Shopping, Daydreams, To Do Lists, and Little Roo goes to Daycare

I noticed yesterday that Tube Buddy, a service I tapped into through YouTube, had given me a milestone award for reaching 800 views on my YouTube channel. That is really a drop in the sea, but for me it was a milestone at least. If you didn’t catch the latest video, the link is in the previous blog entry. I mainly do a real time update in the video but then have a segment of our Christmas included.

Have the next to do items set. This just keeps me focused as to what I want to accomplish next. I enjoy working on the list but honestly life gets in the way and I don’t get a lot of time to do “the next thing”.

This year is going by so fast. I thought I’d have more time for learning the camera and such but I have to remember how far I’ve come. I’ve basically been diving into doing video creation without having a lot of knowledge or experience and learning on the fly.

I put in some Amazon orders at lunch yesterday. Normally I do my shopping on the weekends. I had told George that the new Revlon hair dryer brush was just odd and really too big for my shortish hair. He said order another one. I feel like I can’t return the Revlon one as I think I threw the box away already. The first time I styled it I did ok. That was after watching a video. But the 2nd and 3rd times just didn’t turn out and I don’t have time to sit and beg my hair to do anything on a work day. I’m not going to be spending an hour doing my hair! I felt bad. But I have ordered another that has a brush size that will work with my hair. IN case you were wondering, the one I had that I loved began acting up. I guess I’ve had it for a year. The setting button was never perfect. It would be on high when it said low and so forth. But I could get it to adjust until one day I couldn’t. It would burn your hair on high. I set the smoke alarm off trying to use it. lol I decided it was unsafe. I had given Mom one and told her to be careful with hers. So, I’m excited to get this in and try the new one which has the same brush size as the old one. I’ll give the Revlon one to Katy if she needs it/wants it.

I also ordered this for Little Roo for his Tummy Time!

Guess Who Started Day Care?

Daycare sent pics to Katy and she also went over to see him at lunch. They are not far away from her at all. I know it’s a relief to get through the first day and to know it went well. It’s so wonderful now that they can send pics to the parents. He slept at first and then played.

Ok so this bottom pic looks like my Dad! My Dady’s smile and grin and eyes looked like that. They favor a bit. Katy said she has seen “Pappaw” in him before. The ears aren’t far off either.

The Importance of Day Dreaming

Here was yesterday’s calendar. I do believe dreaming is important. Day dreaming is a good thing! Whenever we have an idea formed in our heads, the natural state of our being moves toward that dream. We just naturally move in that direction, whether or not it actually comes to fruition.

I have a dream of RV’ing one day. Have no idea if it will come to pass as I’m married and have to have consideration of my spouse. I didn’t have that dream until AFTER I married. I didn’t even know it was something I would want to do. But as long as I’m able and can do it after retirement, I intend to. I’ve worked a long lot of years. It would be nice to do this and get out there and see things and do things, write about it, and video it. I hope it comes to pass. But as I dream of it, I watch others doing it and delight in their efforts, and see what they say and I’m so grateful to be able to “go with them”. It’s watching their videos that made me want to do my own videos even though we aren’t going anywhere! But I’m flexing that muscle so if I do I’ll be ready to document our trip. All I do seems to navigate toward doing this at some point in some way. I think it would be fun to be mobile for a while. But I’m good with a home base! I’m ok with not being full time. But I do want to take some long loops!

I also watch those that sail because of my love for being on or near the water! And that dream I can say with confidence will never come true. I have always been intrigued by sails across the world and the love/hate relationship of the sea with it’s hurricanes and tall waves and shark infested waters. I might be lucky enough to go for a day sail some day. But a passage, I don’t think I’d care for. I’m certainly not strong enough to sail. Nor brave enough but my love for this kind of thing, and my day dreams naturally take me to the water’s edge any time I can get there. It’s just a natural thing.

So, my fortune cookie yesterday. We had several from our Chinese meals over the weekend. The restaurant threw a lot of them in the bag. I said when I opened this yesterday, I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or clap. The blue linoleum came to mind. lol. RV’ing came to mind. ha.

I threw the sloth on the bedroom bed I’m sleeping on for cuteness. I’m pretty fond of him there. It makes me smile when I get in the bed. I remember sleeping with stuffed Snoopies when I was a kid. I thought here I am at my age with a stuffed animal on my bed! LOL The sloth was bought as he reminds me of Tugie, which is the poodle in Dad’s lap. It’s the hair and nose that did it. And so as I lay down and night and see the sloth, I’m reminded of Tugie. And it makes me feel like I have a dog in bed with me again. It’s a far reach, but at least it’s one that does not keep me up in the night. lol

This one, Roger, will keep you up at night! Bless his little heart.

That is about it. It’s payroll day and I need to try to figure out how to calm this hair before going into work and need to pack my lunch.

Ya’ll have a wonderful day. Be back soon.

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  1. Morning Sonya, Wonder if your away to work yet ? Hope you got your hair done just as you want. That was nice that George said to go and order it…..What great photos of the wee one. I don’t think I have seen a photo of your Dad before but the resemblance of River to his great grandpa is amazing it really is… for the photo of your ‘ bed mate’ I hadn’t noticed the likeness to your dear Tuggie last time I saw it ……I wish I had something like that of my wee Masy, but I’ve just got two nice paintings of her, they are not really cuddleable !! Is that a word LOL
    I have just come out of a zoom meeting of the leadership group at the church. We were remarking that we have had 9 members die or move in this last year….it’s a big loss for our small church of only around 25/30 attendees…..I pray with all my heart that once we can all meet again we will find new people wishing to join us….but it’s very hard. We hope to restart the open house cafe one morning a week and the Sunday lunches once a month. The sad thing is that at least 7 of the folks who came to both have now died, so how we will do in the future is in Gods hands….We are also now looking to the future without our lovely minister Elizabeth who we have had for past six years…..she won’t even have a final service with us as we don’t reopen till last week in April and she is on a sabbatical May/ then holiday July…I think . Until the new minister starts in September we are all going to have to rely greatly on lay members leading us in prayer etc…Again not good at bringing more people in….Quite a worry, but pleased to know God is always there to guide our steps…. Now it’s lunch time so I had better go…enjoy the rest of your day…hope you don’t have to work to hard….God Bless.

    • Aww I’m sorry so many are gone. God will lead you through a day at a time. Even the best laid plans change. Hope things open up soon there! No Mahjong today? LOl

  2. Little Roo sure is growing. I love when babies have those little fat rolls on their arms. I know it hard leaving them when they are small. I had a very hard time when mine was little and I had to leave her to go to work. I would drop in and check on her during the day.
    Now some daycares have cameras where u can see what goes on during the day.
    Great pictures of your dad. You look like him.

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