Summer Weight Loss Program and Eating Plan

Good morning! Hope everyone is starting their day off well today! I’m sharing the video version my summer weight loss program and eating plan. Plus since I layer the challenges, I’ve tacked on a few productivity goals as well, like reading more and spending an hour or two per week on personal goals.

Losing weight has been very difficult for many of us. And it’s time to try and take control of the areas that are the hardest. Within the video I share how you can take the challenge and make it your own, using the tools of Canva and My Fitness Pal’s free version of their app.

You can watch the video here: Summer Weight Loss Challenge.

I also have shared a written version of this in another blog entry here.

Stick Around and Be a Part of a Community

If you have not subscribed to the video version of Less Hustle More Coffee on YouTube, go ahead and do that now so you don’t miss a video.

Thanks to all the new subscribers for both the blog and vlog. My goal with this blog/vlog is to build a community and stick together as we navigate everyday life. It’s nice to have a crew on your side, especially to bond as we navigate from middle age and into our senior years.

Many days I vlog about our lives but I always share tips as I learn them regarding any of life storms I’m going through. Thanks for being here guys!

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  1. That was a good Vlog Sonya. Here’s hoping you get to loose some weight but I think best result will be if you’ve enjoyed it and by the time your down to your target weight your whole eating style will have changed and you will be a …new, you !! Good Luck. Xx

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