Flooring Preview, Changes for Little Roo, and Weekend Update

We had a nice little day out and about yesterday. We went to Culver’s for a burger since I had a gift card. We still didn’t use all the balance, lol. I think there is $4.00 left. We’ve eaten twice on it already. It’s the card that keeps on giving! lol

Looking at Flooring Options.

After that we went to Lowe’s to look at flooring and to get mulch. We looked at various types of flooring and took pics of the cost. There is waterproof hardwood now, which is interesting and Pergo and laminate, and even ceramic tile that looks like wood. I liked most all of it and they all had the grayish oak look that I like. Prices vary from $1.99 square foot to $3.99 square foot. You still have to consider the underflooring needs and tools and labor.

I liked most any of it. I’m open about which to use. I mainly want the house to look better, not have to do a LOT of work on the floors, be pet friendly, and do ok if we want to resell the house. George thinks he might be able to put it down to save the labor depending on what we do but he’d have to buy the materials and learn how to do it – YouTube, DIY shows, etc. I’m not sure we are up for this, but heck it’d make a heck of a video, LOL. Perhaps comedy all the way! However, we WILL be going to a company that sells flooring, look at their pricing, including their labor and see how we come out with price differences.

I like the grey look over the brown oak look but anyway somewhere close the above is my goal. I like all the above colors. I don’t like it when there is a LOT of varying shades in the tones. I want a solid look. I don’t want a busy or patchy look. Natural wood tone color variations are fine but this is what I don’t want below. I DO NOT want a busy looking floor. This would drive me NUTS! I would have to leave the house! LOL

We also went to Aldi and did a huge grocery run from there. We also had the 10 bags of rubber mulch from Lowe’s so we had a huge unload.

Productive Day, Amazon Orders, and Vlogging Equipment

I was able to get a LOT done yesterday in the house. I had worked on the video editing Friday so housework happened yesterday. All the laundry is done, sheets changed for George’s bedroom, my wardrobe picked out for the week, ironing done too. And I switched a lot of clothes around removing some winter and adding in some spring.

I managed to get my Amazon orders done for the weekend: probiotics, a new blouse, and some moisturizer/primer. I researched ring lights and camera lighting equipment. I think I have a plan there. I seem to be able to do a good job with my corner floor lamps for the most part. However, I think I will ask for a few things for Christmas for this year, in building my materials to VLOG with. I reserve the right to go ahead and order it though if I find the need consistent. There is a $59 lighting kit that has a case and that is something I’d be interested in that lights up a room good for blogging and I would not be limited to sunny days in certain parts of my house. But I DO THINK I will go ahead and order a Ring Light for mainly desk top purposes although it comes with a 6 foot tripod. The phone connects to it or you can set it behind your camera if you wish and it comes with a remote so you can even take a selfie, LOL. This would be great for seated vlogging or for taking thumbnail photos. I found one with a case that is $39 and seems to be a good deal. I can also use it to bring more lighting to the room. But I’m keeping my eyes on that $59 lighting kit. I think it is more of a nice to have at this point. It’s easily set up with no fuss and moveable. It’s kind of a pain to have to move my floor lamps around.

I also have been getting by without the RODE microphone I want. But I might wait for Christmas on that one too. If I film outside much it’s good to have the wind muff thing that comes with the microphone, but we are not traveling a lot and not doing a lot of outside shots in the wind. I have been able to manipulate the sound pretty good with the iMovie. Also a nice to have as I expand my equipment. This stuff is relatively inexpensive that I am looking at so at any given time if I decide it is becoming a critical need, I will just go ahead and get it. I’m already thinking about Final Cut Pro for a 2022 Christmas gift to myself. It’s an iMovie upgrade. But I had bought Movavi when I began doing this videos, then I realized how easy iMovie was for me to grasp. I still kinda feel obligated to use Movavi though before I go to Final Cut Pro. I also will be upgrading my iPhone next year for a better camera. Mine does pretty good now, but I have the 8S and I have heard good things about the camera upgrades. Since a lot of my material comes from the iPhone I think it’s a worth while investment. Otherwise, I am happy with the 8s. I really don’t like spending a lot of money to upgrade phones. It’s so ridiculous. It used to be $200 to $300 and now upwards to $1000 for it for a new one. I’m just going to have to stick with older versions I guess. I mean that is 1/25th of a towable RV, lol! That’s part of a solar panel!

I asked George for a refreshing drink in the afternoon and he brought me this! I think it was a vodka, soda, and several bitters to make an herbal drink. I like the herbal drinks. I don’t like them too sweet.

Little Roo

My daughter goes back to school this week. She had a good week last week getting hair done, doc visits done, shopping done, both for clothes and groceries. She’s popped back into her class room some in prep for coming back. And she has savored having the last week before giving him over to day care. I remember how hard this was. It’s a relief to get some normalcy back in your life but oh it was tough. I imagine it to be harder on my daughter as she had more time off with him than I had with her. I only had 6 weeks. I think she’s had more like 9 but I’ve not counted. So prayers for their adjustments this week. It’ll be ok Katebug! At least these last few weeks will go fast! Summer will be here soon and so glad you are a teacher to get this summer break. (She reads the blog!)

Everyone always asks about my daughter, son-in-law, and our Little Roo! I appreciate it so much. Everyone knows how much we miss them and miss seeing our grandson grow. So I try to snag a few Instagram photos since they are public anyway. That way I have some memories on the blog and then you all can see him too. Is this not a sweet pic. Oh I could jump thru the screen! I know it’s getting easier to move around and go places. They just had an anniversary and went to the Canyon Road steak house – the one we love to go to when we are there. She said he slept and lay in silence while they ate but screamed all the way home (car seat). She says he doesn’t always sleep on the road. But I think she is able to feed him before they go places and for the most part he has been good in her hour trips to Abilene for doc appts. So I’m glad she feels more mobile now. Those first few weeks at home you feel like you are stuck in a way, but it changes and freedom soon arrives and before you know it they are toddlers, teens, and getting drivers licenses and gone to pursue their own dreams. Ahhh it went by so fast with Katy.

We have eaten Chinese for two nights. You get a lot of food. We always do soup, egg roll, and pick a dish each. But George got 3 dishes. It comes with all the rice. So when we get a 3rd dish, it lasts for two nights of meals. We share it all so it’s like a buffet. We’ve done that twice this year. And you get a lot of fortune cookies as they throw a bunch in the bag. I’m glad to know I’m going to get an offer I can’t refuse. Can’t wait to see what that is! A dog? An RV? A job that pays twice as much working from home? lol (No for those that stalk my blog from my career world, I’m not looking for another job, so don’t run and tattle telling people that I am) LOL – insert favorite eye roll here). Yes there is a down side to being a lifestyle daily blogger. And that is one of them. Everyone else wants to own your opinion, tattle on your opinion, or read your blog and then act like they didn’t. But..regardless I like to be my own human. And I pretty much do just that.

I’m cooking tonight and tomorrow. It just ended up that way. I’m making my Teriyaki chicken as I call it. It’s really chicken marinated in soy sauce, olive oil, honey, garlic, and onion powder, salt and pepper. I plan to do a baked potato and then I think George is stir frying up some veggies we need to use up. We just have a lot of potatoes. I know, I know, carbs, carbs, carbs on all these rice and potato dishes.

It’s been wonderful having a 3 day weekend. They all should be that way. Life would be more balanced. So what is on the agenda for today? Should be a combination of planning, housework and a bit of play!

  • Looking at the To Do List and revising it with priorities
  • Planning the next couple of weeks
  • Doing the Thumbnail for the video. It’s finished! Just need to make it live!
  • Housework- Emptying trash cans, restocking bathroom, vacuuming
  • Cleaning my Office
  • Pick another Audible book
  • Use my Thred UP credit
  • Fix dinner
  • Camera and Vlog Training
  • Maybe read
  • Watch shows

And that is all I know today! What are you doing this fine Sunday (or this week if you are reading later)?

3 responses to “Flooring Preview, Changes for Little Roo, and Weekend Update”

  1. Hi Sonya, Glad you had such a good day yesterday, I do like the new flooring you liked. It is quite similar to what Mary has in her house. I like it very much but feel the room would have to have rugs in it to bring some warmth in ( I always feel Mary’s house is cold, and no atmosphere in it ). I won’t tell her I said that LOL..
    I coudnt have that kind of flooring here anyway cause Mary would slip on rugs or mats so it has to be fitted carpet, here in the sitting room at least. The kitchen and hall have a Lino on the floors I’m not in love with it but it will do till it’s time to be replaced. It easier to clean than the carpet in here…. Loved the sound of your Chinese take away. Chinese is my very FAVOURITE meal, take away or eat in…
    I love the crispy duck Mmmm I can taste it now. We haven’t had a meal out for almost a whole year now. It will be a year next week since we had our first lockdown. Oh how I long for it to be over….I think we are all getting weary now…but then keep telling ourselves it won’t be toooo long now….
    No plans for the week ahead, I tend to just take the days as they come just prating it will bring something nice. Today I have had to fill in the form for our 2021 Census. We fill it in every 10 years. Mary’s has not come so we wait for a fine of £1000 then can tell them she never received her forms, although I applied for it twice for her……she is worried. I’m nor as I know I applied for them and only mine came…….Well I’m away now my old neighbour Muriel is just coming over. She wants to play Majhong with us…. enjoy the rest of today. Will have Kate in my prayers not forgetting wee Roo….xxx

  2. Our Home Depot and Lowe’s have classes that teach you how to install flooring, George should look to see if your stores have these classes, they are wonderful.

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