Busy Long Days and Looking Forward to Memorial Day

A friend sent me this! haha! So true. Yesterday was a long day, but I got through it and today will be another long one.

My mornings begin at 4:30 and I try to get something done on the computer, such as a blog post. Then on to work, arriving anywhere from 6:45 to 7:15 usually depending on what I did on the computer at the house. Then, since I’m leaving a bit later the drive is more time – around 40 minutes on average. And then work for 8+ hours depending on the critical things. And then the drive home has been a nightmare lately taking 45 to an hour and about once a week up to an hour and fifteen due to wrecks or other hazards causing issues.

Yesterday though, I left just before 3:00 to get Mom in Lebanon and get her and Fancy dog over to the vet in Mount Juliet by our 4:30 appointment. I should have anticipated time for school buses, school zones, and traffic. I left later than I should but we made up time on back roads and got there on time b/w Lebanon and Mount Juliet.

The Vet Visit for Fancy and A Quick Dinner Out

Fancy is looking rough. Her face gets so black around where her eyes water. But the doc said her heart was not too awfully bad. He upped her meds though and she was able to get all three of them. I hope Mom can read the labels on the bottles.

Then we took Fancy back home to Mom’s and headed to Jersey Mike’s and got a sub sandwich. I’d been wanting one and I think she had too. They were really good. I always get the Italian subs and the rosemary parmesan bread. I realized I should have probably gotten the wrap. I’m trying to eliminate bread but it’s so hard b/c I love bread. All I can do is keep trying.

If you remember, here’s my Eating plan for this summer. It’s a goal but I’m not perfect at it and I that’s why I am trying to focus on these things. All of these are hard. I love sweets, I love my glass of wine when I get home. Those are my treats for having to put up with the day, lol. I’m about half way good with the My Fitness Pal. I get the breakfast and lunch and snacks reported. For dinner nothing gets recorded. I don’t know how much calories it all has and we are too busy for me to stop and enter it.

Shopping Adventures with Mom

Then we headed out to the BIG Kroger in Lebanon. Mom got her hair cut yesterday. It was a big busy day for her. For once she had overbooked herself. lol. She has made good friends with her neighbor across the street who is about my age – a couple of years older. They get their hair done together. That is so kind of the lady to do that. Otherwise I’d be having more of my evenings out. Mom did good and did not complain about Kroger being so big. She uses her cart as her walker. And she was patient and let me get my items that I needed. I only had about 12 items.

I got her home and unloaded all the groceries and helped her put those up. We have learned to tie off my bags and I put them in the back seat too while Mom’s is in the trunk. That way we end up with only our own groceries and not each others.

It was after 8 I think when I pulled out. I got home about 8:30. I went the long way home as they were starting to work on the roads around 8:00 and I didn’t want to get caught up in that mess.

I need an hour at least to wind down, check mail, get ready for bed, see Dexter and talk to George so I was an hour late getting to bed last night and I did not want to get up this morning.

Today’s Long Day

Today I have a lot to do at work to get ready for next week’s 4 day week. We are not there Monday but I have to close payroll Tuesday. So I need to be ready to go.

I get my nails done today. Because next week will be busy. Mom did not want to get hers done today. But she wants to get toes done with me next week.

When I get home, I will be making a pasta dish I’ve not made before. It shouldn’t take me long. It’s not a good night for me to cook since I’m getting my nails done, but George thinks he might mow so asked if I could do it. Yes, I can but it might be a late dinner. I may or may not video it.

Dexter Allowed to Access the Main Rooms of the House

We tried him out while going out for a bit and then while we were at church. He did great on the 1-2 hour outings when we left him, did great on the 4 hour outings, and so we gave him the 8-9 hour days as well to roam. Freedom! We kept the bedrooms/office (carpeted areas) closed off. And George did not want the blinds open because he would scratch the windows if he saw deer, dogs, birds, squirrels.

He went to doggie daycare on Wednesday and he was so worn out that when I petted him and talked to him Thursday morning at 4:30 when I got up – he left the room to go lay down in the dark. It was as if he said “go away and leave me alone, I’m not ready to get up yet”, lol. Normally he loves to be petted and talked to. But doggie daycare wears him out for a couple of days. That is why we do Wednesday’s. It works out great. We tire him out on the weekends as he gets a lot of stimuli. And then he rests. Wednesdays are perfect.

Video Time

Last night was my night to finish up but I just wasn’t here to do it. I had hurried on Mon and Tuesday and tried to get it all done and uploaded knowing I would be gone. I did get it uploaded! But I needed to do the thumbnail last night. Then normally Friday night I’m free. So I had planned to get nails done and now I’m cooking tonight. And since I was out last night, my thumbnail did not get done. So I need to finish the description and do the thumbnail. At least it is saved on YouTube. So tonight is going to be busy. I will get nails done after work, cook and then do the thumbnail which will take about an hour.

person laying on sand
Photo by Rebeca Gonçalves on Pexels.com

Swimsuits – Getting Ready for Vacation

I tried on my swimsuit. It will work but it’s a little snug. I ordered another one the next size up and did not like it as my breasts fell out of it and it was just insecure up top with no support. So I ordered the same bathing suit I had in a different pattern and it’s also very flattering to a heavy figure. So I knew the second one would work. And it did. But I need to return the one that didn’t work. I could tell that both of them had been tried on before as they were stuffed in the package wrong. But anyway I can wash the new one I’m keeping. Happy to have another bathing suit to swap with. I hate putting on a wet bathing suit from the day before that hadn’t dried yet. You just need two when you go to the beach. Even if it is a half week.

Memorial Day – Company Coming!

food picnic dinner hot
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George is having ribs, wings, burgers and dogs. My Aunt and Uncle is coming, Mom is coming. Our little shin dig will be on Monday afternoon around 4:00 to give George time to pull it all together. He didn’t want me to do anything. He is making the slaw and beans too. I will buy dessert because people will want and expect it. But he said they won’t be able to eat it. He forgets that some of us like our desserts. So I’ll get a pie (probably key lime) from Publix.

This Weekend

Well, I also have Mom’s bills to pay. She has some things coming due on the 1st. I need to get those looked and see what needs to be paid. Last Sunday I put together a list of what goes in and what comes out to help me. I will also do a recap of each month in the same manner. My fear is that she is spending more than she is making. She certainly did last month. But she had a lot extra she had to pay last month. Yesterday was expensive with Fancy – $125 for appointment and meds. Then $245 at the grocery getting some things for company for breakfast and lunches and snacks and ice cream. But she has to save enough for the bills to be paid so she doesn’t drain her savings. She has been spending lots on decorating. RE-decorating already – not liking what she previously picked out. She said she felt like she had to settle on things b/c she can’t shop and get out like she used to. And it’s true, I don’t have time to shop a lot. We just work all week and have to keep up two houses of needs on top of church.

So much on the to do list for this weekend as I need to vacuum, dust, do laundry and will need to try and get videos done in advance but at some point in the next few weeks it’s likely I’ll be missing uploads. Next week is busy with company in town and vacay coming up. We’ll see how it goes.

I better get ready and get to work. And start this very long day. I’m sure bed will feel good tonight. Gotta stay up and get the thumbnail done.

What are YOU doing this weekend? Any special meals with family? Special projects? Going to enjoy your time off? Of course it’s only a US holiday I think. Take care.

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  1. As always I’m amazed at how much you can fit into each day. I think you are just great. Glad mum was happy with her hair and getting the shopping done, just sorry it’d such a long day for you. We do have a holiday on Monday it’s last Monday in May so called the
    may bank holiday ( this year we were granted another Monday holiday at start of the month for the Coronation). Every year the May Bank Holiday in our village is called Reverls Weekend. Starts off with a themed banquet on Friday night. This years theme for the whole weekend is Past,Present & Future…gives folk great ideas for fancy dress. Sat it’s Movie morning in our village hall, Sunday they are having a Fitness Flashmob am then afternoon a Fancy dress Cricket match…the goodies V baddies that should be a great laugh..Everything culminates on Monday which starts with a parade through the village and once at the Rec the fun starts with many stalls, fun stalls, games, dog show, etc starts at 12-4…. I don’t get much involved now but long time ago I was on the committee who organised it, but it’s quite hard to get volunteers now. Thankfully though the present committee seems to have gathered more youngsters to help. I will watch everything unfold from the deck of my house which overlooks part of the Rec. So that’s what I will be doing..
    Hope you have a rest for a bit over the weekend

  2. Our long weekend in Canada was last weekend. As usual, the weather wasn’t great. It is usually lovely the next weekend – and that is the case this year again 😉 Our house is up for sale and we have a viewing tonight. Fingers crossed. Enjoy your long weekend.

    • We go to gulf coast- usually Destin – Miramar area -but it’s Panama City this time. We waited late to book and rooms were cheaper. I’ve been told it’s not the red neck juvenile party location spot anymore. I hope it’s nice. Last time I was there I was around mid twenties. Been a while!

  3. Today was my last day of teaching after 38 years. I guess I’ll spend the weekend trying to put away items I brought home from my class.

    • Oh wow! I’m sure it was an emotional day! Bitter sweet. I hope you enjoy your retirement! That’s a long time and a lot of heartfelt years! Thanks for hanging in with it so long! What grades did you teach?

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