Getting Ready for St. Patrick’s Day, Weekend Progress, and Planning

Ahhhh what a glorious weekend! George and I got out and ran some errands yesterday. We had planned on going to a restaurant that we thought was already open, but it was being built! LOL. No worries, we went to Burger Republic. I’d been itching to go there. Always a good time and a good vibe. We also had a spirit store run – liquor store. I hate saying liquor/beer store! Anyway we went there as there were a few items we can’t get at the store. We go to Providence Wine and Spirits. They had a nice St. Patty’s display.

We noticed that our favorite taco company is coming to Mount Juliet. We love Oscar’s tacos in Franklin. However, there’s so many places to eat in Franklin,TN that it doesn’t always “win” when we play our “games” to decide where to eat. Lots of top places to eat in Franklin and we are there so infrequently that it’s hard to eat at them all. But we’ll be eating here a lot when Oscar’s opens in Mount Juliet. We’ll be regulars for sure. We love our tacos.

We both did the Irish flight at Burger Republic. It was fun! And very good of course. We sat and planned all the restaurants we wanted to go to in Mount Juliet and also in Franklin. Since Nashville has been so crime ladened and the traffic and parking so bad too, we like to go more toward Franklin for our excursions. I’m going to doing a Bucket List for Spring/Summer which is really more of an idea/goal list I guess. I’ll be hanging that up in the kitchen in the Bucket List section. That wall has been blank for a while! It’s been pointless really to have it during the pandemic.

I got a gluten free bun and it was good. It had a homemade taste. And salad instead of fries. Don’t get too excited at my attempt to cut calories as I had the creamy jalapeño dressing, LOL. It was all very good and I was truly stuffed when we left. Then we went to the grocery store.

Harp made the best “beer lace”. I love to see the beer lace. I guess little things can amuse me.

Progress on the To Do List?

Well, of course, I have to remember that a lot of what I did this weekend was in the house and not on this list. This list is to help me remain focused! It’s a place to park all the things I think about. And I put household things on there that are out of the ordinary sometimes to force my doing it.

I cleaned out a section of our cabinet that houses the Tupperware. Oh my gosh that area was driving me crazy. I always put the top on the container after it dries and then you reach up and get it and it’s all there. George puts them up there separately and eventually you tear the whole section apart looking for matching tops and bottoms! Not to mention it is just the top of my reaching and I can’t even see all that is on the shelf. So in my reaching, things fall off and hit me in the head. So there is no point of raining curse words along with the falling Tupperware when you can just have a calm peaceful reach for a set – (well it’s not really Tupperware but rubbermaid and off brands). Anyway, I stopped to do that this weekend and was happy to have it on order again.

But the good news is that with the time I had at home, I was able to get caught up on laundry, ironing, and I GOT THE INTRO TO THE VIDEO DONE! It may not be the BEST intro but it was what I could “piece together” for now. It’s not BAD by any means. But as I have better clips to use in the future I can be more organized and save those clips for using in the intro. I really wanted videos of us instead of just photos. But I’m going with what I have for now so I can move on. I realized that getting this intro done was the FINAL “to do” keeping me from doing the videos.

So I began working on the Christmas video. No one is going to want to see our Christmas video in March. I think most everyone kinda keeps the holidays out of their videos so as to not “time stamp it” so much. But I want to capture what it’s like being it our house at Christmas on a video. It’s a special magical time of the year!

I like being a little bit behind now that I am organized as I can now begin to work on the videos and hopefully get them to a 3 week apart faithful commitment. If I can get them made ahead of time and can get them edited and ready to go by the 3 week date. I need to have them ready to upload at a certain date and time so those watching the channel know when it is coming and can depend on it. Right now I’ve not wanted to make a commitment I cannot keep. This hurts the ratings if you want to grow the channel. All I can commit to right now is “about once per month” which is what I said on a prior video. This is all a learning process and I didn’t want to set myself up for failure. Working FT, I don’t get a lot of opportunity to do these. Weekly is too much and for now even the 2 weeks is too much. But I’m learning so much at once and I’ll get better and faster as time goes by. I am having to learn how to use the camera, how to use the software and various ones – not just iMovie, but YouTube, TubeBuddy, Canva, and so forth, and the Mac itself was a learning curve as I came from windows. Plus there is learning accessories and devices and storage and back up, etc. 2020 and 2021 is certainly a learning curve time period and the foundation setting as well. But I can and still say that I love EVERY bit of this process! Even when we are not doing anything, I’ll find something to vlog about, and learn about. Still so much to learn! And I’m always planning up to new levels and improvements. But the INTRO is done and I can move forward! The hurdles are all cleared now!

The other big win was getting the hem back in my navy blue pants. Now I can wear blue matching tops again! LOL

I also got caught up on some shows. I’ll never get caught up on those though b/c I always have more selected than I can possibly watch. But I like to watch them while eating or when I get tired and need to rest my legs from working in the house.

Outlook for the Week Ahead?

So, what’s up for the rest of the week? George is making a corned beef meal for St. Patty’s day on Wednesday. And we bought some nice quality beer to go with it. I think we bought Scottish Ale. And you can see below my “make up” or DNA shows I’m “British/Irish” in origin.

This time last year St. Patty’s day was such an afterthought. We were all focused on the virus. I remember thinking in April I was looking forward to St. Pat’s and realized “oh wait, that already passed”. It was weird. Our brains were on overload and trying to figure out what was going on.

So I need to get off of here and get ready for work. But I’m going to leave you with Roger. He’s a sweet little boy. He sleeps most of the time now, gets up to get water and food and goes back to sleep. He follows you when he wants a treat and he’ll gallup to you if he thinks you have a treat in your hand. lol. He still has some energy left for Gallups but most of the time he wobbles when he walks and loses his balance.

In the week ahead I’m looking forward to St. Pats, but we are supposed to have severe storms that day. I’m looking forward to updating the to do list for the following weekend and I’ll try to work on a few things during the week here. I am still thinking of taking a PTO day Friday. It’s just a good day to do it as the next quarter starts soon and it’ll be harder to get off for a while! We do have Good Friday HOLIDAY coming too and this will give me a couple of good much needed catch up days.

I’m also looking forward to sun being out later. Of course it’s a rainy week this week but daylight savings has happened now. And I’m looking forward to planning some for the next quarter, personally! We have some things we want to put on the calendar! So ya’ll have a good week! What’s on YOUR agenda?

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  1. Hi Sonya, I’m much better on time today, your blog has just arrived, I recon your maybe just in the car driving to work, whilst half our day is almost over it’s 1pm. I’m about to make a sandwich for Mary’s lunch and get my yoghurt….I was supposed to be in the midst of men repairing my floor putting new wooden flooring done the rain apparently has very slowly been somehow seeping under the door and I felt that by the door the floor was “soft” so wanted it replaced that’s when the man said it was coming from under the door, I’m not so sure however I agreed to have a new door fitted at the same time. It was all to happen today…but I had a call at 9 am to say that the door glass hadn’t arrived as was expected…I was not happy so I’ve said I want them to do it tomorrow but I’m noticed very hopeful….I’m really angry but what can we do……it’s been a nice dry sunny morning it would have been ideal…..You were asking what’s on my agenda ? Well very little at this minute. Unlike you over here everything is still closed so no hopes of us going out for a meal nothing planned. Really I lead a very boring life…no wonder I stopped doing my blog all these years ago. We don’t even have a nice holiday to look forward to….All in all. I think I’m feeling a bit low…but the 🌞 is shining so I’m grateful for that. Hope all goes well at work today….Sending ❤️ and 🫂

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