How I Do My Morning Journal Session

I forgot to show how the little side table works beside my chair. Is this not perfect? Holds the books/notebooks I’m using currently. That way the top is just for drinks and a pen to write with! So I finished Jude this morning in the Bible. I did not realize that Archangel Michael had a fallen out with the devil. He did. He finally just told him “May the Lord Rebuke You”. Mostly Jude discusses the warning of false teachers among us who are really just after their own cause. That is kinda scary as we are ALL after our own cause it seems. I guess we need to be careful to plan that our lives conjoins with God’s will. My thoughts are to bathe all we do in prayer and in His Will. That is what this journaling session in the chair is all about and starting my day with a written prayer.

Journal Session goes like this:

  1. I address God in a powerful way such as “Great Father”, “Dear Father” and praise Him as to whatever is on my soul.
  2. I thank him for the blessings of yesterday and I can feel gratitude while doing that to realize that all we have really comes from Him. If I saw wildlife or a sunrise/sunset or good things happened, I try to mention it.
  3. I made requests for the needs of those around me, and for myself. I ask for His help in the day. I park whatever concerns I have here. I ask for wisdom and protection for family and myself, etc.
  4. I always end it with “Jesus Name, Amen”.

It’s a quickly written 1 page, dated, with 2 or 3 paragraphs. It really doesn’t take a lot of extra time. I’ve not noticed a difference even. It’s quick, I read a chapter or two (usually two) in the Bible and then I digest that all day and try to remember the points.

And sometimes I blog about it, here like I am today.

I did wonder if we get to Heaven if the Archangel Michael will look like John Travolta! LOL. I loved that movie, Michael, I guess it was called? Somehow I doubt it. Being that we put so much into God and His power which NO other God has, I often forget about angels. I think that God minimizes information about them in the BIble so we don’t worship them. But I am curious about them. I’ve often wondered if there weren’t some angels around me at times.

Studying the Bible does not have to be boring. I find it pretty entertaining to sit and ponder things after reading. Letting it soak in and asking more questions. Sometimes trying to find the answers.

Choose Happy

I found a place to put my Choose Happy sign. I found this in Breckenridge, TX. I tried to find “something” I liked in each of the stores there to support their cause. There was very little traffic. I loved this. When I got home I couldn’t find a place where it worked. Or if it did, there was no wall space left. So I stuck it in the laundry room. I really like it there. I spend a lot of time in there.

I made beef stew for dinner last night. And it was really good. I used a lot of Thyme and Garlic and of course salt and pepper. It had the norm of stew meat, potatoes, celery, tomato paste, carrots, and onions. I have enough for lunch. George is taking the Tagine leftovers.

Tonight is grocery night.

It is snowing outside and I understand it’s coming down pretty good. I will probably leave later for work then, and let the other cars trample it out and I will let the sun come up because folks I DO NOT DRIVE in the snow. If conditions are at all slippery I’ll be coming back home til the temps go up or the roads clear.

OK, I better get off of here and get ready. I was late getting up this morning as Roger kept us up a lot last night. He wanted up and down about 5 times last night – maybe more. He slept all day yesterday – I mean almost all day long. I knew we were in for a tough nite. Geeeez my eyes are crossed this morning. Just not a restful sleep at all. I’m tempted to sleep in the other bed tonight but that is not fair to George, then he has to deal with it all.

OK off we go! Ya’ll have a splendid day. Anybody ready for Spring? I started feeling the urge to move on to the next season yesterday. Mainly while looking at clothes in my closet. lol. I try to enjoy the seasons but I do have a strong desire by this time, for warmer weather and a brighter outlook and more sun! Up with the Vitamin D til then!

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  1. I love what you write about having your prayer time in the morning. I’m sure it gives you peace and what better way is that to start your day. I think I may try to copy you…..I do love your nice chair…have I said that before !!
    I had to be out early this morning to get to Chippenham to have me hearing aid repaired, the Audiologist is very nice and helpful it appeared to be the wire thing that goes behind the ear it comes detached IN the aid so had to be renewed. They have had a number of similar complaints and they have decided it’s the coming of and on of our masks…
    Must go now as our neighbour has arrived. Think I told you I had my Vaccine on Saturday ? All went well…
    Your stew sounded good…but not as good as your food in the tagine !!
    Hope work is going well today. God Bless

  2. I had to chuckle about the John Travolta remark. your little table is perfectly suited for its job. very nice, indeed. beef stew sounds like just the thing on a snowy night or day. yum. yum. that sign is beautiful. wonderful sentiment to see daily. hope you made it to work. i don’t drive in snow either. stay safe.

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