Resetting and Focusing on the To Do List with Focus Matrix App

If you have been following my blog long, you know I use the Focus Matrix App for my To Do List. It has the 4 quadrant method for organizing your To Do’s and it’s easy to reprioritize them and check them off, delete them, and add new ones.

I don’t know what I would do without this app. I believe it was a small fee to be able to have this cross over to another device and it’s been well worth it so that I have it on my Mac and also on my iPhone. This totally keeps me settled and true to the app’s title, it keeps me focused. I use the four quadrants a little differently than they suggest. They have categories based on the quadrant method of to do list from long ago back when you took a pen and a legal pad and made a cross on the page with the following categories: Important and Urgent, Important but Not Urgent, Not Important but Urgent, and Not Important and Not Urgent. I tend to get confused by the Not Important But Urgent field. If something is Urgent, to me it becomes important to get done so…….I ended up doing my own version.

My version is a little more simple. It’s just mainly in order by what needs to get done first including what I want to do first. The pink list IS my urgent “do first” list. The green, is sidelined but will slide over to the pink side once there is an opening! Ha! Skipping the Blue for now. The grey one is “next to never” – just things to do some day and as they become more important or doable in the near future time frame, I’ll move it up the list to the green or the pink.

The blue section? Well I decided to put dishes I wan’t to make here. Mainly so I don’t forget about them. They may stay there for months until I get the hankering to do it, lol! But I will move it into the list as time approaches and I’m ready to do it. For now my to list is so big that I don’t want cooking items taking up precious “to do” space! LOL LOL

The phone version gets all squashed up but you can scroll each section up and down so you can see the entire list. I mainly use it on my Mac as I’m at home when I do my planning for the most part. I also have just a regular planner I keep with me at all times. While I work I jot down things that pop into my brain, and I usually have it with me for appointments and other plans. I just CANNOT convert to a virtual calendar. I like looking at the week at a glance. I guess it’s just what I’m used to. And I use the planner to make “sub lists” for that day like “refill vitamins, stop at the store, bring Kleenex to work tomorrow” and so forth.

I usually “REFOCUS” the week ahead using my Focus List. I spent the weekends also DOING those things on the TO LIST and then resetting it for the following week. I usually don’t put housework on the list – but if I’m so “list intense” and having issues fitting housework in – I will put it on the list so I don’t over look it. Sometimes we get so busy I have to put it on the list to make sure it gets done! But we are home this weekend so I’m not going to forget to get the laundry done or vacuum. I’ll do my normal weekend routines.

So all that said. I refocused this morning! I know what I need to do and in what order.

It is nice to have two weekend days at home, and we are running around doing errands and having a Mom’s Day weekend here at home.

Mom’s House Update

Numerous people have toured in the last two days. More this weekend. The deadline for the house bids are Monday at 1:00. We were shocked that Mom has to have a decision made by Monday at 3:00. The realtor had not explained that to Mom. The receptionist or the assistant mentioned it in their conversation leaving Mom with all kinds of questions. George called the realtor back and he apologized for not explaining that to her. (Helloooooooo, is that not important?). We were all shocked that she only had 2 hours to make a decision on an offer! But that is the way the ball bounces.

So the realtor is going to include both of us in the emails. (Let’s see if he remembers!) As Mom wants George and I in the decision making process. So George and I are taking late lunches and will be discussing these offers with Mom. If Mom doesn’t answer by 3 the bids expire. A different real estate world for sure these days. It would have been nice if this had been explained before the house listed so one would know what to expect. I think the real estate agent needs a check list of things to go over with the seller. A big oopsie on that one on his part. But he has promised to call Mom today and explain to her the process. Anyway, the good news is people are interested. I’m praying that Mom has some good offers and that she will have enough to be able to get the new house and to be able to meet her needs. That is really all we ask and if the Lord wants to reward her over that, then He may. She is a widow and a Christian so I hope that He does!

Meanwhile in TX

River is 4 months old now! I think he is outgrowing his 3 to 6 months clothes now! Wow. And he ROLLED OVER! In this shot below I think you can get an idea of his “adult face” here. His face looks so grown up in this shot below.

It’s just a few weeks away from the day I can pick this little boogar up and love on him.

So……I am behind on the videos this year for sure, and haven’t had time to work on finishing this one. I’m going to try to get it done in the next few days? Why? So I can start on the next one. I’m truly sorry for being so behind. But it’s been an unexpected year. Last year we had all this TIME to sit around and do things like that. This year has been overload on steroids all of a sudden.

So on to getting things done. About to get a shower and head out with George for some our Saturday errands.

Take care!

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  1. Evening Sonya, well it’s evening over here it’s 7.30 and been a wet windy day so it
    will get dark quicker tonight, I’ve know idea why it’s like this in May but I do wish it would really get a bit sunnier and warmer. Thank goodness it was mostly dry Wed,Thurs,and Friday as David and Barbara were hard at it painting the outside of our homes. They did Val’s first it’s looking nice but is getting well washed today, hope it dosn’t cause any problems to the new paint…..They are coming this week same days We’d.-Frid. and will do Mary’s next then mine…..I hope the people visiting Mums house today like it enough to put in an offer. It’s certainly been good to have so many looking. I can’t believe like you and George how quickly the releator wants a decision….sorry if releator is spelt wrongly but it’s not a word I’ve every heard of other than from you..( .we call them Estate Agents over here.)…..I think you are amazing to have all these lists of what you have to do etc etc We are certainly very different in that way. I seem to just drift through life doing whatever needs doing when it comes up. I rarely plan very much ahead, other than holidays when perhaps other people are going to be involved. Well love hope your having a lovely weekend and I’m keeping Mum in my prayers that whatever happens on Monday is just another step nearer to her move to be nearer you and George. Take care and God Bless. Xx

  2. Make a video of George loading all the furniture from Billie’s house. That should be an interesting one. She told me that as soon as a bid is accepted she will start packing her glass. That ‘s going to be a big job.

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