Texas Arrivals, Birthday Dinner Surprise, and Time With Grandson

We made it!

Flights were fine!

Grabbed a late lunch at In Out Burger and headed west!

We arrived and Katy had dinner for us. King Ranch Chicken Casserole, salad, and surprise- a cake for me! I rarely get cake as we are all so full from Christmas! It was all so good and there were gifts. I’ll show you those later.

Findlay was so excited to see us!

She sat with us at the table after we ate, while we talked and listened like a little human lol 😂

Coffee was great this morning. We slept in the guest house last night next door. Very nice house.

Took Katy to Work for her half day today. And then we took River to the donut shop. Was glad there was two of us! Ha!

Back at the house for play time and nap time!

We have a packed rest of the day! So we’ve put River to nap. Following Katy’s schedule of activity worked like a charm so he knows it’s nap time.

Change diaper, put on sleep suit, turn on sleep maker noise machine, turn off lights, and rock with bottle, put down, he cries for a little bit sometimes and talks to himself and babbles, then puts himself to sleep. lol 😂 Worked.

Having a great time! Lucky to have missed today’s storm back home.

More tomorrow as we prep for the birthday party for River!

2 responses to “Texas Arrivals, Birthday Dinner Surprise, and Time With Grandson”

  1. Hi Sonya, I’m so so pleased that you arrived safely and that you had a good nights sleep. Are you staying in the guest house for the 4/5 nights ? Love the photos you’ve taken the wee one looks so big now dosn’t he. It will be fun seeing how it all goes at his party…Take care, and don’t forget to rest some especially when the wee fella is having his nap….night night. God Bless

    • No one night in the guest house. It has more bedrooms and Cody’s parents and grandparents will stay there as they arrive today and we move in with Cody and Katy for the rest of time.

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