Sharing a Low Carb Diet, Momma’s Move, and Little Roo’s Shot Day

Well, it was not the sunniest day yesterday but it was warm and we were able to get a peek at the sun for a few minutes in the late afternoon. It was not a bad day for a Monday. Everything flowed well. And I was able to get a few things knocked off “the list”.

I was the first one home. It’s always fun to greet Roger being the first one home. He gets so excited to see another being. I mean – OVERLY excited. He leans into your legs and tries to give you love bites. He hardly has any front teeth so he is only flapping his gums at you. He gets so excited he doesn’t know what to do. So you stop to love him a bit, take his diaper off, and on a warm non-rainy day he can go outside w/o a leash as long as you go with him. He can’t get very far very fast anymore. He can surprise you though. Sometimes he gets a burst of energy and takes off. But normally he will do that inside, not out. So we watch him and get him back inside and put a diaper on and give him his favorite treat of those little Buddigs and some Science Diet and Freshpet. He gets a smorgasbord, lol. So I took care of Roger while George made a grocery stop run.

Momma News!

I talked to Mom yesterday and she is excited to come for Easter weekend. I’m off on Good Friday so Thursday after work I’ll go get her and Fancy and bring them here and take them back on Sunday. We are going to fix a ham for the weekend and also we are going to take her out to a new place for breakfast. Mom loves to eat breakfast out. So I’m excited about that. I will give her my bed and move back in bed with George for the weekend. I’ve also been able to make a nice bed on the living room couch if need be for me if I can’t sleep with Roger and the snoring. But it’s the weekend and I can sleep a little later, so that will all work fine. It’s the work week that is rough not getting the sleep because I can’t sleep in.

I also talked with a realtor (Cody’s Mom) about real estate for senior living around here. Everything is priced high because of the proximity to Nashville. Most everything is $325k and above now. She did have an area in mind that she recently sold to a senior woman for $325k and is going to get a packed for us to look at. They have plans for one level or a townhouse within that particular community. So the next step is getting Mom’s house appraised to see what it would be worth. Before we can do anything else we need to know what the value of her home would be. Julie and I had a great conversation. We both have our grandson, Little Roo, in common. It was great to talk to her and I was so appreciative of her time in trying to help us. It may take a village but maybe we can figure something out. She DID SAY that hardly anyone will take a contingency contract now – there are usually multiple offers on houses and in today’s market they don’t have to. So I think we’d have to sell Mom’s house first and then she may have to stay with us temporarily, plus maybe a storage unit, unless she wants to rent temporarily to get her into another house. It’s all going to be very scary for her and I’m betting she will shy away from the change. But whatever the deal is, if she moves up here, she will be happier although she may not realize it. But she’d at least get to see family more often, get to go out more, would be fed well, doc appointments taken care of and all that. It could be a sweet time in her life compared to the lonely independent years she’s had. But it’s quite the change. My guess is that she will not want to do it and will stay there until she just can’t anymore and then we will be forced to make very swift changes all at once and there will be less choice at that time and less control and assisted living will likely come more quickly at that point, or staying with us, whatever happens. I’m praying over it all and I know that God will see thru so that the best things happen in the timing they should.

Low Carb Diet from my Doctor

Here’s the diet my doc gave me. So I’m sharing with you.

So this is a great guide. It just reminds you of some things you can eat. I wasn’t aware of the string cheese being better for you. An area I’m having to work with is not eating as much tortilla chips and crackers. I do eat whole grain crackers though so I guess that is ok. But I can start eating peanut butter and celery instead of crackers I guess. George is trying to cook healthier meals. So that helps. We eat a lot at night. And that is also a problem. We eat and go to bed within an hour or so.

Little Roo got his Shots Yesterday

I didn’t realize it was happening yesterday but time goes by so fast. Bless his heart. He wasn’t happy. They never are. Who likes shots anyway? She said it really hurt his feelings! And I love watching my daughter be a good Mommy.

And that is about all the news I have for the day. It’s payroll day so I need to go on and get in and get that done. The rest of the days will be busy too as I cram 5 days into 4 and take the PTO day Friday. I made my request yesterday and it was approved. So I’m looking forward to having a 4 day week this week.

I’m a little worried about George and his driving today. Keep him in your prayers. Roger kept him up last night. He was up 6 times and didn’t get solid sleep. I got up thinking that we all had slept good. I slept the longest I have in a very long time without even waking up once. I always wake up around 1:30 to 2:30. Maybe it has something to do with the time change? But I slept all the way til 4 and had time to lay awake and think on how I wanted to do the iMovie I’m working on. I love it when I wake up and have time to ponder my own thoughts before diving into the day. I’m sorry if the time change is not working for others, but for some reason it worked with me – last night anyway – but the George’s night – oh my goodness! I had no idea until he told me just now. Of course Roger is snoozing away and has all day to do so. He is going to be so tired and he has to drive 45 min to an hour – so I worry on these days where he has little sleep. We NEED our sleep at our age too.

So for those of you in the states how are you coping with the time change? For those of you outside the states, do you have such a thing as daylight savings time where your days go back and forth or is that only in the states? lol. Here I go for payroll. Might be a couple of days before I post again. It depends on if I have anything to say! ha. And it’s supposed to storm badly tomorrow I hear. Dreading that!

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  1. I like most of the things on the diet sheet, except the words low fat, etc. I found that eating the whole product fills you up faster and you actually eat less in the long run. You body know what to do with the whole product so it digest better. I keep string cheese in the fridge at work for a quick pick me up snack in the afternoon. We lee[ hummus with garlic and hot oils with some really good cracks for pita chips also for a quick snack between clients.

  2. Hi love, Mary and I have just asked the Lord to watch over George on his way to work. It’s terrible not to get a good nights sleep. I know how you are enjoying your nights now. I think time is coming soon for poor old Roger to visit the vet….
    It’s good to hear that the wee one has had his first shots. Here comes Muriel for her game of Majhong so I had better go….yes we do change our clocks ours go back. Or is it forward …oh yes it’s spring forward. In two weeks. And yes it keeps us wakening and sleeping at odd times…..take care. God Bless

  3. I can’t believe Baby Roo is 2 months old already. It is hard seeing them get their shots. I use to tear up with my daughter when she got hers.
    I hope you and your mom find the right place for her. I think a change would be good for her. A fresh new place for a new start in her life.
    I can’t tell much of a change in my sleep with the time change.

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