What’s on the Reading Table? What’s on our Minds? What’s on the Schedule?

Hey guys! We have had a busy little weekend here. Yesterday was fun getting a day off. George and I enjoyed our morning just sipping coffee and working on whatever we wanted. For me it was laundry and cleaning. He spent time on the computer doing finances and emails and playing the guitar and doing household chores of his own.

We went to the store around 1:00 p.m. and it had been about 3 weeks I think – maybe two – who’s counting. We have had to stock up on a lot but I’m trying to be careful as to what we buy. We just let things run out since we were taking a mini vacay. So it was nice to restock. I eat two of three meals a day at work, so that is where I needed a lot of things. So all that is ready to take to work tomorrow.

I wanted to share with you my current books on my little reading nook table. My current book is:

*Four Guys in a Boat – It’s kindof a hilarious read in parts – otherwise just a very general recording (note taking) of events when four guys go out annually sailing. It’s a light read but tells of their shananigans and experiences – mostly of not really knowing a lot about sailing at first. And of just the guy talk that is going on. It’s very amusing how they teased one another.

*Spare is about to be started!

Of course I’m writing in my grandmother book when I can get it done. It is hard to fit it in the day, but I’m on course anyway for the year.

I keep devotional books around too as well when I need some inspiration.

Dexter is relaxing while I read. He is so wonderful. He was worth all the puppy turmoil. We just love him so much. He snuggled all night right next to me, where I can reach up and pet him. He used to just be on the bed or beside the bed or in the chair. And he still does that sometime, but he’s been more loving. And I think that is a God thing. I prayed for him to be and I also prayed that when he did those things that are specific toward being close to me, that it would be God sending me love.

Speaking of the earlier Dexter puppy days – the rug came in to cover over the big hole in the carpet he “ate”. I was pleased with the colors. They match perfectly and it just fits and it’s not too overly weird. I mean, it’s kinda funky to have a rug there, but it doesn’t really look too out of place. The colors were spot on.

Also I took this pic of my hallway closet. I was so used to it being packed the last few years and then also at the end of the year between September and December, it is packed with Christmas presents. I was so happy with a clean neat closet that I had to take a pic!

In this closet is a lot of my off season clothes. I have begun to put some of the warmer winter items in there and some of my items I wear with white pants I’ve not yet pulled out and of course a few Christmas things are in there.

I decided I would try to buy some pink pants and some light blue pants. I will be ditching the grey pants for the summer and the brown pants. I will keep the black and navy and khaki, but I need a bit of color in my life. So I’d like to go shopping soon – I just don’t have the time though between work and Mom and church and everything else. And it’s month end/quarter end and I’ll be having to work over some every day too.

I have worked more on the smoothie bar and about ready to start up with my spring/summer smoothies. In the cold weather I have no desire for it. But I think we are about ready now! I bought some yogurt and have my almond milk ready to go and I added PB powder as my Thrive Market (2nd order) came in. I also ordered stuff to make pizza this week. So I’ll do that Friday night, I think we decided.

I also ordered these from Amazon to try. I think you can add them to smoothies but also you can add to just water. I ordered the variety pack to try. I miss the Isagenix ones I did, but I don’t want to pay the price for those. lol

So we have begun kinda going through things or thinking about things in case we move to Texas. I cleaned out two boxes of stuff I knew I would not want to move or to downsize with – whether it was here or Texas. So that is a start. We ask each other questions like – would you move that? Would you be willing to part with this?

George and I have set a date for a fall yard sale. We think we will need to have one this year and another next year as we go through things. We had said we were done but since we have time it would be nice to get some money out of some things and we’ll be putting some bigger things out too and some nicer things which would bring more.

We are also coming up with a list of “lasts”. Isn’t that sad? But places we would want to go to one more time before we leave. Two years seems like a long time but he added up the weekends and it’s really NOT!

Mostly this is just new thinking for us as retirement is closer. I can feel loose ends tying up in my mind. Places where there have been questions there is peace. And it something we are looking forward to – yet another project for us – another lot of life to experience – more territory to explore – and yet another chapter. It all sounds very appealing as we discuss it. Our minds and actions are certainly leading us that way. I have found myself “happier” and feeling more “joy” when I think of the change to being able to see Katy and Cody and River more often and to retirement where there will be more time to do the things we love. Having a “plan” forming I think and something to look forward to – is probably why George just randomly reached out for my hand walking in the grocery store Saturday. Warmed my heart. It said “I’m happy to move forward with you” – it really said a lot.

We don’t know if this will really happen, as none of the pieces may fit together. If the Lord wants us to go he’ll make the pieces fit and He will lead us that way. I’ve not stirred the pot with Mom. There is no need to give her anxiety and stress and worry. We are only in prayer mode and no decision made. But we are looking and moving in that direction it seems in thought and in deed. It’s two years away and no big decisions have to be made now. We may have to retire and then figure out everything after we have more time. But it’s the big subject that is ever present in our minds as we test our minds and hearts as the day passes.

I told George that where we spent our retirement was OUR decision to make – not the choices of people around us. For example, b/c my Mom and sister got in an argument and don’t speak – is no reason for us to decide not to go. We will do what we feel we want to do and what we want to do is be with our daughter and grandson. So many things can happen between now and then. But if Mom wants to go with us she can. If she wants to stay here she can. But she’d have to be more independent and/or willing to have care come in and help or go to assisted living. It seems like it would be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Real estate changes would be having to happen anyway at some point so whether we stay or go or Mom stays or goes – the places would be sold as we downsize or she does assisted living. So I am not stressing over this or even allowing myself to think about the real estate changes. I mean other than us talking about what we are wiling to move to or not. Anyway the change itself is ever present in our minds. And we are starting to go through our things.

We had life group today. And Mom wanted me to tell the preacher that she wanted to place membership. Which I did. He is going to the holy land and will be meeting with her when he gets back. I think it was April 16th or the Sunday after that, the 23rd. I didn’t have my calendar out so I can’t remember but we’ll figure it out.

We are hosting our life group later in April – on the 23rd as well. So we may have to go in separate cars then so one of us can be working on the meal during Sunday school. We already have our menu set.

We also have our menu set for Easter Sunday. We are doing the meal here and bringing Mom back after church over here to eat with us and then we’ll take her back.

River’s Easter. So I ordered him a few things to help out with his wardrobe: some shoes, socks, and shorts – all things Katy said he could use.

a to do list on a clipboard
Photo by MART PRODUCTION on Pexels.com

There is so much on the list I didn’t get done today. I think I’ve learned to just be defeated as far as that goes. I just do the best I can and at least I have an app that makes it easier to roll everything forward to different days. It amazes me how busy life is. And just when you think it can’t possibly get any busier, it rains on you. But I am leaning on God more for that.

This week:

Monday – I have to work over I’m so far behind. I’ve got to meet a deadline on something I’ve tried to do all quarter in 2023 and haven’t had time yet. I was going to do my nails but I’m putting it off to meet this deadline.

Tuesday – I have a hair cut.

Wednesday – Mom has a doc appt and we are going to eat and then take her to get the 4th toaster oven. Can I just beat my head against a wall and go ahead and end it there? She does not like the 3rd one. Either. She said she wanted to get groceries then but we won’t have time to do all that. I have to be in bed my 9:00 as I already only get about 6.5 hours of sleep. So she may have to choose b/w new oven and groceries. I was planning on us going next Sunday for groceries.

Thursday – I have my own doc appt on this day.

Friday – get my nails done and also I’m cooking pizza that night.

Saturday I think is mine and no one better touch it, lol. Except we will be going to get our Easter ham and maybe another errand or two.

Yes we are looking forward to Good Friday and we are staying home and relaxing and doing what WE want to do b/c we never get time at home to do anything much.

I’ll check in when I can this week. I also need to try and get the next video done but there’s a lot of things going on sucking up that creative time. It almost makes me mad, but I’m trying to overcome it. It does make me sad though. If I had known all my life that this period of my life was going to be like this….I would have really been depressed. I never dreamed how taxing life would be on my time and just how difficult it was going to be and how demanding. I certainly never dreamed that family would have acted like they did. It’s all very sad. My eyes have been opened to God’s truth about it all now. I see a lot clearly. I just want to do what is my responsibility. And that is not to keep everyone happy because that is impossible. But I also don’t make decisions for others and they don’t make my decisions for me. So at least there are those boundaries. While we all have sound mind. lol.

Over and out.

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  1. Just wrote a long reply so I’ve lost it …just a bit about it it was saying when Mum made the decision to move south it was the best decision we ever made It gave us all another 11 years of having Mum and in the final year a second move to this little village was the icing on the cake, we had a small garden which she enjoyed that final year etc…so needless to say I’m all for you moving…..will go now, I’m annoyed at loosing my first …comment !!

    • I’m so sorry Sybil. I know how you feel. I used to lose posts on blogger a lot. At least with WordPress it’s better. But WordPress gets a lot of complaints on the comments. When it’s happened to me it’s when I commented but wasn’t logged in.

  2. Your retirement will be here sooner than you can imagine.
    My only question is what if you move to TX & the they relocate? That’s a BIG move but completely understandable.

  3. Sounds like quite the adventure. I don’t know if I could take the heat in Texas. I have family that moved to Arizona when they retired.
    Dexter looks so sweet laying on your bed. His legs are so long. I can see by his eyes he adores you.

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