8 thoughts on “Next Video is Live on YouTube: We Made Christmas Special

  1. That was a fantastic video!
    I miss Christmas & can’t wait for December 2021.
    I loved your decorations and all that FOOD. OMG, I am hungry now.
    You really did a bang up job, It was worth the wait.
    Your hair cut is perfect by the way. I would stick with that hairdresser.
    Although you did a good job yourself.
    I’m still hearing that little Christmas jam that was playing.
    Thanks Sonya for making my day!
    xoxo Monica

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  2. Sybil

    Hi Sonya, don’t know where on the Vlog I write a comment or indeed if you can, but I think. There must be somewhere ….Anyway I enjoyed it. I know you want the good news and even slight criticisms if there’s any. I can’t think of much this time., perhaps the background music could be little bit quieter….but that’s nothing really. I hope your next videos will have more actual……moving….Video if you know what I mean. I know that is more difficult as it takes time and to be on the move and during this Covid virus going around it makes it more difficult,…..however I’m sure your next videos will have more movement on it……With all that great equipment you’ve got you have the making of a great director of Sonya’s Vlog. ❤️❤️


    1. Sorry didn’t have a lot planned for a Christmas video really. I do agree my videos need to be more intentional, more story lines, and less B roll. I think when I’m not working FT maybe I’ll be able to meet all the criteria everyone likes to see. Most of the time I just put together whatever is in my camera roll! lol. Keep watching and maybe one day you will find more to the liking! 😉


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