Let us Gather! And We Did!

My heart is happy and full this morning! What a fun night out with family. Let us “gather” and we DID! At the table, Florida, Texas, Maryland, Middle TN and East TN meet up! Wow! What a blessing! And a one of a kind evening together. Little Roo was soooo good. He was passed all around. And our food was good. ML Rose was really good. I think most of us had burgers as their burgers ROCK! My heart sings this morning! Thank you Lord for family and for this wonderful evening!

And look at what I got on the camera on the way home. This camera on this iPhone 13 also sings!

We were moving so ignore the blurry trees and neighborhood, but look at the full moon behind the clouds. I can’t wait to have time to do some night photography – maybe this summer or perhaps in Texas. There was a peachy tone around the halo of the moon. You can kinda see it here.

Ok so I’m going to go work on the zoo video now. I hope the footage is good. I’ve not seen it in a while.

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  1. Hi Sonya,
    What a wonderful evening to be stored away in your memory for any dark days that come your way. Hope work is going well today. God Bless and love from us in Box. Xxx

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