In the Mood to Read and Mid Week Update

Good day friends! It’s a nice morning here with the likes of summer still hanging on. Fall changes coming soon. The hot coffee is excellent – Kroger Brand’s Private Selection Guatemalan Antiguan. I think it’s even more special than Starbucks.

I’m in a huge mood to sit under a blanket and read and/or play computer games. Having had a few weeks of rushing through many to do lists, many small details of things here and there, and knowing we have many to come – I just want to sit for a spell and read. Last night I had about thirty minutes in which my fizzled brain just needed to sit and be, to enjoy, to be entertained – nothing serious or involved – just mindless and simple activity. It had been a less than perfect payroll day (putting it nicely – it basically sucked, with plants showing their inefficiencies by turning in things late, giving presence of putting payroll to be an afterthought), so was tired of fighting my way through the tangles of the day. It was nice to just sit and be. After piling under the blanket, I realized I needed a glass of water. Normally don’t ask anyone to wait on me but I asked George since he was up “would you do a favor for me?” He said “Depends what it is”. (I might ask him to go buy an RV if he says “yes”). He brought me a huge glass of ice water and I played a game of finding hidden items and then Candy Crush. I played until my eyes were about shut and then headed for bed.

Sleep has been hard to come by this week, for whatever reason. I will sleep for a bit and wake up, sleep for a bit and wake up. I even got up and slept in my journaling chair for a session. I had a dream and George came in the room to check on me and gave me a hug and said “it’s time for you to go back to bed”. I woke up in the chair, thinking maybe God had sent George in a vision to get me back in the bed. So I went and prayed for sleep to come and it did – but again in sessions. I am not sure why but I guess we go through seasons of not sleeping well. I don’t have any thing bothering me – it seems to be more about comfort than anything. But I can’t pin point it. I hate the alarm comes so early because most mornings I could sleep on. I’m about an hour or two off on sleep a night. But I only get about 2.5 hours of evening time as it is so I hate to go to bed any earlier than 8:30. Might as well have a cot at work if that is the case. Why come home. It almost doesn’t make sense as it is.

I’m just tired and retirement cannot come soon enough. These past 3 years have flown, and I suppose the next 3 will fly even faster. But yeah, as I type this blog entry, I’d love to have the whole day off to just sit and read and play or do whatever Sonya wants. I look at the shelves longingly, wanting to dive into other worlds just for a time.

Thanks for everyone who found their way to the latest video and then commented on it. I appreciate it so much. You know I have a link to YouTube also on this blog. Depending on whether you are on a phone, iPad, or computer -it is in different places. On the computer it should be at the top where you have an About Me section and next to it there is a link that says “Videos”. On the phone or iPad I think you can look for the little “three lines” that sends you to some menu items and click on “Videos” there. It’ll take you to my YouTube.

Here is the embed of it if you didn’t catch the link earlier.

Helping Aging Parents – “Just Start Talking”

There are a lot of videos to do b/w this one and current time. I had been worried that there would be not a lot of footage. I also wish I could stay home all day and work on all that. I have too many hobbies. lol

While this video has other stuff in it too, showing some spring storms, our trip to get flowers, spring blooms, it also has some segments of me talking about how we helped Mom with her decisions and I really sincerely hope it helps others when trying to figure out what to do along with your aging parent(s).

We just started talking about what we wanted the end result to look like. We talked about the needs and desires of Mom. I gave her OPTIONS of all the various places we could at or places she could go and I took them back to her. She weighed pros and cons. She knew what she wanted and what she didn’t want. She still wanted her independence as much as possible. The decisions were difficult but as time passes the choices narrow and she decided she still wanted her own house. The only option was to build in today’s market because no one would do the contingency on her house except for a builder, b/c she had time to sell. I’m surprised at how fast things began to happen, once we seriously began to talk about these things and then check on all the options. The door was opened at that point, it wasn’t weird to have the conversation. And it was our responsibility to help in various ways to make the move happen. Mom doesn’t have a spouse as my father passed several years ago. A move like this was not something she could stage alone and we would never let her. So we took on as many of the details as we could – helping her with the real estate, helping pack, getting the storage units set up, renting the truck and moving details, and then getting her to the building of the house meetings.

Mom and Aunt Martha seem to think that we thought it was going to be a piece of cake. I’m not sure why they think that, lol. They both have repeatedly said “it was more than you thought, huh?” as they laugh. Well no, no surprises here as we have moved before and we are well aware of how much work it is. And we knew how much stuff Mom had. It’s why we started early packing. What we were not aware of was how many clothes Mom had, lol, lol, lol. It kept coming out of the wood works. But if you remember me saying all along, “this is an elephant and we’ll eat it a bite at a time”. I guess we are about to eat the elephant butt, lol. We are 2/3 through with the elephant as far as the moving process, living with us, building house, and moving the 2nd time.

I’m still in shock that Mom agreed to come up here but her choices were narrowing and she certainly was not getting any help from the other daughter so… we are. And I hope the video helps someone, but it’s not all about moving – it’s just kindof a snap shot of our spring!

I have to delete everything from my iMovie timeline and start on the next one. I do have to go ahead and start ordering some Christmas presents. Katy said they have not decided about Christmas as to whether they are coming here or not. So I’m trying to hold off before ordering their things so I know whether to send it here or ship it there. If they are not coming I can ship there free via Amazon and would rather do that than having to ship it ourselves after we wrap it. Anyway, I have a feeling I’ll be trying to do Christmas shopping, moving Mom and getting her settled all at once. Was hoping to get ahead. But who am I kidding? We will be doing everything all at once. lol If we come out into February 2022 alive with any hair left, with any sanity left, we’ll be doing good and will be cause to celebrate.

And then maybe I can read more! ;-). Someday soon I’ll show you my “line up”. But I can’t finish a book it seems unless it’s on audible.

George fixed us a T-bone steak Sunday night that was heavenly. Along with baked potato and a wedge salad. I was ready for steak. It had been a while.

And for breakfast one morning this week, I had some whole grain Cherios with a banana and with vanilla almond milk. It was so good. I’ve forgotten how good Cherios are. I have to look for a cereal with the minimal amount of sugar and the wholistic ingredients I can find. A bit difficult but I like to have cereal about once a week or every 10 days or so.

Today I’m going for the wellness system shake, the pumpkin version. I really like it. And I think I’m doing soup today unless I need to get away for lunch. But will try to stay and do soup – it depends on how the day goes. Sometimes I need to get away from the desk for a few.

I have been listening to Dr. Berg on YouTube (screen shot below) for his information on nutrition. He is Keto for the most part in his theories, and I’ve chosen to embrace eating Whole Foods but I do like to listen to his videos. This one on sugar really got my attention. Of course sugar is very difficult to completely eliminate. He says only a little can get you back into a situation where you are unable to lose weight. But here’s what happens if you quit for two weeks. Again, it certainly got my attention. Perhaps next challenge I will consider just “giving up sugar”, but I’m sticking with my challenge for now of embracing Whole Foods and I’ve allowed myself to have dessert once a week. I am seeing some small changes in my body which is good only 12 days in. Pants are a little looser, body shape changing a little, less bloating, mood better. I can also say I have experienced 1, 2, 5, and improvement in 7, of his chart below, just by the challenge plans I’ve chosen. So that is good. We are moving toward my goals.

Again, please understand that while I embrace a whole food approach in making my decisions – I still allow certain foods – just not as often. I’ll never give up hamburgers and pizza and some desserts on occasion. So tonight we are having pizza. I’ll partake. But I will probably have less of it than normal. When I’m eating and making my own choices though, I’m doing better and that is the plan. I’m not making everyone around me do what I do. Any help they can give is appreciative but I’ve learned for the most part when people know you are trying to do better they tend to sabotage your plans, usually unintentionally but it happens. I’m just trying to do better – not be perfect. I’ll never be perfect.

And I need to go. I’m running behind. I think everyone in my life can expect me to run behind until at least March. I’m just not set up for success here in any section of my life. So be it. Go with the flow. I’m doing the best I can for all.

Here’s a funny for ya. Screen capture. lol.

Working on next video and to do list tomorrow morning. Will check back in on Friday! Not a lot going on this week in the evenings. I was about to say no doc appts this week but I have a Dentist appt on Friday morning at 8 at my new dentist, for a cleaning. Then Saturday George and I have a meeting with our financial advisor. So thankful they are doing/allowing weekend appointments. We meet with him every six months. We’ll plan to do something fun while over in Hendersonville that day. Likely Sams as well. Maybe lunch.

Ok so I’m off of here to get ready and head to work. I should be leaving right now but you know what? I had to work over yesterday due to a plant turning in a lot of payroll changes while I was in the middle of payroll, halting all of my processes, and delaying things and it was an extra long day- so I don’t mind if I do go in late this morning. If it’s good to go into my evening time then I don’t mind getting that time back in the next morning. 😉 So be it and the tribe has spoken. Tit for Tat and Tat for Tit. lol.

Gone. Over and Out til Friday!

Amish Pork Chop Dinner, To Do Lists, and Good Books by Diane Winger

Good morning! It’s Wednesday here at 5:38 as I type this. The mid week blog post is usually nothing exciting. The Monday’s and Tuesday’s of the world are usually “pretty serious stuff”. Pre payroll, and payroll processing days at work. Goals, plans, and to do lists are set in place on the personal front and home front. It’s the visionary part of the week. Wednesday is day where around Noon we start sliding into the weekend and the week takes on a less serious note, to do lists are beginning to play out, our thoughts gather for the coming down time.

I kinda like this process, over and over each week.

It has been a quiet time, a sweet time, yet also a sour time. I have felt a few moments of sadness this week, but also some of joy and contentment. A few moments of despair, but yet also of hope. I’m not sure what people do when they don’t have a real God to hold on to.

Much of our week’s happiness and joy is related to food. Kinda sad in a way. But we love to eat. George fixed the Amish Pork Chops this week. Let me warn you they look awful, but they are heavenly. Add George’s corn bread next to it and black eyed peas that have cooked all day in the crock pot – and you have heaven brought down to the earth.

The Amish pork chops are bone in for best flavor, have chopped onions (sweet Vidalia onions rock), ketchup, and cream of mushroom soup, and I believe a bit of Worcestershire sprinkled over. It’s been a while since I cooked them but they come from an Amish recipe book I bought. And George cooked them yesterday.

Today Mom is cooking breakfast for dinner. I suppose I should plan another meal to cook. Since I’m the one that cooks the least, it takes me a longer time to prep. Also it’s my personality to be methodical about it. Mom and George have recipes in their heads, ingredients already in the pantry while I am still stuck with my head in a recipe book going “maybe we will have that someday”. lol

So much in life going on, yet not so much. But I’m ok with this “season” of life we are in and just trying to be content with what is going on. The main thing I covet is simply “time” to do things. Ya’ll know that already. We do a lot but we have a lot we want to do.

So far this week I’ve done tidbits of things here and there like this:


*Restocked my vitamins in the days of the week boxes

*Restocked for work: Kleenex, oatmeal, tuna cans, isacups, isashake cups, crackers

*Found wrapping paper for a shower gift

*Followed up on Mom’s primary care doc (she wants to wait b/c of Covid)

*Downloaded the next audio book (1 free one every month) – I only do the free one, lol – not really free though as I pay a monthly fee, lol.

*Reset next month’s Isadelivery (autoship)

*Looked up some things I wanted to research

Next up on the to do list:

It’s almost like I’m afraid to be bored. I really am. lol. I will never be bored. I like to keep busy and keep going, but of course when it’s my agenda, I’m happy to get a sense of accomplishment and be able to check something off the list.

Notice “cleaning the Windows” or “windows” is far down the list. lol. I never have time to clean windows. Even Mom who cannot see very well, noticed the dirty windows. It takes two of us coming off our busy schedule to do them. Mom tried to clean them, bless her, but the inside is not usually the dirty part. We can clean the outside from the inside but it usually takes two of us to do it. And we are each usually off doing something else on our list.


My hair cut is today at 5:00.

Mom’s Pre Dry Wall inspection is tomorrow.

We have a reception and dinner on an old Plantation property on Thursday evening.

And let me just say how thrilled I am that the weekend is FREE.

What do I want to do this weekend, other than the norm of laundry and getting ready for the next work week?

I want to spend some time working on the house and cleaning the sunroom and getting it ready for fall. There’s a lot of stuff still out of place from when the flooring was put down. And the obvious, work on my videos and also the to do list above.

I have loved this audio book.

I was thinking Diane Winger had more books out but for some reason only the first one is on audible. Maybe the others haven’t had it recorded yet. But I have enjoyed “Great Escape” so much that I just have to get the 2nd book. It’s just hard for me to read a book these days. Audible is the way. But maybe I can put it on Kindle and have it on my phone – sometimes I can find time at lunch or while waiting or even in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep sometimes.

You can see for obvious reasons why I chose this book out of the blue. Sometimes we feel like we want to escape, for sure! And so this book feeds that part of my soul. Now to find “The Big Mistake!”

Alright – over and out. Gotta get on with the week. Probably will be back on Friday. I plan to work on the video tomorrow morning – first time in over a week. Might sneak some time in this weekend also. I need a weekend with no plans but being at home and just really looking forward to it.

See ya’ll then. How’s your week going? I love to hear from you.

Grandparents from Afar, Technology Set Up, and Reading

This was the graphic on my calendar over the weekend. And the next one for yesterday was this one. It seemed appropriate for the month, in meeting the work goals. And whew, it was barely too. I finished entering I don’t know how many w-2’s yesterday – maybe 50 or 60. Manually. I met the 2/1 deadlines, and good thing I found out that I had 2/1 and it didn’t have to be done on 1/31. I have more though that is due by end of February. But I have all month to do it. It’s also month-end again so I need to work on that first. But I had worried about January for a long time and so happy it all worked out. I could not have done it if I had not had help though. I’m grateful to all who supported the cause of me getting to go meet my Grandson way out in the middle of nowhere Texas while others sacrificed time from their own jobs to do part of mine. A milestone event I was NOT going to miss. And am thankful I didn’t have to quit or lose my job to go. Totally grateful. We were all not sure how it would work out. We made it work.

Katy posted this one on instagram yesterday. He is almost 1 month. He’ll be 4 weeks this Thursday. He’s a cutie button. I miss him. It’s going to be hard to be so far away. We have to watch him grow in pictures and video snippets. We cannot hold him, we cannot babysit, and be proper Grandparents from this distance. It’s very sad but I try not to think about it. I always had both sets of grandparents around all the time and it was very important to me growing up as a child. I was very close to my grandparents. It got me through a lot of difficult times in my life. I still grab consolation, memories, and wisdom from being around mine. As an adult I was also happy to have our parents that helped us with Katy too. I don’t know what we would have done without them. It took a village! lol But unless something changes, he will only know us from a distance, as acquaintances. We don’t get to share much in his life with him being so far. So I try to focus on things that take my attention away from that. For that makes me sad to know he is here and we are so far away. It is so hard to get there while we are working folk, as you have seen. I worried for six months on how the timing was going to work out on that trip. I can only go when it’s not a quarter end month, can’t go during the holidays, and so forth as there’s too much going on and no one has time to fill in for me. At least future trips can be planned -it’s not a birth on a surprise day, lol.

Progress and Moving Forward with Technology Set Up

Gotta love the aspect of progress. I am excited to say that my two external drives arrived yesterday. That was quick. Now I can do all the things I’ve been talking about since October! I’m excited to begin the process. It may sound like something one should not be so excited over. I love new software upgrades. I love to be organized. And I don’t like surprises of the bad kind. I love to make the movies. I love to have a computer that won’t be slow. (Mine is not too slow yet but it does have issues with either locking up or being slow when too many things are open and moving the movies off of it will help I think.) I will do the back up this weekend so that if something is amiss, I will have time to research and deal with it. There is nothing worse than having to go to work when you are trying to fix your home computer, lol. So weekend it is!

Then next up is doing the new intro and another iMovie. Then I can begin to set a schedule for “learning” and begin going up the learning curve on a few things.

Current Book for the Reading Corner

I came home after work last night and sat in my chair and read a couple of chapters. Half way through this book that I started on our trip from Texas. I’m more interested in what it’s like working on the yachts and the life of such, than I am of this particular woman and her personality. I just like to see what she has experienced mainly. It’s very interesting though. This is extending from “Below Deck” that I have watched for many years now. Absolutely love to read or watch anything taking place on the ocean! I’ve not read much in a long time. So it’s good to be back into that mode some.

I need to get ready and get on into work today. It’s payroll closing day!

So what is in your reading corner, bedside table, or chairside table?