Another Loss of a Family Pet

Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken are here in town staying with Mom. And I got a call yesterday morning that their little Coco had taken her last breath. She was 16 and lived a full life, but I know this is so hard for them right at Christmas and on a trip.

My heart goes out to them in these first few days and all the “firsts” and the “moments” they will have when they miss their little fur girl.

So they came over and George buried little Coco in our back yard next to Tugie, Roger, and Maisy. We now have 4 dogs in our back yard and 2 cats. So our day took a curve yesterday and it will be sad not to have her here with us at Christmas. This breaks my heart for them. They are doing fine and say she has lived a long good life, but inside I know how it hurts. It was easier for me to let Tugie go than Maisy. While it was painful, she needed to go as her body was just so worn out, but she loved us and loved life and hung on for dear life to be with us. I also had Maisy that was a handful at the time and she claimed me and stole my heart and it made the loss of Tugie so much easier even though Tugie can never be replaced. But when Maisy passed, I was just absolutely broken. She had been so well and then had her liver issues and wouldn’t eat and was not going to get better. It was all so sudden. No time to get used to things or watch her grow old.

George and I miss having fur babies in the house. Little Bit only hangs with us occasionally, has really sharp claws, and swats a lot, but has started to hang closer now that winter is here and the doggies are gone.

So teasingly I said “let’s go get puppies for Christmas” but they are like us. There is a time for them and we are waiting til at least spring and we’ll see.

So my Aunt and Uncle stayed for a few minutes with us and we gave them something to drink and offered snacks. They brought their presents with them and we put them under the tree.

I finished the wrapping, baked some cookies, but did not bake the chocolate oatmeal cookies because of the rainy/humid weather. Perhaps I will get another opportunity and if not, I’ll fix them one day – “just because”.

I have put together some goodies for the neighbors and we cleaned up some. We are about as ready for Christmas as we can be. Now we can enjoy the week before Christmas.

I needed a pedi so bad but didn’t want to get out yesterday so I did them myself.

George fixed us a stir fry meal last night with hot tea and we began watching a show called “Lost Kitchen”. It was very good. It’s on Discovery +. All the shows we are watching are weird and I needed to watch something – if not happy or upbeat – at leasts normal.

The kids have had some time in Hot Springs and are on the road to us. Keep them in your prayers as they travel from Hot Springs, through Memphis, and on to our house. They’ll be here by 2 today.

This morning we are meeting Mom and Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken at Fancy’s spa and then for breakfast. So I need to go and get a quick shower in and get dressed.

I may pop in tomorrow or it may be mid-week. We will see. I’m almost ready to start working on the next video! Just need to finish up some photo files first – only a few more things to work on and need to transfer some camera footage.

I love him for finding comfort in my lap, and showing me love.

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  1. Oh Sonya , I’m so sorry for your Aunt and Uncle, what a horrible thing to happen especially at this time when they are away from home. It was lovely that George was able to help them put her to rest….you’ve got a real collection of doggie bones if anyone ever digs them up !…..Hope that by now Kate Cody and Wee Roo are getting near home. We are just back from a quick visit to my niece Barbara’s she has put on an open house for my BILs 90th birthday( which is actually Christmas Eve ). But she thought it was better to do it this weekend. He was so surprised when we came in, but so pleased and happy….One of his neighbours from Bath also arrived, he was very pleased to see her. She was / is a nurse and was a great help when Margaret was so ill…..I don’t think I have seen her except once just before Mitch moved over to stay with Barbara, so must be at least 6 years and it will be 8 years. On Christmas Eve since Margaret died….it was nice to see her again. We didn’t stay long as Peter has to have his Booster Vaccine tonight, in fact he has gone now. Praying he will be ok…. Well love I’m going now to start Mary and my stir fry for a late lunch early dinner !! Take care and enjoy the rest of your Sunday, no need to say I expect the excitement is running high xxxx

    • I’m so glad the surprise birthday went well. How fun for everyone! That was sweet of Barbara to host! Yes we are waiting for the kids arrival. They are due in about 45 minutes or so depending on how many times they had to stop I guess. We have our “spread” ready to go.

  2. I am sorry about the cute little dog passing. That is so sad right here at Christmas. I hope you get to rest. relax and enjoy some time with your little grandson.
    Christmas is really special when you have a little one around. He is a lucky little boy to have so many grandparents who love him.
    I am getting my baking done this week and then we will see my daughter, SIL, and grandson at our house on Christmas eve.

  3. This sad news added to my comment delay.
    How terribly sad to loose a pet at this time of year, especially. What a hit.
    I hope it helps your Aunt & Uncle to be around family. This just breaks my heart. Coco RIP 🙏

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