Progress at Work, A Death in the Family, Another in the Hospital, and Building Up the Immune System

We had the prettiest sunrise yesterday morning! And I got to enjoy it all the way to work. It was very quiet at work yesterday and had done a lot of my payroll duties yesterday at home so I had a chunk of the day to finish up withholding returns for both businesses, including the Oregon “all in one’s” for both and including the STT taxes for Oregon for both company’s. I am almost through with unemployment returns for one side of the business and have to do it now for the other. Then I can begin working on the year end reporting for all states. I think there are 26 states or something like that. It’s the bigger ones that are the problems – where you have to hand enter a w-2 in its entirety – I think Oklahoma is the worst, lol. But I have to stop to do payroll and the weekly taxes for this week so they won’t be late.

The irony of this payroll is that it is month end again, lol. I’m rolling my eyes because it seems to never end, lol – but I have until Feb 15th to get that monthly withholding payments done and it goes fairly fast. At least now I’m starting to feel some relief but there is still a lot to do and it is still questionable as to whether it can all be done by Feb 1st, even working on the weekend, but we will see. I’m not even sure that if I didn’t have payroll whether I could even get it done or not. There is just not much time in my week normally to work on extra things so why would there be now? lol But I will at least have the returns done 2/1 and should have quite a bit of the annual reporting done by 2/1. I predict there will be some left to do but we’ll see. I’m trying to accomplish the goal. I was happy being in my office yesterday and so glad I didn’t have to waste a day being at a legal meeting downtown. It’s just so much easier working in my office than from home in my temporary set up.

Meanwhile I learned that my 1st cousin has passed and on line I saw the funeral was a graveside service about an hour and half away from us in the middle of the day. She was a generation older than me and our families have not hung out really since I was child. We really only saw them at family funerals which is kinda sad. I’m not going to be able to go. I thought if there had been an evening visitation that we might try to go if it was late enough where I didn’t have to leave early from work. I’m sure Mom would have liked to go but after talking with her, she said “no we are just too far away”. And with that variant virus so rampid I guess the simpler the service the better. So that is some pressure off. I was afraid Mom would be bitter and hold it against me for not taking her. So I’m relieved that she was not expecting to go. I am glad because I don’t want to lose my job and I’ve had to take off for so much already and still much to come as I will be needing to make some of my own appointments this year too. Unfortuneatly “cousin” is not on the funeral excused list, either. So I will send a card of sympathy to my remaining cousins and George and I plan to donate to the American Diabetic Association (whatever was listed in the funeral notice). I’m quite fond of Lynn, who is more my age. And I want to reach out to her for the loss of her sister. I’m sad and I’m also sad that our families did not hang out more. People grow apart for various reasons through the years. We all know how THAT goes. I’m of the mind that if you don’t see people while they are living, it sucks to go see them after they pass. Sorry but just a weird thing that kept going through my mind yesterday. I know we need to be there for those that remain, but it’s just sad that extended family ignores each other until there is a death. I guess our world is just so huge and explosive with so much going on that there is not the time to spend with all the people you would like to. And no one ever cared enough to do family reunions to tie us together so we end up not even knowing who our extended family is anymore. It’s really sad to me.

Coming out of the neighborhood.

Driving over the lake.

So I worked late and got home and George fixed a soup and sandwich for us as I showered and changed and put on warm PJ’s. We sat into watching the 3rd show of Ozark for this new season that released. And we get a call from Katy. She has been throwing up and sick from food poisoning or some thing. And was dehydrated and almost passing out, so Cody took her to the hospital and she was put on IV and given nausea meds. She began feeling better immediately once she had liquids. She can dehydrate so fast. She is frustrated as they have all been sick over and over again. River had also been throwing up some in the last day or so but seemed fine otherwise.

So I am thinking that they need to boost their immune system. I know that being around kids in school and day care exposes one to everything the community has as it is such a collection of germs from all over the place. As a woman and to build up immunity, what would you take in vitamins and supplements to get well? I want to suggest these that I take:

*Vitamin D – this is one thing that really makes a difference. My legs and body get really week when I’m low. A shortage of Vitamin D can impact a lot of things.

*Zand Naturals, Immunity Gummies which has Elderberry and Zinc (on Amazon) – Just gives an extra boost.

*Vitamin C. I don’t drink juice and probably don’t eat enough fruit but I think this has helped some.

*Vitamin B Complex – Oh my gosh. This is my feel good pill right here. If I don’t have enough B’s I get emotional, nervous, and anxious (I know I know I’m always anxious, lol) but seriously it’s on steroids if I don’t have this. There is certain brand I use that works and has a veggie capsule so it will actually get in your body.

The rest is just trying to get in some greens and fruits and eat healthy nutrition including a lot of protein. Sometimes even a spoonful of peanut butter can get me through til I can get something better.

Do you have any suggestions for Kate? She reads the blog and she will read your answers. I’m worried about her. She is home now after being able to keep sprite down.

So pray for them all out there in TEXAS. They are having a rough time trying to keep everyone well. But I’m thinking it’s time for Katy to work on the immune system. And see if it won’t help. It’s frustrating to me to be so far away and can’t run over and help with River. But someone came over while they went to the hospital. I just pray she feels better today. And I know she feels like she can’t miss work either. But she will need her rest and to get better.

Ok off to get ready for work and get payroll done. Ya’ll take care!

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  1. Oh dear Sonya, I’m so sad to read that Kate has had to go to hospital and be rehydrated …As you so rightly say teaching wee ones in a school environment is a sure spreader of all sorts of bugs/ germs…and of course River having the bugs won’t help Kate either. I think the advice you have already given to Kate are the ones I would be giving her as well….with the exception of the Vit B complex I don’t think I have heard of it or seen it. Please can you tell me what name it goes under and I will check it out in our Health Food Store…..I’m sure Kate also knows that she must keep drinking water preferably…..Anyway she and Cody and the wee one are in my thoughts and prayers. Also I hope that today goes well at work. I think it’s absolutely rediculas that you are even expected to do all this extra work on your own at this one time of the year, it’s beyond what anyone should be doing…I hope by this time next year serious discussions can take place about the whole work situation…you are only human and work real real hard 10 months in the year but these last 2 are just way over the top…..What a wonderful beautiful sunrise followed you to work yesterday, hope it’s the same today…Take care driving though if the sun should rise and shine down on you, there’s nothing …or not much worse….than the sun shining directly into your eyes whilst driving…Take care. God Bless. Xx

    • Yeah it seems like everyone is in the same boat. Thanks for your comments. Katy is still nauseous this morning but willing to try toast. Not sure if it’s a bug or food poisoning.

  2. Stomach bugs are the worse. I hope Kate feels better. I just take a multivitamin and Vitamin D. And Cronrocare by Metagenics. I haven’t done it lately but smoothies with spinach and fruit and a scoop of protein powder and coconut water seem to give me strength and help me feel better. I don’t eat enough vegetables and fruit each day as I should. I do better when I buy a fruit tray with a dip at the grocery store. I do drink a small glass of juice each morning after my coffee.
    I have heard there is a stomach virus thing going around here too. I hope it is not the horrible Noro Virus.
    It is very important that she stays hydrated. Gatoraid is good to help when dehydrated. A glass of coke with lots of ice seems to help me when I am sick.
    That is the most miserable feeling of nausea and not being able to eat. I hope she feels better soon.
    Hang in there at work. A body can only do so much.

  3. I also do the best with keeping Coke down. A lot of people use Propel and I know you can get packages of the individual powdered mix pkts. As I hope you know as a former HR if you fill out a FMLA form for your mom and her medical care needs none of her appointments and your time off to take her can be held/counted negatively in regards to your employment (when you mentioned being fired for taking time off).

    • Yes I have FMLA for eyes, but extra things like funerals for non- immediate family, moving, house building meetings are not included lol. Been a busy year! I’m out of PTO for a bit.

  4. Of course, extra Vitamin D, lots of C to get your body back in line. Zinc Also she needs to get the flora in her gut back in line. This can be done with getting plenty of fermented foods. I snack on small pickles, olives, pickled beets. We eat sourkraute at least once every week or so in our house. Also after or during any illness in the house, open all the windows and air out the house. It helps to clear it out. I regularly snack on pickles daily as it helps my gut.

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