Working on my “She-Haven”!

I have some cute little photos I know you will want to see with our Little Roo’s eyes open and alert. I might have taken a screen shot of Katy’s Instagram, lol!

George has already given out all of his cigars. Bubble gum of course!

Our other baby is still hanging on. He needs grooming. We have not addressed that yet. He needs pretty immediate grooming on his nails and hair but an appointment around here is usually 30 to 60 days out unless you are off during the week. I keep hoping George will get to work from home some and be able to take him somewhere. They have to be gentle with him and be careful that he is scooped up from behind and not picked up from the middle like most tend to do. He is a long dog with some back issues when not picked up from a scoop up from behind. He gets anxiety when going to the groomer and having someone new pick him up. He shakes all the way when he realizes we are going (I guess he knows the routes). It’s sad to watch so we have not groomed him in a while. But we at least need to get his nails done and while we are at it, should let them cut his hair I guess. This is probably becoming urgent.

So my chair came in. Out of all the things I’ve wanted for several months, I think this tops the list. I’ve been so excited to be able to order and anxious to set up the office with this chair! I’m like a kid with a new toy. It may sound boring but this opens up the window for a lot of things – mainly study, reading, and learning time. For some reason I just wanted THIS SPOT and THIS SPOT ONLY in my little nest back here. I’ve looked forward to this for a long time and it will make my office complete. Well, one can hope, LOL!

So now the fun begins to figure out where all the other stuff is going to go! lol. I have already taken the before pics and I will show you the before and after pics once it’s all in place. I’m also going to do some video with it and do a vlog video for the YouTube on it. I’ve not stressed over vlogging and videos but I’m itching to get back into doing another iMovie. When you are over 50 you kinda forget what videos you took, lol. I’m going to have to start on the next one before long. But I need to get my workspace set up for it. I also need to get the update on the iMac done and get the back up drive in and do a back up first.

I feel so bad. I’ve spent a lot of money and I’m not through yet. But….I will do my best to be cheap the rest of the year! I’ll have enough to keep me busy for sure. I’ve bought the chair – most of it paid for with Christmas and Birthday money. I just bought the little table to go beside it – for $40.

How could I not. The wood is the same color as my desk and the fabric the same as the chair. It was meant to be. Maybe it will come with the cat? I need a little buddy! lol

George had me to order my Canon telephoto lens, which for now should complete my lens set for what I need! That took some research! If I become a professional I can upgrade, but that is a long way off if ever. I really just needed equipment for my blog and vlog and personal needs and I believe this will do it. I got the wide angle lens for Christmas and then the zoom lens for Birthday. I think I have all the avenues covered except maybe someday macro shooting might be fun. But hey let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Someday I will need a windmuff/Rode microphone – but not needed unless I’m going to be doing a lot of vlogging outside. I figured if we traveled more I would need it then. Til then, I’ve mainly been just muting sound on outside scenes and playing music and doing voiceovers and hoping for non-windy days. As I do more outside shots I’ll invest in this. It’s not expensive. I do need to get a light ring to provide some extra lighting though. I will start with that. They are pretty cheap, but I will wait a week or two or a month to get it since right now I’m catching up on life and not doing a lot of filming. I think those light rings are about $30 ish. So no biggie.

Since I’ve spent so much I have decided to put off doing mani/pedi until March. That saves a bit. I also ordered a handbag and shoes from Marleylily. And with monograms! I thought it was cute. Katy has a purse like this I’ve ordered her for Christmas or Birthday (can’t remember since they are on the same day).

I hope these are comfortable, because after monogrammed if they don’t fit then…oh well.

I wanted these so bad – but decided I really didn’t need them.

I’m not sure I totally needed the other shoes either but I don’t really like the color of the beige casual tennis shoes I have. They are too light and more off white and don’t match a lot so I convinced myself that I needed those tennis shoes above. They are fancy enough to wear to work with business casual sweaters and tops.

I have hiking boots, some every day boots that are leather and durable and good in the rain, and I also have some rain shoes but they are not comfortable and I hardly wear them. The rain boots have been hard to fit and that was another deterrent. So I let these go. I am usually not in the rain/mud much anyway! But they are a cute fashion statement. Bought the time I’d buy them they’d go out of style right? lol.

So I need to get a lot done today. I need to shower and get ready for my photo shoot here putting the office together. I have NO IDEA how I’m going to move stuff around. But I’m an organizer by heart and I will figure it out. I need for this office to fit my needs and be functional so I’ll keep that in mind. I will try NOT to spend anymore $$ on it, but I can’t say that I might not need some storage bins/options. We’ll see. lol

I will keep you posted through my January projects! I wish I could get paid for just being me FULL TIME! I have a lot of fun just doing things I want to do. Don’t we all? How cool would that be to get paid to just fiddle around in your house all day. I need to work on that. Only 4 years left til Retirement. Unless I write a major book that is a best seller, or the YouTube channel is such a big hit I have to do it Full time, LOL LOL! Yeah probably need to keep the day job for another 4 years. We’ll see. lol

Speaking of that day job, I didn’t have to work today. EVERYONE has busted butt – sorry that is kinda our expression – but we have. The bosses said they are happy where we are. I could not have gotten done what I got done if I hadn’t had help and trained someone to do some of my job. That person had the time so it worked out. I’m grateful! Thankful to my bosses for letting me go meet my grandson. I keep saying that but truly I’m thankful to have been able to keep my job for needing to leave at a horrible time. That said there are very few good times, I must note, but this was great and we all worked hard and made it happen. I can’t speak too early though, we still have a busy week ahead. But things are progressing better than I’d hoped. I was given information I needed ahead of time that I normally get it I believe and that helps us to meet our goals. I am also grateful not to have to work today. It was really impacting my mood in a big way. I think mainly just because we’ve not had a lot of free time in several weeks. Certainly the last TWO Saturday’s we were gone on the trip itself. Before that we were getting ready for the trip and dealing with coming off of Christmas. We are still dealing with coming off of Christmas, lol!

So I’m excited about the New Year and the new grandson, and excited to work toward some of my goals! Major goals include bible study, writing projects, video projects, photography, YouTube channel growth, having some fun excursions, working on health goals, spiritual goals, and maybe a few financial goals to aid in some of the dreams I have! Anyway it’s all very exciting. But just getting the foundations into place. And if I die before my goals are met at least I’ll have enjoyed trying to meet them! Sometimes it is sad to know that our time here on earth passes so quickly. I have so many things I want to do. I need some more good years to add to the calendar to be able to do them all. But oh well. I figure what doesn’t get done on earth, will get to be done in heaven. You know if God has a world built for us that is better than this one – it’s going to be amazing the adventures we will have.

But for now, I’m gonna go climb that mountain – that mountain of getting my office fixed up so I can write, dream, play, learn, and be creative! My She Cave is coming together. Well Cave is not a good word. Let’s call the She Haven! 😉 yeah I like that!

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  1. Your grandson is growing. I wondered how he was. Nice chair, I think everyone should have a nice comfortable chair to sit in. I sure enjoy mine. I like the tennis shoes too. Those will look good with anything you wear. Enjoy your weekend. Beautiful day here. I am off to the grocery store. I actually enjoy going now. Since pandemic.

  2. Hi Sonya, I’ve had a prob. Getting in today, every time I got the first two words written they disappear and the other comment came up !
    Never mind all ok now…I hope. Do like the look of your new shoes I had no idea what they were going to be like with your monogram on them…I sure you will get a lot of good wear out of them….love seeing wee Roo growing he is such a sweetie pie…
    Sorry that Roger needs trimming etc pity there wasn’t some locally who could just trim his nails in particular. I’m sure you could try trimming him yourself. You get your own hair looking absolutely super sure you could try clipping old Roger……by the way should have said this first I think your new chair is fabulous it won’t take you long getting your room just how you want it to look
    You are so good at organizing yourself…well will soon be almost bed time for me. It’s a very cold night with ice and snow in the forecast overnight. The outside temp is already -1c / 30f
    Brrrr. I’m thankful that we are not out tonight. Anyway I’ll say night night from here. Will look forward to tomorrow’s read.. God Bless. Xxxx

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