Memorial Day Memories, and Life with the New Dog

It’s been a great Memorial Day with family and a new dog. George fixed a lot of meat and we ate well. Here’s some pics from the day.

An empty plate for those that could not be with us.

Enjoying life with the dogs. Here left to right: Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken and Mom and the dogs left to right. Mattie, Cherie, and Dexter. Dexter refused to be left out as a lap dog. lol

Burgers, dogs, ribs, wings! And enough to feed the neighbors who had been away at the hospital all day. We are praying for their son who is fighting for his life. So please pray with me. His name is Drake. I appreciate your prayers. Our father is the Great Physician and Healer. It has been a roller coaster. I so wish for dramatic improvement and healing. It’s a tough situation and I wish for calm, peace, and rest for our friends/neighbors.

The New Dog: Where Could She Have Come From?

So no word on any former owners of the dog. When they don’t have a collar, no chip, not taking time to spay. Maybe they wanted to breed? No signs of ever having puppies. I mean. It’s been a week. She doesn’t just dart out the door either. She stays with her person.

I’ve looked on Facebook, Next Door, Google, and many other websites. Of course our neighbor’s daughter has also taken the dog to area vets in the area found and someone they know put flyers out in the area.

I know all our dogs always have had collars and name tags and also will be chipped so we have a hope of getting them back. So you have to wonder if someone just didn’t let her go so that she would be taken care of by someone else. It doesn’t make sense. Maybe someone was breeding and had too many dogs and didn’t want to get caught. Any number of scenarios. Maybe they didn’t have enough money to get her fixed, or like I said maybe they intended to breed.

She does have a Pomeranian tail and a look to her so she may be a mix.

How it’s Going

She had a busy week so far I guess between our neighbors houses and ours and everyone has other dogs. And family has come and gone who also had dogs. By Monday night she was worn out. She slept so good and felt safe in her big crate. We bought her the bed. She loves the bed. She also loves it so much she humps it too, lol.

Dexter has been a little bit jealous. But he’s mostly curious. Monday night Dexter would not leave my side in the bed. Last night he alternated between me and George and even sleeping by the crate. I was most impressed to wake up to find Dex laying by her crate and her being ok with it. But she still growls at him a lot if she feels threatened. But other times they just hang out. So it’s gonna be fine, but we just gradually ease it in.

She gets very possessive of me when I hold her a lot so I’ve got to let her down more and let them experience one another. Now that I know he is not going to bowl her over, I’m comfortable letting her down. When she is scared is when I pick her up.

This picture. Poor Dexter.

So that is where we are right now.

My Aunt and Uncle are in town and we are eating with them a lot this week. Mom and I are getting toes done today and then meeting everyone for dinner after.

A fun week, but lots going on in a short week at work. Lots going on at home with the dog.

I’m trying to blog and video edit when I can. I think I can have a short video up for Saturday morning, if I can work on it some tomorrow. So I’ll be back eventually but it might be the weekend. Just a very busy week.

How was your Memorial Day?

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  1. I agree about the small dog being a mix. I’d rather have a mix, really. They usually seem smarter and have less health problems, like those that are brought on by inbreeding. She looks like a real sweetie. No wonder you are hoping to be able to keep her.

  2. Dexter is so funny. He wants to make sure he is not left out. It rained here on memorial day so I fixed spaghetti and salad and cheese bread sticks. It was a good day. Daughter bought a new car so she came by to show us and grandson wanted to spend the night.

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