably sleep with George if he had his door open but he closes it so he’ll sleep with me. But Dexter has started sleeping elsewhere in the house instead of in bed with me until I go out and call him to come back to my bed. He will finish out the night there. I think it’s a sign that the new dog will sleep with me! And we’ll see if Dexter will sleep with George.

Anyway, I’m hoping this all works out. George had mentioned the dog earlier in the week but at that point there were lots of hoops to jump through. Even yesterday I wasn’t convinced when we went to the dog park that we would be the ones that would end up with her. And when I met the dog, my heart sank because I was instantly in love with her and afraid to hope.

I was just so excited when the neighbor came over and said you can have her if you want to try her out and see if it will work with Dexter. So we are beyond excited for this dog today!

Names? We finally settled on one we both liked. Not sure yet as we are early in the conversation on names. But “Madelyn” and we’d call her “Maddie” most likely. She is very much a little lady and very prissy and cute when she walks. I kept calling her precious. I don’t want Precious for a name. But she certainly is.

We think she is a long haired chihuahua.

Everything Else that is Going On:

  • My Aunt and Uncle are in town from FL and we’ll be seeing them a lot this week
  • We are picking up George’s sister and her hubby at the airport this morning after church and going out to eat for lunch and they will pick up their car from our house and head back to Knoxville.
  • Everyone (Mom and my Aunt and Uncle) is coming over for Memorial Day Monday and we are feeding them here.
  • I did 6 loads of laundry yesterday and a bunch of ironing. Cleaned the kitchen. Vacuumed all the bedrooms and and all over the top floor – all but the sun room.
  • I FINALLY got my Final Cut Pro color lessons done yesterday. Yay!
  • I tried on the new swimsuit and it fit. The other is ready to be returned at a local UPS store.
  • We have to figure out what night to get Pedi’s – Mom and I and Aunt Martha is she wants to go, and then we can meet everyone afterwards at a restaurant.

I guess that is about it for today. We are headed to church and get started on our day. I’m excited to see my SIL and BIL and hear about their Ireland trip and then excited to come home and we are to call our neighbor when we get home and he will go get the dog at his daughters and bring over to us!

Pray for us in this adventure. I want this to work out. I want this dog and my heart will be broken if something happens.

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  1. I’m continuing to pray!! I’d love to follow along with this sweet baby!! She’s so cute!!

  2. Oh Sonya, what a lovely wee dog she is and Mary and I will certainly pray that she will become yours. You might have to watch Dexter dosn’t get jealous at first but I’m sure he will be ok. Same with little bit they will have to get on together as well…I’m longing to get the next news …Take care. Xx

  3. Maddie looks like a sweetheart! I was given my first Chihuahua when I was 21 yo and now, I just can’t not have one as my little guardian angel. It looks like she definitely picked you! ❤️

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