Special Quality Time with Family this Christmas Season

Well here we are. A happy bunch just enjoying a great breakfast at Nadine’s in Hermitage. We are so happy to have Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken in town for a while. I have to laugh at George and I leaning to get in the picture. lol We always enjoy breakfast there. It was so good. It’s filling enough to last many hours!

I had this view from my seat that kept intriguing me. I was able to zoom in and catch it. This iPhone 13 camera is awesome! This was completely on the other side of the restaurant and through the window!

Studying the menu

Here’s our little spread for the afternoon for Cody and Katy and River’s arrival- just a little snack session as they had a dinner to go to. Everyone loved the pumpkin bread. The baking session this year was inspired by two people: my neighbor who Brought over snicker doodle things, and also a coworker who brought a bag full of various goodies and “made my week” as I munched all last week in the new office – not really having a lot of food handy yet as we hadn’t quite settled in. So thanks to everyone who baked and shared and now I’m paying it forward. I normally don’t get time to Christmas bake so thankful also to have extra time to do this especially in an already extra busy season.

I can feel the pressure releasing some and the to do’s letting up some and the festivities are coming on and coming on strong. I’m thankful for Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken taking care of Mom for these two weeks and getting Fancy to and from spa (the timing would have horribly impacted our time with River arriving). They have also agreed to take her to the eye appointment in Hendersonville this week so I don’t have to miss work and so I don’t really have to go in early any more this month on Tuesday to work toward missing work. Of course now most of the month is over. lol But it means a lot tomorrow to get that hour back personally.

We are “birthdaying” with Katy and Cody and everyone tonight including Susan and Sarah (big party) and we may never get seated, lol, and we are “steaking out” with Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken tomorrow night (if they will confirm my reservations). And then we are going to the store on Wednesday night for our Christmas groceries. We need to make our grocery lists (somehow) and also figure out when I will have time to make my 7 layer salad and also sausage balls. I think we are off Christmas Eve. So I guess I will make everything that morning since we work on the 23rd. George and I will be crawling all over each other in the kitchen unless we assign times. That leaves us with no time to do anything much on Christmas Eve ::sigh:: but cook until that evening. I’m not sure we have decided on what we are having Christmas morning for breakfast. We need to decide that. I can make a breakfast casserole Christmas Eve and it all be ready to go and of course will be making 2 batches of sausage balls. I might make cinnamon pinwheels as I have some pillsbury dough. Who knows.

George is working from home today as the dishwasher repair man is coming. It’s been fine washing the dishes. But it’s annoying that the dishwasher is new and not working.

Here’s our pics with Little Roo yesterday. He was so much fun, so easy to entertain, and he is so good.

He was shy at first as we rushed up to him so fast and animatedly began talking and hugging. But he quickly warmed to us when he realized we were entertaining, laughing, and can be fun. I know he is used to hearing our voices on face time too. And we love to eat too so we speak THAT language. He loved my pumpkin bread! And he loved the Christmas mouse that danced and sang and especially loved it when he turned the music on and discovered that Nana (my Mom) would dance too. We were all impressed. Here’s the video.

This was entertaining to all of us. He would look at the mouse and then look at Momma.

He can give “high 5’s”!

And he loves to play guitar!

Last but not least, lol, Fancy in her new spa trim and Mom’s socks. Someone actually stopped her at the restaurant and told her they liked her socks! lol

OK so we had a great day yesterday and had pot pie (frozen that had been made at thanksgiving) for dinner and began watching Imposters on Netflix. Sleep was good!

Also last night before dinner I was able to finish my video file projects up to the present time. All camera footage transferred and files merged from phone and camera photos/videos into the project files which are in order as I have a way of dating them first so I know which video to do next. And I will be doing the Nashville Zoo trip which takes us back to June. I think it’ll be a quick and easy video. I have filmed a lot lately and I think I have about 10 video project files lined up. I need to get cranking! I would love to just be a month or two behind instead six! I feel like people are not interested to see that far back. But it’s the best I can do working full time, keeping up the blog, and taking care of Mom too.

I will update my Mac’s software which has an update to Monterey and I’ll do that before starting the next video just in case.

So, I will probably be popping in on Wednesday and will work on Mac and video editing tomorrow in my one spare hour of the day.

Ya’ll have a good week before Christmas. Is everything coming together at your house?

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  1. Hi lovely Sonya, I’m so glad that everything is starting to work well at your end. I’m also pleased that your Aunt and Uncle are with Mum, what a God Send that has been. I truly think if you had still been trying to do things with her as well as getting ready yourself it might have just tipped you over the edge !! But now I can feel a much more relaxed Sonya shining through. Little Roo is such a delight. Loved ALL the photos you took and we did laugh at him dancing and laughing at Mum, she to looked to be enjoying herself. I am slowly getting everything together at this end…I just have to give Peter a list of vegetables required for dinner on Christmas Day. He has to collect the Turkey Crown that I’ve ordered he gets it between 5-6 I hadn’t realised when I ordered it that he is only working till 1 or even 12 this week, or I would have got a time nearer that as the shop is on his way home…but I didn’t. I don’t think he will mind. We all had a lovely time at my BIL 90th birthday yesterday ( it’s not actually till Xmas Eve ) but my niece thought it was too much to expect people to come out that day, and anyway it’s always a two sided day, happy cause it’s Mitch’s birthday but sad as it’s the day 8 years ago that my dear Sister died, so Mitch is always a bit quiet that day…..Anyway it went well yesterday…must go now, I’m really whacked tonight I seem to have been on the go all day with nothing to show for it, Night ni,got. God Bless. Xxx

  2. And now the partying begins!
    I hope you can relax, somewhat, & enjoy the rest of your Christmas week with family.
    I’m leaving so much out but read between the lines or not. lol
    I’m exhausted at this point & I’m already making notes for next year. 🤭

  3. It does my heart good to see with your little grandson. He is so cute! And it is wonderful your Aunt and Uncle are helping you with your Mom. That has to be her brother he looks just like her. Miss Fancy looks pretty with her little bow and a new haircut. I braved the grocery store today. It was awful busy. Then I came home and baked a chicken. I am tired and going to bed early. I have a busy day tomorrow. Merry Christmas. Enjoy your time with your family.

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