Choosing Happy and Finding THAT ONE THING that Makes Your Day Feel Worthwhile

I have this “Choose Happy” hanging in my laundry room, where I actually spend a chunk of my time. It spoke to me yesterday. This week we are in now is THE last week of quarter end, year end. In a normal quarter end it is bad enough but year end is quarter end on steroids x 2 and multiplied by life’s curve balls = the reason why I call it “impossible”. Normally impossible is not in my vocabulary. But the month of January is very persuasive in thought and action and is convincing me otherwise.

Regardless, I have fought with myself nearly every day but as I near the deadline my attitude, my resolve, and my determination are on very shaky ground. My immediate thought this morning was that I should not talk to anyone for a week because I would do nothing but complain. And it is true that I will probably just not do a lot of talking this week.

My second thought was that every day of this last crunch week, I need to just do THAT ONE THING that is going to make me feel like I have a life that day. Just THAT ONE THING, so that I can go on and choose to be happy for that day, and feel less like a robot checking off eternal boxes that never seem to end.

While everyone else in the universe was enjoying their Sunday afternoon and evening, I was working. But after I packed up my “suitcase” of work, and before dinner, I decided to find time for THAT ONE THING that would make me feel like I’m am my own person and able to something I want to do. So I downloaded another song from Epidemic Sound – not just a download but picking it out. That was a big deal to me.

So now I have the two songs that will be on Roger’s tribute. I still need about another two hours of editing to make it viewer worthy. And that will be one of my first projects in February among the big list, unless somehow I find some surprise time or make it THAT ONE THING I get accomplished each day.

I will confess though that going to Walmart yesterday could have been my second thing. I know it sounds hilarious but just to have time to go to a grocery store, walk the isles, and pick out food we love and look at things was a delight. And it was a huge morale boost to have food in the house again that was fresh, food in the fridge, and not just frozen meats, canned goods, and crackers with nothing to put on them. ha. Finding something to eat in a hurry like we have been in, has been – bland or non existent.

So I’m trying hard to be content during the impossible week. And I guess each day I’ll do THAT ONE THING (which has to be a quick thing). All this week, I am choosing to still have my hour in the mornings. IF I don’t have that my sanity will leave the building. I’m already going to be tough to be around this week. So I’m trying to curb my talking so that the truth does not come out about how insane this line up is for IMPOSSIBLE WEEK.

I started to take a pic of my check list – of all the withholding returns, unemployment returns, and all the w-2 reporting for both of our companies that I do but I guess that would be “too much” to share. And you wouldn’t believe it anyway. I will try to get everything done this month but I’m not sure it is going to happen. My week is only built to have a few hours to work on taxes as most of it goes to payroll and at the year end there is just so much extra and no time allotted for it for one person. This year I’ve had extra on me with Mom and family responsibility time such as a grandson’s first birthday that we would not miss, and not to mention all the snow, and working through being sick with some flu like thing. It’s taken about a week or more from me in total and that did not help my work’s cause. lol. I’ve tried to make up all the time. And I’ll be giving it my best shot this last week to get it done. And I’ll be finding THAT ONE THING each day to do (besides my morning personal hour) to make me feel like something in the day is on my own agenda. No Mom responsibilities this week. That I am aware of. We gave her half our week last week in spare time. She should be good.

I will try to post something each day but there could be some missing days if I choose to work on video. So in case I’m not here, have a great week ahead, CHOOSE HAPPY, if not speak little, lol and find THAT ONE THING that makes your day worth while.

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  1. Good luck with your impossible week. in my former job, I had impossible two weeks two times a year. That was when I had to sell or issue parking permits to every student on campus in the spring and fall. I know how you can feel you don’t have a life.

  2. Just to try and help you. When you have those thoughts that “everyone in the universe is enjoying their Sunday off” but you, think about that checker and cart guy at Walmart you were at or the fast food places you drove by (or my daughter’s working in ICU and on the Covid unit). Consistent reminders to ourselves does help. I’ve had to do it a lot myself last week.

    • Oh yes I know that people work weekends- I just usually have them off since I’ve worked all week. I really miss my being able to have my weekend routine. My thinking was that probably a lot of business folks like me watched the game and had a day off. Most of my family, friends, and coworkers that read did. But yeah I know not everyone follows my schedule lol 😂

  3. Hi lovely Sonya, your day should be almost over as it’s 8 pm over here. I know you must have been running around in circles today but I hope it’s been worth it and your still going to get everything done by the end of the week. I’m glad you found the silver moment to find that special piece of music……Keep smiling love, February will soon be here….take care. God is watching over you…

    • Made very good progress today. I was able to spend most of the day on QE Unemployment Returns! Finished all the Withholding Returns. Mainly have end of year reporting, and federal taxes and one of our company’s unemployment tax returns. That may not mean a lot but at least it’s progressing!

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