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Baptism: More People Choosing to Have a “Child Like Faith”!

First of all in the excitement over the dog, I sloppily forgot to mention a very important thing. We had baptism in our church yesterday. There are those that say Christianity is dying. Well there may be fewer followers but there are still people wanting to hear and they are believing the Good News. That fact alone is in alignment with the Word because few there will be that will enter the gates to salvation and wide is the path to destruction.

And I notice that those that do not believe try to persuade others not to believe. Why is that? You don’t want to be alone in destruction? I guess I can’t blame you. After all these years, there’s still the same people trying their hardest to belabor a false point, still trying to get people to believe that having a child like faith is a lie. If that’s the truth then why are they having such a time convincing others of that? Why keep stabbing at it? Because they know that is an issue and the devil is working through these people to attack people’s faith! I’m onto you Satan! Go pick on some one else. It’s not working with me!

Blogging on THIS BLOG for Five Years

Well, I guess I’ve been on WordPress five years now, but I’ve been blogging for a lot longer. I think maybe since 2003 or something like that. Maybe even longer. Blogging has been good for me, mostly. It has taken on different formats over the years, and has led to various creativities. You just never know what is next. I have enjoyed graphics, photography, now videos. I never thought I’d have a video channel. If you have not seen Less Hustle More Coffee in video form you can see it here. Various dogs have been the focus of my blogs, career and job issues (which you have to be careful with), and lots of purging of feelings, fears, and excitement through the years.

First Day With the New Dog

If you read yesterday’s blog you probably are wondering how it’s going with the new dog. It’s going quite well actually. Much easier of a time than with Dexter. Smaller dogs are just easier I think.

I was very mentally exhausted yesterday though and so my photos were not very good and just sporadic. We had been to church, out to lunch with my SIL and BIL and then came home to await the dog only to find that the person bringing us the dog, that their son was in the hospital dealing with emergency medical situations. We had no idea and our hearts have been breaking not knowing what exactly was transpiring or happening. So we went to get the dog and our hearts were just heavy and so while we were happy to have the dog, we were just mentally unable to feel total joy. It was a day of high and lows. When you know others are hurting you just can’t feel joy. But you feel their pain.

I know Dexter was feeling both highs and lows himself. Interest, excitement, and joy to have another dog around. Then uh-oh, it’s night and the other dog hasn’t left. And why is my Momma talking so sweet to this dog? Why is this dog in the bedroom with us?

We tried to shut my door and let the new dog sleep with me. But Dexter whined at the door. And the new dog wanted off the bed to explore. I have had these days before with new doggies and it just works out better for the first few days to let the dog sleep in a protected spot so you can get your own sleep. Tomorrow would be a new day and my mind needed sleep. But here are a few photos:

Walks have been good for Dexter and Maddie to bond. Maddie is getting more used to Dexter. She is becoming a bit territorial of me though. I think she will end up being alpha dog. She can hold her on if Dexter gets too close. But we try not to let any aggression happen so they don’t have that in their little memory stalls of each other. We encourage the good behavior. I have to stop periodically and put her in her cage for a while so I don’t carry her around all the time. I’ve had to get some work done.

We have had periodic moments where I’ve let her down and they both do fine. But we also have had some moments that were not so great, but I think it will be fine over time. Still no word on prior owners. I think we have decided to wait and invest in her after we get back from vacation. If no one claims her, we’ll get vet appointments set, get her fixed, and see what we need to do about shots and such.

Bottom line, I love her. And pray that we get to keep her, but also pray for friends and loved ones that have issues right now. Those are the bigger needs. But we love our fur babies too.

Back to work tomorrow. I also need to get some editing done. I’m not sure if I’ll get the next video done on time. Lots of things going on in the next few weeks but I’ll do what I can and not worry about it. Family/friends come first.

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