Moving Continues, Antique Revolving Bookshelf, and Cedar Tap Brewery Visit in Lebanon, TN

Mom’s Antique Revolving Bookcase, aka “The Beast”

Yesterday, instead of doing Christmas decor, I decided it best to go on and get Mom over to the new place and do the Christmas decor Saturday. I’ll be a day behind on the decorating and I might have to short cut some of it, but it is what it is. I can decorate better when there is less going on in the house, so it sounded like a better plan.

So much to my surprise we had two full car loads of Mom’s stuff and could have used a 3rd and 4th if we had included the remnants of the basement too, with the fragile lamps and clocks. We also were not able to get all of her clothes. We plan a 2nd double run to her house today to take things and unload, further disrupting my Christmas decorating. Mom said not to come, but we forgot to send Thanksgiving leftovers and quite honestly I need the closet space as I’m also moving bedrooms this weekend. And George is just going to have to help decorate the tree while I get the other stuff going. I’m not going to have time to do it all this weekend. I don’t even need to be writing this blog but – old habits die hard and I like to do something enjoyable while waking up and drinking coffee.

So for the pic above, George is working on Mom’s revolving Antique book case. It doesn’t matter how hard I try, I end up getting involved in having to move this darn beast. If this house sells, the book case sells with it. lol. I’m just kidding. But it hasn’t stopped me from nicknaming it “the beast”. It’s too fragile to hold books but Mom puts crystal bowls on it for display – you know – she loves her glassware.

George was able to get it on the dolly – only one wheel was on it properly but somehow we managed to balance and toggle through her house to the farthest corner (of course) of the house and I was leading. The dolly wanted to slide away so and the bookshelf fall back onto George. I had to have the dolly slide into my foot to stop it continually and every time I did it hit George in the head, lol. Mom had to go hide and couldn’t watch. I don’t blame her. I didn’t want to be there either. I had begged for us to get help – someone other than me. There was not much lifting involved but there was some when things would start to go awry, I would put more weight on me and we had to move it further back into the corner once we set it down.

I tried to help Mom do things but I don’t know where she wants anything to go and she didn’t either. She said she wanted to figure it out on her own little by little. I would be the same way I guess. She is functional with kitchen, pantry, fridge and appliances, washer, dryer, clothes, and finally bed set up. She has all of her day to day items there now moved from here. So it’ll be pieced together over time and we’ll bring in more boxes and such week to week.

We went and did her huge “move in” grocery run. She is well stocked. The store was out of her frozen corn she likes but we’ll get it next time. Since we had forgotten the Turkey and dressing – I felt bad and it wasn’t near as good of a dinner but we brought in Fried Chicken and Baked Beans and Potato Salad for her dinner – already cooked so she would have something good and not have to cook anything.

We surprised her on her store run by throwing in a few treats for her sweet tooth – butter pecan ice cream, nutty buddies, and ice cream sandwiches. George threw in a few things he knew she liked. Mom was paying for it, but she still seems to like the surprises when we throw them in. She had wanted to go to the store but decided against it after packing her immediate day to day things. She had to stop several times – she just can’t move much without overworking her heart.

George had been wanting to try out Lebanon’s new tap room “Cedar Tap” near the square. So we went there at my suggestion beforehand. We often like to catch a brewery and tap rooms are ok too that have the local favorites from around and also even some from other cities craft breweries to try.

They had a Czann’s on tap and even though it was dark I liked it. It didn’t taste stout but tasted like a medium brewed beer as I call it. I like one large on taste and have kinda left behind the pilsners and lighter beers for the kolsch, hoppier, and even IPA’s – east or west coast, and also the hazy too. My taste is evolving over time. It was a nice and fun much needed break in between our little work day there at Mom’s.

We then did all the grocery shopping, and put all that up and George worked some on her “flex room”. And then headed home.

Tired as I was, I moved Mom’s hanging clothes to the sofa until we load the car today. And I made my bed up with sheets and pillows and moved my night things over – I take a probiotic at night and have some sleep spray I use, Vicks under the nose if my nose is stuffy, and iPhone charger. I will say that the bed felt good and was more supportive of my back and frame – especially if I sleep in the middle where the old mattress has not worn down. The mattress in my office served me well and was quite supportive for what I needed as well as soft, but it felt good to sleep on a more firm mattress. I think I like a soft top but firm underneath. It felt good to be back in my own bed.

I’ll eventually get all my clothes moved over to the other closet. Not sure how much time I’ll have today and tomorrow to do so. But I am going to go get another cup of coffee and see if I can rustle up George to bring up the Christmas boxes. I don’t think I can do it this year getting them from the basement all the way up here. My body has taken a beating this year and I’ve aged tremendously from the last, my muscles are deteriorating for some reason. I may have to go back on the wellness company’s vitamins that I do only periodically now, and make myself to do the shakes, because I felt the best when I put the nutrition in my body. My muscles were the main reason I joined the company in the first place.

Anyway, I’m going to get off of here and go get the 2nd cup of coffee. Here are some of Mom’s lamps and clocks we will be taking to her. They are in the basement downstairs which is a storage area of sorts where the previous owners took the upstairs cabinets and installed them downstairs when the remodeled and we are glad to have the extra storage space. I didn’t want you to think this was my kitchen, lol.

The lamp on the left is an old lamp from George’s parents. A nice lamp but needs new shades. We just don’t need it upstairs right now. But Mom’s lamp is the white one. And below in the pic, the pretty beige one is hers.

I’m hoping these are the missing TV remotes. I had texted Mom to ask but she just said “ok” so I’m not sure if these are the ones or not. But there might be some cords in there that they need for her Roku. So the TV is not set up yet.

Oh and Fancy dog, the statue – we gotta get it over to her.

Ya’ll have a great weekend. It’s going by too fast. But I did get my Christmas cards in the mail. Wooooo Hoo. Something accomplished. And we are waiting on Lowe’s to see when our dishwasher will arrive and be installed. They were supposed to call yesterday but we heard from no one. So hopefully they will call today. Might not be delivered until next week though. We shall see.

I am going to go work on Christmas decor or swapping my closets if I can’t get help.

Ya’ll take care. What you doing this weekend? And are you getting alerts? Or just having to remember to come by and see me? Trying to figure out what is going on.

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  1. Wow. Y’all have done a lot of work!!!!!

    I got the email alert today. It is the first one in several days. I have been trying to remember to go look at the blog but I forgot sometimes.

    Hope you get your decorating done. I am behind!! I am likely not going to get mine done until I finish my spinal ablation on December 7. I had a bad day yesterday. I am sure it is because I worked so much on Thanksgiving getting the food ready. Richard’s family told us to be there by noon (which didn’t happen). I worked hard but still didn’t meet their deadline. Christina and I both have no idea why we had to eat at noon.

    I came home from the beach with a sinus infection. Of course, when I went to the doctor, I had to have “the bad test.” It was negative so they gave me antibiotics.

    Next week, (Thursday) I am going to Murfreesboro to present at the conference that I used to be on the Planning Committee. I love this organization and I love seeing my friends. I hope my back will cooperate. I am only responsible for one session face to face and one virtual session. I keep telling myself that I can do that. The worst part may be driving back and forth.

    I am so impressed with how much you and George have done getting your mother moved. I know you will be glad when that is finished. Take care of yourself during this process.

    Love you.

    • Oh my goodness- sorry about the sinus infection but I’m glad it’s not the dreaded. I hope 🤞 back is better soon. I know it’s hard trying to do food and kitchen work when the back is not cooperating. It’s frustrating. Mine is not happy when I have to move or lift. The family eating times are always stringent. Ours never coincided with the sports games and often people would be late if the game wasn’t over. If not that squabble would ensue over what the family main meat would be. Oh my gosh. Always something lol! Hope your FL trip was fun and hope your upcoming trip is fun. We go to the mountains soon and I can’t wait!

  2. Great job getting your Mom in her new place. That was a lot of work for everyone involved. I don’t blame your Mom for hiding when the bookcase was hitting George in the head. I can imagine he had a few choice words for that thing.
    It is an interesting piece of furniture. Where did your Mom get? I like the old-timey clocks and lamps too. Your Mom has been thru a lot of excitement with her big move. Is she okay? I hope her heart is ok, moving is stressful and hard on a body. I despise moving. At least she doesn’t have to rush and can take her time going through her things and putting them where she wants.
    My husband just brought our tree in from the garage. I am still in pain from my back hurting. But will help decorate once he gets it up. Other than that I don’t plan on doing much else today. I really overdid it during Thanksgiving.
    I can relate to how you are feeling. I just can’t work as I use to when younger.
    But do what I can..
    Enjoy your weekend.. You guys sure deserve it. It is a pretty day here the sun is out and it is 54 degrees.

    • Yeah Mom is tired and no I don’t think she is ok. I think assisted living is where she needed to be but we are trying and willing to try to accommodate her wishes. Yes. We are all tired and there’s so much still to do. She has things to order and I’ll probably go over one night next week and try to get that done. We have to also get her set up with a local bank. Hardware for curtains and more rails and more furniture needs to be moved around. Slow process but taking time to decorate. So we can all have a cheerful new view on life here at the house. Gotta get Moms house ready for company coming too. So lots going on but lots to be thankful for. I hope your back gets better. Rest up as you can. Thanks for your comments today! Means the world to me!

  3. Hi Sonya. Glad to hear that Mums in her own house and seems to be ok. It’s been such a hard few weeks for you and George some days my heart wept for you both. However life goes on and we just ride along with the flow…I’m hoping by the time I’m writing this that you have a lot of your Christmas stuff up and beginning to find their places. I havnt even begun to think yet, maybe in a couple of weeks around the 15th Dec I will get things out. My back bedroom is where everything goes that hasn’t got a specific …place…consequently it’s become more and more a dumping ground. Mary had a spell of loving to do jigsaws. But that has not been happening this year, my back bedroom was the landing place there must be 20+ piled high on my blanket box. I have my cleaning lass coming tomorrow I might not see her as I have church in the morning but I’m going to ask her to come a day in the week and take them all over to Mary’s. I know she dosn’t even have a spare room but I’m sure she can find somewhere to dump them….I suggested taking them to the charity shop some child or adult might have liked a brand new jigsaw, but that fell on deaf ears, but I’ve had enough I must clear that room it’s driving me mad. I want my Christmas things brought through from the top of the wardrobe so I will get Nikki to do that as well. I am going to make a start on my Christmas cards tomorrow. Well it’s after 10pm I am already in my recliner so I’m going to say. Night night. God Bless. I have no trouble getting your blog through by an e Mail…

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