Texas Sunsets and Steakhouses

There’s my Texas sunset. So we spent most of the day with River. We picked up Katy from school and had a late lunch at MaBelle’s. River loves the salad bar! They had soup and chili too.

I played with River while George and Katy when to the store to get the meat for the party and other food. Cody will be smoking some pork today!

We flipped over the guest house so Cody’s parents and grandparents could have the 2 bedroom house. So I washed sheets and we brought our suitcases over to Cody and Katy’s. Their extra bedroom is still under construction. So they planned to give us their bed. But I knew from when River was born that the sofa was comfy. I had a good nights sleep.

I’m getting ahead of myself. We went to another ranch near Graham Texas called Wildcatter about 50 minutes away. It was bitter cold all day but we walked in and were met with a fireplace! And there was a man at the bar with a cowboy hat on. It always surprises me to see it because usually I only see that on TV. lol

The steakhouses around here in TX are Huge, and out in the middle of no where! People come from all around but last night was thin as it was so cold and not a weekend.

We enjoyed our meal but it was a little tense 😬. We took Cody’s truck after getting a late start and realized the diaper bag was in the other car, and River was out past his bedtime. Lucky we made it home without any major blowouts and he was so good., despite being bored. Our service was a little slow, but the food was good – but it was a little salty. But I think everything is salty. lol

We are lounging around this morning but have a party to get ready for. The party is tomorrow. We are going out as a big group tonight with Katy and Cody and Codys parents and grandparents. Looking forward to that.

I have one worry. It got down to 11 or 12 at home. I don’t think Little Bit would go in to the garage for the neighbors. I saw him on cam at 1:01 this morning and none since. He normally circles around on front porch. I’m hoping he survived. Prayers please. I was so hoping he would go in garage. But he is shy of strangers. So worried.

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  1. I imagine he survived. Our old Mama Kitty has always had to find her own place to sleep in cold weather, and she doesn’t act like the cold bothers her. Even our inside/outside cat, Blue, has to go outside to sleep in an old igloo cooler that Cliff made for him. Last night it got down to 11, with below zero wind chill. Both cats were fine (and hungry) this morning, as always.

    • That’s good to know. Little Bit is 13 though. I texted our neighbors to see if they’ve seen him this morning. I keep watching the front cam and nothing. He is always there. But George says he may be holed up somewhere til the sun warms things. It’s still 19 there.

  2. Hi Sonya, what nice days you are having not long now till you’ll be home and it will feel like a dream….I pray that little Bit will be ok. Cats usually are clever enough to find a sheltered place…so I hope he will have done so. When is it your going home ? Is it Sunday ? I can’t remember…..I love the kind of steak houses they seem to have in Texas…yum yum. Hope you all enjoy your meal tonight. I’m sure the wee one will be good……Take care if George has to drive and the weather is a bit frosty……we don’t want to hear of an accident !! Take care, God Bless

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