Flying Home, Memories Made, Major Bottlenecks Ahead in 2022.

No makeup Nonni!

We’ve had a lot of fun and some relax time. I was in total relax mode and didn’t get a blog entry done. It’s hard to type on my phone and I don’t love doing it this way. But we are at the airport and about to fly home.

Too many pics to try to post but will get to them during the week this week!

It was sad to leave! Didn’t want to. But what can you do? We have to go back to our life and responsibilities back in Nashville!

Lots of fun and memories made.

Little Bit is ok! So far. We have camera sightings! We are anxious to get home now that we are at the airport. We hung out here longer than we really needed but hopefully about to board soon. We have prayed all will be on time. Boarding in about 25 min.

Hope you all are doing well and having a good new year so far! I checked in with Mom and got her list of to dos! lol 😂 I knew there would be about 3 more for her growing list. She needs to go shoe shopping, needs a haircut , and wants to go furniture shopping. George is taking her to get tags changed over tomorrow for her car as he is off. Bless him.

Not sure when I have time to do what I want to do. But we will have no choice but to take turns since we each have a life! 🙂 It’s all good. I’m making my list too! Everyone gets to exercise their patience as we navigate the bottlenecks of 2022. Embrace what is and Forge forward!

4 responses to “Flying Home, Memories Made, Major Bottlenecks Ahead in 2022.”

  1. So glad you got to relax. I know you need a physical and mental vacation. I loved seeing the pictures of River’s birthday party. He is precious!!!!

  2. I can see Little Roo loved having his grandma and grandpa there. He is really growing and cute as a button. Glad you guys had a good time.

    • It’s so hard to leave him! I miss the daily routine and being able to watch him play. I thought him #1 with his pointer finger but can see he confuses it with pointing at something. He sees me and sticks a #1 in the air “I’m one ☝️ years”! Miss the daily hugs!

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