Grandparents from Afar, Technology Set Up, and Reading

This was the graphic on my calendar over the weekend. And the next one for yesterday was this one. It seemed appropriate for the month, in meeting the work goals. And whew, it was barely too. I finished entering I don’t know how many w-2’s yesterday – maybe 50 or 60. Manually. I met the 2/1 deadlines, and good thing I found out that I had 2/1 and it didn’t have to be done on 1/31. I have more though that is due by end of February. But I have all month to do it. It’s also month-end again so I need to work on that first. But I had worried about January for a long time and so happy it all worked out. I could not have done it if I had not had help though. I’m grateful to all who supported the cause of me getting to go meet my Grandson way out in the middle of nowhere Texas while others sacrificed time from their own jobs to do part of mine. A milestone event I was NOT going to miss. And am thankful I didn’t have to quit or lose my job to go. Totally grateful. We were all not sure how it would work out. We made it work.

Katy posted this one on instagram yesterday. He is almost 1 month. He’ll be 4 weeks this Thursday. He’s a cutie button. I miss him. It’s going to be hard to be so far away. We have to watch him grow in pictures and video snippets. We cannot hold him, we cannot babysit, and be proper Grandparents from this distance. It’s very sad but I try not to think about it. I always had both sets of grandparents around all the time and it was very important to me growing up as a child. I was very close to my grandparents. It got me through a lot of difficult times in my life. I still grab consolation, memories, and wisdom from being around mine. As an adult I was also happy to have our parents that helped us with Katy too. I don’t know what we would have done without them. It took a village! lol But unless something changes, he will only know us from a distance, as acquaintances. We don’t get to share much in his life with him being so far. So I try to focus on things that take my attention away from that. For that makes me sad to know he is here and we are so far away. It is so hard to get there while we are working folk, as you have seen. I worried for six months on how the timing was going to work out on that trip. I can only go when it’s not a quarter end month, can’t go during the holidays, and so forth as there’s too much going on and no one has time to fill in for me. At least future trips can be planned -it’s not a birth on a surprise day, lol.

Progress and Moving Forward with Technology Set Up

Gotta love the aspect of progress. I am excited to say that my two external drives arrived yesterday. That was quick. Now I can do all the things I’ve been talking about since October! I’m excited to begin the process. It may sound like something one should not be so excited over. I love new software upgrades. I love to be organized. And I don’t like surprises of the bad kind. I love to make the movies. I love to have a computer that won’t be slow. (Mine is not too slow yet but it does have issues with either locking up or being slow when too many things are open and moving the movies off of it will help I think.) I will do the back up this weekend so that if something is amiss, I will have time to research and deal with it. There is nothing worse than having to go to work when you are trying to fix your home computer, lol. So weekend it is!

Then next up is doing the new intro and another iMovie. Then I can begin to set a schedule for “learning” and begin going up the learning curve on a few things.

Current Book for the Reading Corner

I came home after work last night and sat in my chair and read a couple of chapters. Half way through this book that I started on our trip from Texas. I’m more interested in what it’s like working on the yachts and the life of such, than I am of this particular woman and her personality. I just like to see what she has experienced mainly. It’s very interesting though. This is extending from “Below Deck” that I have watched for many years now. Absolutely love to read or watch anything taking place on the ocean! I’ve not read much in a long time. So it’s good to be back into that mode some.

I need to get ready and get on into work today. It’s payroll closing day!

So what is in your reading corner, bedside table, or chairside table?

Good Eating and Good Authors!

The Eating has been GOOD the last couple of days – not that it’s NOT when we are home, but you know how much I love to eat out. It was always a treat growing up and we’d go out a lot back then any time we went to church which was every time the door was open. When George and I first married we didn’t go out as much unless we met our families. It was a money thing. I had to get used to staying home a lot, no shopping and all that. But through the years, with promotions, and paying off things we began to eat out more and more especially for all the special occasions (if we didn’t have one, we’d invent one) and when meeting friends. We love to eat out and try new things and get inspirations for things to fix at home. 2020 has NOT been the year for experimental cuisine spots, but it has been a year of COMFORT FOOD. We had a $25 gift card to use up at Cracker Barrel. And I was so proud of our Cracker Barrel here. Not only was the landscaping lovely but they added a temporary outside seating area so they could accomodate more people (not lose money) during the social distancing requirements.

We had good conversation about our work and about politics and the election and the coronavirus. I mean what else would we talk about. There is one more subject I suppose, but we left that one under the table, LOL.

Well, GEEZ, what do you do when Blackberry Cobbler is in season? Ya go for it. Oh my a bowl of heaven right there. It was little. It was good. Not sorry.

The gift shop was enticing at Cracker Barrel as always. And look….it’s a Christmas SLOTH.

Of course you know this corner speaks to me with our little wildlife yard. Speaking of….I saw the SKUNK last night.

We smelled him the night before when he permeated all the way to the highway to our house. But last night I saw him out with the deer in our backyard. Neither were considering each other a threat. I’ve seen deer and skunk together before. Might have been in the cartoon Disney movie, with Bambi LOL. But I believe I saw them hanging out in a state park in the Land Between the Lakes area. Saw the deer first then the skunk. I remember thinking it was like a zoo area with a pet skunk and was running to it and my grandfather said “un uh nope nope – that’s not a pet”. Oops! It was at a visitor center and in a fenced but open area, so I had thought it must be a pet. I’m glad he saved me from my curiosity and subsequent hotel tomato bath during our travels.

So last night I met my friend Christy at Smiley Thai coming from work. They had THE BEST Halloween decor ever!! This was a lot of fun.

I ordered the noodle PHO last night with Chicken and also had ordered Sushi. I took this pic after I’d eaten most of the chicken. The noodles were a bit hard to eat with my spoon but I managed to eat a lot with my chopsticks. I still couldn’t eat all the noodles and bean sprouts. But it was good for a rainy night as the cold front began to come through.

We enjoyed chatting and vowed to go get our toes done next week. Yay! Someone to go with! I miss my Kate and our pedicure outings. And I’m happy to have a friend that will go.

We downloaded the same book to do for a Bible Study. Hers is on line. Mine is audio. It’s a Max Lucado book. Anyway, I’m half way thru between these guys:

*Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire – by Jen Hatmaker (Like I need to read this one, LOL!) In this book she is basically giving you permission to be YOU and not worry about it. I knew I liked her when she said she argued with her publicist over which curse words they would allow to remain in the chapters (she is a religious speaker/writer, lol). Not that I like cursing, but if we are all being honest here – we all know that even elder’s wives say the S word – a LOT. Even I cursed when spilling the communion in the car before taking it to a shut in. It happens. I don’t like it, but I’m honest and I’ll ocassionally say S***, H***, or D*** to make a point. But I do not want to hear the GD word. That is a no no. Unfortunately though, this author has found a lot of criticism in her industry for not only her words but some of her beliefs. She is going through a divorce and her publisher dropped her like a hot potato for embracing some new open minded thoughts. I get it, or should I say I’m used to that. I think we all have to study to show ourselves approved and create our salvation through Jesus and with God and His plan. It’s our own responsibility to work this out so I’m no judge of that. But I draw strength from her character and spirit. And as a writer of a blog and of my own words, I can relate that when you say what you feel and what you know to be true and get called on the carpet for speaking the truth as if you were a devil served up on hot pancake. My motto is fix the problems people, don’t get mad at the writer for telling the truth. If you were ugly yesterday or caused a problem and didn’t want people to know it – then don’t be ugly, irresponsible, or causing problems and don’t be mad if it gets mentioned. Work on your issues and don’t attack the writer. Anyway I could go on but I won’t. I can relate to this writer’s spirit. And I believe I read somewhere that she will say everything you were afraid to. LOL. That’s me too! Don’t test me!

*Escape from the Ordinary – by Julie Bradley (Like I need that one either). This book is a couple who retire and sail and their adventures, some of which are pretty scary.

So once I finish with one of these I’ll start the Max Lucado book.

Anyway, it’s Friday and I’m so elated. This week has been a fast one. I’m working on quarter end and stuck on the Quarterly Reconciliation Sheet. It’s off about $1700 in the social security taxes. Neither me nor my boss have been able to find the answer for where it’s off yet. So she is having me go through every employee and do some calculations to see if it can be found. This will take forever, but here we go. As for the rest of the month, now I’ll be behind. Once I get information from others I can start doing some unemployment returns for the Transport side. And then when we get this reconciliation sheet balanced and I get info from others I can do the returns. So while I was ahead, this is the part that always gets behind but a lot if it is out of my control. I guess that is what worries me a lot about January is that I could get more of it done if I got the information earlier in the month. But likely it’ll all come to me when I’m gone and I won’t even get an opportunity to do the month on time. If the opportunity is not there then it’s hard to meet the goal. The train that couldn’t. It’s Engine was missing and so was the conductor. LOL LOL LOL

I better quit before I become a “Jen” and get dropped like a hot tater for my truth telling. As someone once told me The Truth is Hard. Yeah it is. Especially when put in black and white. But again, don’t attack the writer! Please. I just do the best I can with the world I’m given! I don’t get to write all the rules. I just write what happens. Or doesn’t happen.

So off to get this Friday done and put on the headphones I guess and listen to something as I try to find the missing $1700 some odd dollars and cents.

Ya’ll have a good weekend. Not a lot planned but laundry, cleaning, early voting, and maybe take a look to see if I can throw another movie together. Might record some more footage. Might need to do some more learning! lol But here is a good message for the day!

My Experience Buying from Amazon Third Party Sellers, and Reading the Time Bandit

The sunsets have been wonderful on the drive to work in the mornings. And the deer greet us home in the evenings.

Third Party Amazon Sellers

I guess I had my first experience returning something from a third party seller via Amazon. It opened my eyes to be more careful of what I buy through Amazon. I had my normal expectations of having the assurance that you can return something whatever it is. I return a very small percentage of what I buy through Amazon. Mostly due to the faults of not being able to see or feel in person what you are buying. Usually it is something that does not fit, does not work, or product damaged via shipment. And I buy a lot on Amazon. So I have high expectations that if something goes wrong that is not my fault, I have Amazon to back me. In all these years I have had quick and easy returns. But that is a false sense of security. As it is not always so.

I bought a picture that looked like this:

It came in rolled up in a tube and looked like this.

So, yeah it’s just so muted (and curly) with lines in it. See below.

So I thought no problem, I’ll just go to Amazon and return it – click of a button- get my label and off it’ll go and we’ll get a return for it.

Not that easy. To my surprise I had to submit a request for approval to return. What? No.

So I did. The sellers were in China, of all things. I should and did know that once my order was placed and I saw the ship date go from “Thursday to some date in November” LOL. However, I guess that put it on a fast boat and it got here in about 2.5 weeks.

So I waited and got a response back from seller to send photos of the item. What???? So I did. I was nice and said I appreciated them letting me return the item as it just was not going to work. (Letting them know my expectations nicely- if they read b/w the lines they’d know someone was going to have a fight before the week was over if the answer was no – so I let them know I was expecting a return. But I had a feeling in the pit of my stomach that I had been HooDoo’d. (We’ll come back around to that one later.)

So…the 3rd party seller in China said “Since this involves international shipping, how about we compromise with 50% dollars?”

While this is not ideal, I realize the shipping costs on their side has now probably surpassed the value of the item. I discussed with George and because (I guess) we get to keep the item (I’m not sending it back without a label anyway.) So George says he likes it and it will take it and so now he has it for half price.

But I have learned a lesson.

I‘m not ordering from 3rd party sellers from overseas unless I’m certain it’s something that will work or I’m willing to EAT the $money over.

I’ll be likely to change my selection when my order turns from arriving Thursday to a month from now. That is trickery in my opinion.

Something that does not have reviews, could likely be suspect. Just order something with reviews. Previous customers can give you great insight.

I will be more selective and yes, quite picky now. As if I weren’t before.

Getting HooDoo’d

So…..I guess I’ve heard my family say this over and over. “I guess I got HooDoo’d”. I took it to mean that someone pulled one over you. And well yeah, it pretty much does. After looking it up on line. Sometimes I use words and because I’m typing them out for the public to see (and make fun of as some like to do) so I thought I’d make sure it really does mean what I thought it did. After all in my 20’s at work I repeated a phrase my grandfather used and found out it was something someone took offense to and I had to say I was sorry as I was repeating verbiage and didn’t really know what it meant. Goes to show you – not to say bad things as it will be repeated even innocently. Like we have people out there today that worry about such things, what am I saying? Well I do worry about such things.

So, yeah, it means bad luck and it kinda comes from the VooDoo phrase which I didn’t know. I thought it was spelled “Who Do’ed” as in Who Did it – as in Someone – Who ever it was – Done Did it to me”. lol lol lol. But it’s Hoo Doo as in Bad luck or bad charms or bad spells, to bewitch. So yeah, bottom line….

Sonya got HooDoo’d by Amazon and this Third Party Seller. So scrutiny will follow every purchase now. I’m not viciously angry over this situation but I’m enlightened and miffed. And no longer as trusting. So there you have it.

So I had tuna for lunch. Trying to lose some belly fat! ha. Our recent outings of late has done some backward damage! Scaling it back some. I’d not had tuna in a while and it was really good. Back to using a honey dijon mustard instead of mayo. But as always on the home front, there is something good cooking up!

George made a potato omelette that was out of this world! Oh my gosh it was so good. Lately his dishes – I’ve been saying “oh this is a keeper” or “We should have this at Christmas” or “fix this for Katy” or “Let’s eat this one with the Irelands (long time friends)”!

Wow, it’s 49 degrees F this morning. Fall is here!

It’s Wednesday and the payroll went smoothly, well almost, I was a little late getting started as I had some last minute intakes that I had to stop and figure on before I could get started, but I was able to finish in time so that I had time to do my “after payroll shakedown” instead of throwing it all in a drawer and going home and dealing with it til Wednesday. Now all the payroll stuff is put up and reports sent that everyone needs from it. Now I will sort our local plant’s checks, do “dummy checks” or manual checks, and get reconciled for my garnishment check run in the morning. And will get our 941 taxes paid and weekly withholding taxes paid for the week.

Reading, My Way of Being on the Water

Last night I read more in my book, TIME BANDIT. I’ve not really given myself much time for reading, just audio books in the car. But it was nice to let everything go and just plain read. I love reading books about being on the ocean. Being on the Bering Sea would scare the life out of me. The book is interesting. The cost of running these fishing trips is insane. The crew makes a lot of money though in a short amount of time and it’s hard to get “the crazy” people who will be able to endure it and can take it to work on the boat.

A little Google research showed the Hillstrand’s sold the boat for 3 million – if that is accurate research. Why not sell at that rate? lol.

I watched Deadliest Catch a lot. Most of the episodes were about the same. I found that it was relaxing of all things to watch (not sure why- maybe the sound of the sea?) and I’d fall asleep. George seemed to only endure it and didn’t prefer to watch it, it seemed so we didn’t keep up with it season to season. But I do like reading about the business aspect of the fishing industry and all about running the boat itself. I’m not sure why I’m always about everything “ocean” and “boats”. I guess it is in my blood somehow. I DID have an uncle that was a captain on a ship for years. But I wasn’t around him much and didn’t hear about his experiences. If I were going to be on the boat, I’d be the cook – lol. That is about all I could do on that boat. But I’d be too sea sick and scared. I’d be a weini! No way. Just reading about the wave size in unreal!

Anyway, that is all the news I have. I need to get kicking here as I’m about 15 minutes late and have to make up the time somehow.

Since I stopped to read last night I didn’t finish the iMovie. I want to look up how to do the end of the movie – and see how to link prior videos to it. I always try to learn something new with each imovie if I can – in these early days! I think I have enough for another movie after that. Then I’ll need to start videoing some more. Not a lot going on to video! But I can always step up the game and just video something I’m doing around the house. About every 3 weeks seems to be about how I’m getting them out. I’d love to be able to do one a week but I think that is likely impossible with working Full time. Two I may be able to do once I’m in the groove. But it depends on how busy we are and such. I’m afraid to commit to certain dates like every third Thursday, lol. I think that would take the fun out of it for me.

Ok off to work we go!