Grandparents from Afar, Technology Set Up, and Reading

This was the graphic on my calendar over the weekend. And the next one for yesterday was this one. It seemed appropriate for the month, in meeting the work goals. And whew, it was barely too. I finished entering I don’t know how many w-2’s yesterday – maybe 50 or 60. Manually. I met the 2/1 deadlines, and good thing I found out that I had 2/1 and it didn’t have to be done on 1/31. I have more though that is due by end of February. But I have all month to do it. It’s also month-end again so I need to work on that first. But I had worried about January for a long time and so happy it all worked out. I could not have done it if I had not had help though. I’m grateful to all who supported the cause of me getting to go meet my Grandson way out in the middle of nowhere Texas while others sacrificed time from their own jobs to do part of mine. A milestone event I was NOT going to miss. And am thankful I didn’t have to quit or lose my job to go. Totally grateful. We were all not sure how it would work out. We made it work.

Katy posted this one on instagram yesterday. He is almost 1 month. He’ll be 4 weeks this Thursday. He’s a cutie button. I miss him. It’s going to be hard to be so far away. We have to watch him grow in pictures and video snippets. We cannot hold him, we cannot babysit, and be proper Grandparents from this distance. It’s very sad but I try not to think about it. I always had both sets of grandparents around all the time and it was very important to me growing up as a child. I was very close to my grandparents. It got me through a lot of difficult times in my life. I still grab consolation, memories, and wisdom from being around mine. As an adult I was also happy to have our parents that helped us with Katy too. I don’t know what we would have done without them. It took a village! lol But unless something changes, he will only know us from a distance, as acquaintances. We don’t get to share much in his life with him being so far. So I try to focus on things that take my attention away from that. For that makes me sad to know he is here and we are so far away. It is so hard to get there while we are working folk, as you have seen. I worried for six months on how the timing was going to work out on that trip. I can only go when it’s not a quarter end month, can’t go during the holidays, and so forth as there’s too much going on and no one has time to fill in for me. At least future trips can be planned -it’s not a birth on a surprise day, lol.

Progress and Moving Forward with Technology Set Up

Gotta love the aspect of progress. I am excited to say that my two external drives arrived yesterday. That was quick. Now I can do all the things I’ve been talking about since October! I’m excited to begin the process. It may sound like something one should not be so excited over. I love new software upgrades. I love to be organized. And I don’t like surprises of the bad kind. I love to make the movies. I love to have a computer that won’t be slow. (Mine is not too slow yet but it does have issues with either locking up or being slow when too many things are open and moving the movies off of it will help I think.) I will do the back up this weekend so that if something is amiss, I will have time to research and deal with it. There is nothing worse than having to go to work when you are trying to fix your home computer, lol. So weekend it is!

Then next up is doing the new intro and another iMovie. Then I can begin to set a schedule for “learning” and begin going up the learning curve on a few things.

Current Book for the Reading Corner

I came home after work last night and sat in my chair and read a couple of chapters. Half way through this book that I started on our trip from Texas. I’m more interested in what it’s like working on the yachts and the life of such, than I am of this particular woman and her personality. I just like to see what she has experienced mainly. It’s very interesting though. This is extending from “Below Deck” that I have watched for many years now. Absolutely love to read or watch anything taking place on the ocean! I’ve not read much in a long time. So it’s good to be back into that mode some.

I need to get ready and get on into work today. It’s payroll closing day!

So what is in your reading corner, bedside table, or chairside table?

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  1. Your little River is so cute. My heart breaks for you. I know how you feel. Hopefully, your daughter will be able to bring him for visits often. I know it has to be hard on you and your husband traveling that far. And the hassle of getting work done or getting someone to cover for you. I miss my grandson too. Facetime is not the same as seeing in person. This has been a difficult time for me. I love and miss my family. They are my life.
    I am reading a book by Michael Cohen, Disloyal. It is eye opening. Worse than I imagined if what he is saying is true. It is a cold day here. I think tonight I will bake a pizza. Comfort food.

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