YOU Get to Pick My Next Blog Post Subject

Well, I’ve a few notes I’ve taken in the last few weeks and even months. I’ve just had more time to “take notes” and make skeleton outlines, than I have had to make actual blog writings from them. Tonight I was trying to decide which subject to blog about. So many times I just keep you updated on what all we are doing, because I’ve become friends with so many of you and we chat in comments and such. But sometimes I have some other subjects that I’ve written notes on that I would like to blog about. So I decided to do something fun and let YOU ALL pick which thing you’d like me to blog about next. The subjects are:

___Getting Serious about dieting and exercise (this will be the shortest and most boring – just a warning, b/c obviously I’m not serious enough about it, lol)

___Ways to Save at Retirement. (A responsible post you might benefit from).

___How other people have shaped my life, maybe yours too (this could get down and dirty)

___What I would say to my 10 year old self, 20 year old self, 30 year old self and so on. And to my future self. (This one will be long and intense, I think).

___Things people do that annoy me. (Might be raw but I wouldn’t mention names, lol)

___My thoughts on possibly moving to Texas, what excites me, scares me, etc. (Probably a pretty short entry and to the point – not a lot to say at this point, but if you are interested, I’ll go down this subject path.)

___Pick your own subject and I will consider it for a future post, maybe even the next one.

Well this is fun. Now I didn’t have to pick what I would blog about tonight. I really didn’t have time anyway. Busy day. Got the hair cut today! πŸ˜‰

And just got a notice that Mom’s burglar alarm went off. I’m sure she probably forgot it was armed but I called and no answer, so now I have to worry about that. At least the police is on the way they said. Hopefully a false alarm. I swear there is never a dull moment.

Ok she just called me back as I was typing that last sentence. So far the police have not shown up and it was a false alarm. She opened the door before remembering she had set the alarm for the night. I think the school shooting in Nashville has her shook up and a bit alarmed like it has the rest of us. But she is ok. And I think she was able to indicate it was a false alarm- so the police has not arrived at her door.

Lord, please help us all. Anyway, pick your subject. πŸ˜‰ I’m going to bed.

6 responses to “YOU Get to Pick My Next Blog Post Subject”

  1. Love this idea of letting readers choose a topic πŸ™‚ – one vote for “how others have shaped your life”..although the other topics sound interesting as well!

  2. I think ways to save at retirement would be good. And things people do that annoy you might be interesting. I am glad it was a false alarm at your Moms. I can understand her being upset. It just makes me sick with worry all these School shootings. I just can’t wrap my mind around how anyone could hurt or kill innocent children or teachers. I am just glad the cops went in and killed the shooter before she could kill anyone else.

    • Thx – I think everyone has picked all but one. So I’ll do those over the next few days. Yes this situation is bad. The community is hurting. I don’t know them but I’m grieving. We had a child in a Christian school because it seemed safer. This hits home.

  3. All great topics so anything you choose will be perfect! I’d like to hear what you’d tell your 10 year old self, etc. I’d also love to hear about your diet/exercise goals. I started focusing on that this month and it’s been fun. πŸ™‚

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